Google And Fascistbook Try To Stop Project Veritas: More Embarrassing Documents Online Now

Project Veritas which the Bilderberg gang has removed from many platforms in desperation to stop information flowing to the Little People, has more videos and stories up that make Google look like the Evil Empire in Star Wars: incompetent, stupid, self-destructive buffoons.  Above is a Google message to all its silly, SJW employees on ‘how to protest’ and ‘what to say’.  HAHAHA.  Protest against your bosses, you pathetic little twerps!!!

Smarter non-Google people are having fun making fun of these creepy California/Seattle sillies.  Below is an examination of the orders from the Big Google Bosses, aka, Big Brother and Little Sister, on what to say or write when ‘protesting’:


To show how clueless these creeps are, ‘Oh HEY, Hey Oh’ is not how ANTIFA chant.  They yell, ‘Hey, hey, ho, ho…’  HAHAHA.  I do love ‘Show me what democracy looks like?  THIS is what democracy looks like’, all while acting like a bunch of Red Guard Maoists.  Which is exactly what these Berkeley clowns are: MAOISTS.  I know them close and personal. They threatened to kill me which is why I left Berkeley.


Below are some videos made by Google, lectures about how to use the internet to create a Stalinist regime:

This talk is from the Creative Destruction Lab’s fourth annual conference, “Machine Learning and the Market for Intelligence”, hosted at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management on October 23, 2018.


The machines are only as smart as their creators which means, the creators are insane and their machines are also crazy lunatics.  This is easy to spot.  People are increasingly unhappy with the Google version of the internet and gradually, then swiftly, people will move away from all things run by this insane regime and boom: Google goes bust.


Fascistbook (Facebook is now completely dead) will now hand over identities and data of users who are suspected of ‘hate speech’. Of course, the definition of ‘hate speech’ is never explained. I see tons of hate speech from fake liberals and the Bilderberg gang!


That isn’t censored.  Many people with deep pockets are now lurking nearby waiting until time to strike and take down Google.  As Google acts more and more like an editorial paper than a search engine, the teeth will grab that organization by the neck and snap shut.


The deal with France came after talks between French President Emmanuel Macron and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Reuters said, adding that Facebook already hands over identity data like IP addresses to French authorities for users suspected of terrorist activity. The hate speech deal was made last week in a meeting between O and Nick Clegg, Facebook head of global affairs, the report said.


France is turning into a police state.  Every weekend, the paramilitary beats up or kills protestors.


“It means that the judicial process will be able to run normally,” O told Reuters. “It’s really very important, they’re only doing it for France.”


Only after Macron is arrested and put on trial, will the judicial process be declared functional.


A Facebook spokesperson told CNET that the company will “scrutinize every order” it receives from French authorities “and push back if is overbroad, inconsistent with human rights or legally defective.”


HAHAHA…like with the Chinese!  NOT.


“As a matter of course, we will no longer refer French law enforcement authorities to the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty process to request basic information in criminal hate speech cases,” the spokesperson added in an emailed statement Tuesday afternoon.


The AI being used by the social media giant’s engineers is called self-supervised learning and enables the tech behind the site to adapt faster to spotting new forms of hate speech.


‘Forms of hate speech’ is cloudy.  It is meaningless.  What is ‘hate’?  The left hates many, many things and uses obscene words when talking about stuff so why are they still on these stupid platforms?


“It’s really easy to lose hope, to pack up and go home,” Mike Schroepfer, Facebook chief technology officer, said in May. “But we can’t do that. We’re here to bring a better future to people, with technology.”


Fascistbook is pure evil.  It is a tool to snoop on people and then flood them with ads.

The above is a pretty good video.  Cnet reports that Fascistbook’s hate speech machine is faster and faster at censoring and controlling humans.


Artificial intelligence is sweeping the tech industry, and beyond, as the new method for getting computers to recognize patterns and make decisions catches on. With today’s AI technology called deep learning, you can get a computer to recognize a cat by training it with lots of pictures of cats, instead of figuring out how to define cat characteristics like two eyes, pointy ears and whiskers.

Self-supervised learning, though, needs vastly less training data than regular AI training, which cuts the time needed to assemble training data and train a system. For example, self-supervised learning methods have cut the amount of training data needed by a factor of 10, Manohar Paluri, an AI research leader at Facebook, said Wednesday at the company’s F8 developer conference.


And that speed is critical to making Facebook fun and safe, not a cesspool of toxic comments, misinformation, abuse and scams.


If so, this stupid machine would stop most of the ads due to these making ridiculous promises, for example.  Misinformation would mean nearly all SJW stuff and mainstream Bilderberg news will be deleted, too.  HAHAHA.  These fools are stupid if they imagine we will want to be fed tripe all the time.


