Senator Cruz Fries You Tube Executive Jen Gennai

Senator Cruz has taken up the cudgels to fight the Bilderberg gang.  Google is now on the hot seat again and when You Tube pulled the video showing Jen yapping about how Google will control the next election and push only DNC gangsters, this is backfiring badly.  For now the Senate and other agencies will be investigating these international criminals.


Yes, Google and You Tube are now being run by a criminal gang who want to turn all of the USA into feces/druggie California.  Ug.  I fled California many years ago and it has only gotten more and more insane since 1970.


The bitch at the center of this latest scandal has decided to go entirely into hiding, removing all traces of her online entity.  Rats scurrying to holes to hide, eh, Jen?

So, this arrogant female hiding in a dark hole online, who controls the internet interactions while hiding her sorry ass, she sneered that the Senate ‘can pressure us but we’re not changing’?  HAHAHA.  This level of arrogance by a bunch of criminal California liberals is typical of them all.


I have first hand experience with these sorts, they hang out in gangs and think they are invulnerable.  They carefully avoid places where their victims live which is, according to the voting maps from 2016, all the ‘red areas’ which is 90% of the map of the US.  Here is Mad Madame You Tube just one month ago in Europe, boasting about how she is going to strangle the internet:

These insane, young females are OK with parents dressing little boys as stripper females then parading them all about the platforms run by these insane females.  That is OK.  Serious men talking about politics: that is verboten.  These same sick females want that removed and are removing serious men as fast as they can.


Ted Cruz batters these bitches at his hearings this week:


Cruz then pointed to Google executive Jen Gennai’s quote from PV’s undercover video where she talks of Google’s unique power as a massive company with no real competitors to meddle in the 2020 election, and asked the spokeswoman at the hearing if she agreed.


Boasting with your buddies about how you will destroy democracy is amusing when exposed to the light of day.  Being cockroaches, these sick females scurry to their private holes and then faint away like Victorian virgins.  Do not be fooled by this!  These are predator rats, not timid mice.


Cruz then asked the spokeswoman if she agreed with the whistleblower’s quote claiming that Google “is bent on never letting somebody like Donald Trump come to power again.”


She now lies despite proof to the contrary:


“No sir, I don’t think that is Google’s job, and we build for everyone, including every single religious belief, every single demographic, every single region, and certainly every political affiliation.”


So, why are only serious men and women who are conservative being defunded, abused, eliminated entirely?  Eh?  There is a ton of proof to the contrary and lying to the Senate has legal implications which this very young woman doesn’t appreciate, YET.  She will soon.


Also we have this information now:

Over 60% of all workers for Google and other tech giants are FOREIGN LABOR.  They ceased hiring Americans long ago.  Deport all foreign workers, force these clowns to hire American citizens!  These clowns spend over $10,000 each on processing all these aliens so they can replace Americans.

At the half hour mark, Crowder chats with Senator Cruz.  I was surprised to see Cruz on the Louder With Crowder Show.  One problem with the far leftists in California is, when they cut themselves off from the internet, they can’t see what is going on.  I visit leftist sites to spy on them.  I want to know what these lunatics plan to do next!


One thing is certain: this next election will be about the flood of illegal aliens, many of whom are either criminals or seeking welfare via importing children and it will be also about the feminists squalling about sex while refusing to follow their own stupid sex rules.


On my sidebar at You Tube I saw this movie suggestion.  A movie about Biden!  Speaking about child sex abuse.  Here is the latest ‘story time’ garbage by deranges men pretending to be women:

VIDEO: Undercover moms expose graphic Teen Pride public library event, then get doxxed by Antifa

This importation of raw sexual male performers pretending to be ‘women’ but really dressed as whores, importing these creatures into public libraries is a tool of the far left to destroy America.  At first, people thought this was a one-time thing.


It is now very obvious a concerted push organized by leftist librarians to foist sex junk onto LITTLE CHILDREN.  Any library allowing this should be closed.  The staff, fired.  Shut them down.


In their main video, parents, teenagers, tweens, children and even kids in strollers can be seen at the library event. Footage showed the distribution of lube, dental dams, and flavored condoms. One pamphlet stated: “Abuse is not S/M [sadism and masochism].” Pictures also showed sex pamphlets in the shape of male genitalia.


