Liberals Want Iran War/Project Veritas Exposes Top Google Lady As Coup Bitch, Manipulate Elections

The Bilderberg gang is totally confused now.  They let Clinton slip the ‘we can destroy a country in four minutes’ dogs of war.  This statement pushed many people to vote for Trump at the last minute, destroying Hillary’s gambit to take over with Bilderberg assistance and money.  Now, these same warmongers switch between ‘Trump is a warmonger’ and ‘Trump is a traitor conspiring to stop US wars.’


Here is an old anti-war cartoonist who is even older than me and I am pretty old:

Note how racist and sexist this cartoon is!  Old white dudes are warmongers, eh?  So, is this cartoon suggesting that the warmongers who are fat old white men, will go to war anyways?  But one day earlier, this same liberal cartoonist had this picture:

Note the racism: all the people are old white males,  no women or minorities (sic).  Liberals are extremely racist.  Note the DNC candidates:

Where are all the blacks?  We have a pretend ‘Indian’ but no really black blacks.  Why?  Republicans have just as many women in top positions even a VP female ran while the DNC was strictly males only.  But all this is ignored by the fake liberals.  Worse, all women who are conservative are ruthlessly attacked for their looks and their sex.


What is going on here?  I have mentioned that liberals are vampires because they can’t see themselves in mirrors.  This is why they can run about, criticising how everyone else looks while they can’t see how deranged they look.  Now for a breaking story: GOOGLE exposed by PROJECT VERITAS!

Another expose that won’t make mainstream Bilderberg gang news, of course.  The previous whistleblower was discovered and fired by leftists who punish anyone who tells the truth or reveals the secrets of the top elites who hate American citizens who vote for a strong USA.


Jen GEnnai is the Google ‘head of responsible innovation.  This is code for ‘Gestapo’.  She is working hard to eliminate all online opposition to DNC female fascist rule of the planet earth.  These mini-mad-madame-Mao clones are serious about imposing their insane agenda on citizens by hook and crook.


I went to her twitter page to see her reaction to things today:

She quickly wiped out her Twitter page.  It is now spreading rapidly across the internet that Google’s top staff are plotting to twist things so their own PUPPETS get elected.  Puppets who will obey their masters at Google or they will be cut out of the internet.

Thanks to Project Veritas, another coup chick is now running and hiding from the internet.  She doesn’t want to be exposed on her own internet!  HAHAHA.  Hang them high, these creeps.  Hang them high.


I see this foreigner chucked out of the House.  She shouldn’t be here in the first place.  Along with the Twitter/Google/Facebook gangsters, chuck them all out.  Or better, put them in prison.




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6 responses to “Liberals Want Iran War/Project Veritas Exposes Top Google Lady As Coup Bitch, Manipulate Elections

  1. Ken

    So Omar married her own brother in order to allow her to immigrate to the US illegally. And yet, after getting here illegally all she’s done is bitch and complain about the country. And try to change its culture into that of the country she desperately escaped from.

    This is so messed up on multiple levels.

  2. honeybagder don't care

    You’ll find this out soon enough, but apparently the Veritas expose has already been removed from YouTube for a “privacy claim”


  3. Lou

    Omar married her own brother –welcome to Islamic customs.

  4. Honey badger, yes, I knew immediately it was removed by Google which is a pure evil organization. I have said here for the last year that Google is now pure evil.

  5. Lou

    The Google founder is connected to the family tree company. Is it 23 and Me?

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