The wave of censorship continues: Vimeo is run by a foreigner from India and he wants to control what people see as ‘real’.  Lots of people are very pissed off about this and will cease using that platform, too.

And here is a document released by Project Veritas that shows how our government, the DNC parts, are scheming to control citizens via colluding with the SJW internet services:.   Congressman Gohmert of Texas is pushing for an examination of this criminal activity by leftist Maoists to destroy democracy in America.


Gohmert Responds to Undercover Video of Google Released by Project Veritas

f t # e
Washington, June 24, 2019

Congressman Louie Gohmert (TX-01) released the following statement today regarding the undercover video of Google released by Project Veritas:

“This video shows Google’s biases are now a threat to a free and fair election, all while they hide behind the immunity given by Congress years ago when they were supposed to be a simple ‘town square’ where everyone’s voice could be heard without biased results. In fact, Google references a significant role they see themselves fulfilling in the 2020 elections. This discovery should set off alarm bells throughout the country. It is no secret that Google has a political agenda. Multiple brave tech insiders have stepped forward and exposed Google’s censorship of content and specialized algorithms. This media giant’s ‘social justice narrative’ should distress all Americans who value a free and open society. Google should not be deciding whether content is important or trivial and they most assuredly should not be meddling in our election process. They need their immunity stripped and to be properly pursued by class action lawsuits by those they have knowingly harmed.”

Google’s news ecosystems:



This all looks like how the Soviets destroyed democracy and the news systems in Russia and imposed Pravda on the population.  I actually did read Pravda in the 1970’s, went to the Russian Tea Room on Sundays to look at it, way back then.  It was very amusing just like reading the NYT today.  HAHAHA.

Colorado’s DNC gang in power are stripping the state of its electoral votes and handing these to California and NY.  Fools, all of them are fools.  Not to mention, this is treason.


Trump, meanwhile, fights the internationalists who want ‘free trade’:

India wants to ape China.  Mexico just surrendered to Trump as has much of Europe.  The end is inevitable.  India will lose this battle to exploit ‘free trade’ with Trump.  This is 100% why I voted for him.

And the shithole stuff is plopped here for everyone’s enjoyment.  London is rapidly becoming like San Francisco and NYC.  YUCK.


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11 responses to “Google And Fascistbook Try To Stop Project Veritas: More Embarrassing Documents Online Now

  1. KHS71

    This should eventually blow up in their faces. People will just not use them. All they are doing is showing themselves as scared of others with different opinions. For people who call themselves “liberals” they are not even close. They are thugs. They need to go look at themselves in the mirror but they cann’t because they are vampires and do not self reflect. The world sees them for what they are.

  2. AT

    “Hey, hey, ho, ho” (blankety blank has got to go) actually comes from two Vietnam War protest chants:

    Hey, hey “L” “B” “J”, how many kids did you kill today?


    Ho, ho, Ho Chi Minh, NLF is gonna win.

  3. Petruchio

    I just love the doublespeak Facebook uses to describe their censorship: “Community Standards”. That’s rich. As if Facebook got input from everybody as to what is and is not acceptable “standards” for comments/postings on Facebook.

  4. Duski

    Funny thing about all this is that as we all know, certain percentage of people will always vote for democrats or rebublicans, no matter what scandals happen. But I am willing to bet that most of the moving voters think more critically about all issues and tend to use their brain more, not so fixated only on party itself. And I bet most of theh will be really, really pissed about this leftist censorship thing going on… and will vote for Trump.

    The more the Google etc try to push people in to the left, the more violent that reaction will be. Without realizing what will happen, it would be better for them to totally back off, although it is way too late for that now, that loss would make Trump more popular now as well. Well… all and all, I think Trump will win unless democrats can get enough illegal voters in to the game and / or rig the system badly enough.

    But it might not be happy end at that. After the myriads of propaganda waves, if Trump wins, there will be plenty of radicalized people on the left who will think he stole the election…which might lead to civil war. And if Trump loses, then right-wing radicals will think left stole the election. There is precious little time left for those tech companies to defuse this situation instead of pouring more fuel to the fire. The road to hell is, once again, paved with good intentions.

  5. AT

    There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between democans and republicrats. They both collude to generate a gigantic theater of hypernoramalism and distraction from the fact that they are in lock-step when it comes to fiscal policy, monetary policy, and foreign policy.

  6. AT, if that were true, why are all the Real Rulers freaking out across the globe? Eh?

  7. tio

    ‘Liberal idea’ failed the West, elites forgot about people: Putin in interview

    “And the shithole stuff is plopped here for everyone’s enjoyment”
    Oh how I laughed. /s

  8. Putin is trolling us. 🙂

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