I am amazed at how swiftly this has happened in society.  I have been 100% for gay rights, many, many gay friends in the past.  Most of them if not all are dead now.  Disease runs rampant in alternative sex games.


Now, this is just shocking.  I remember the gay movement.  They solemnly swore they would not go after children.  Well, Michael Jackson went after children!  I was furious about that, years ago!  Now, it is the entire DNC that has decided, raping children (by definition, powerless children tricked or forced into sex is ‘rape’) is OK.  This is a key point in the looming election.


Saleem Juma, an independent journalist, obtained a close-up of the freebies handed out at the event. One of them is in the shape of a penis and reads in part: “Reducing sexual risks is the easiest way to prevent your Moby-Dick from exhibiting 50 Shades of Grey … We want you to be the Lord of unzipping Flies, but don’t let an STI catch you by surprise!”


The hippie/gay sex world was very diseased for the last 40 years.  New sexual diseases sprang up.  Marriage in black communities nearly totally collapsed.  Running riot ruins health.  But the liberals don’t care, it appears.


One of the moms told The Fix that she saw young people at the event under the age of 18 who were not accompanied by adults despite a library official saying that would not be allowed.


Why have libraries, mostly run by females, turned into whorehouses?  Hello!!!  This is insane, very insane.  What is most insane is, these same females doing this also whine about too much raw sex.  They want this to stop.  Even smooching someone on the cheek is verboten.  Touching these fake virgins=rape.  Wow.  What a schizoid world they are creating!


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10 responses to “Senator Cruz Fries You Tube Executive Jen Gennai

  1. More proof that You Tube’s lefties are censoring all conservatives illegally.

  2. Tucker knows he is dead center in the crosshairs of the SJW DNC gang. He knows the Bilderberg gang is after him, big time. They already sent thugs to terrorize his wife and children at home. Elizabeth Warren has signed her death warrant by calling for Google to be broken up.

  3. Lou

    Who uses Google? a lot of dumb people.

  4. Melponeme_k

    This is what has to be watched more closely. Being financially blacklisted for having the wrong political opinions.

  5. Petruchio

    With people like Jen Gennai, you need to be pro active and COPY her Tweets and blog comments. Sooner or later people like Jennai sooner or later is going to erase his/her comment history on the Internet. Then, when she tries to cover it all up, you can post her REAL feelings and opinions.

  6. Petruchio

    “I am amazed at how swiftly this has happened in society. I have been 100% for gay rights, many, many gay friends in the past.” Elaine, you are not the only one to have experience with Gays. Some of them are perfectly OK and some of them are most definitely NOT OK. I can tell you from first hand experience, that some Gays have very serious Hate/Anger issues towards Heteros. Being a Hetero, this impacts me. And as a Heterosexual male or female, you have to be aware of this because Gays with these Hate/Anger issues towards Heteros will HIDE this fact. It is oh so stylish to have a Gay friend and think that you are cool with that. After all, you are getting away from the discrimination from traditional moral values. Gee whiz!! Aren’t you such a modern, intelligent person? So much smarter than those Neanderthal heteros who think being Gay is wrong. now if you want to be realistic, you must, as a Hetero, understand that some Gays are OK, but some are not.

  7. Melponeme_k


    Oregon Senate backs down from citizen Militia.

  8. Zeke

    Canadian Rafael Edward (Ted) Cruz is a hypocrite extraordinaire.
    His wife Heidi is an corporate officer with Goldman Sachs.
    His father, born in Cuba, remained a Canadian citizen until 2005. Trump and Pecker speculate he was in Dallas on 11/22/63 near the grassy knoll.
    When BO tried to raise the debt ceiling while trying to dig out of the Bush/Cheney economic collapse, “Ted” filibustered by reading from child’s book “Cat in the Hat”. Yet, when Trump drove nation further in debt and worsened deficit, “Ted” sat on his bum doing nothing. Hypocrite. it’s called hypocrisy.

  9. And Cruz has sided finally with Trump. He is a Bilderberg gangster type and has influence and I might suggest that some of these guys are alarmed at how things are getting screwed up.

    So I am betting there is an internal battle inside this gang about tactics and goals. All is ready to split apart at the seams.

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