In Cold New York, Democrats March Demanding Colder Weather

Celebrities and SJW leftists who are nearly as old as me march against warm weather in Manhattan at the beginning of July while wearing heavy sweaters and jackets due to the unusual cold.  This is the definition of insanity.  This manic push to destroy our economic systems is pure Maoism.  These dupes want to starve many millions of humans to death.  All communist countries starve their people.


It is July and Hudson Bay is still over 50% iced over.  The insane leftists still think this is the hottest year, ever.  All years are ‘hottest ever.’  NY City’s leftists have finally decided that it is too hot in Manhattan which is always much, much hotter than even Brooklyn due to all the huge cement and glass towers covering everything there except for Central Park.


“By declaring a climate emergency, New York City signals that it understands the urgency of climate change, which threatens to unleash catastrophic environmental consequences in the decades ahead unless rapid action is taken by governments around the world,” wrote Joe McCarthy of Global Citizen.


However, Patrick Moore, Greenpeace co-founder and former president of Greenpeace Canada, told Breitbart News in March that the climate change narrative was a “hoax” and the reason he left the movement.


The new legislation states that the earth is already “too hot for safety, as attested by increased and intensifying wildfires, floods, rising seas, diseases, droughts and extreme weather.”


Much of this ‘extreme weather’ is the increasingly cold climate.  That local star we depend upon has grown quiet in the last decade and lo and behold, it is getting colder.  Beartooth Mountain Pass has been closed due to deep snow that fell during the last three days!  There is no videos of how bad it is this week, over a month later.  Pictures of the present snowfall show it as deep as ever.  Meanwhile, the Bilderberg media is screaming that 2019 is going to be the hottest year, ever!

Jimmy Carter is doubling down on the ‘hottest year evah!’ lunacy and screaming that evil Russians who own the biggest slice of Arctic landmasses, are conspiring with Trump to destroy the planet earth.  It is sad watching Carter go insane in is dottage like all the DNC now.


Et tu, Carter?

This election, the DNC is running on the premise that the most important voters are illegal aliens who they now allow to vote in NY and California.  This way, they can impose their rule on the rest of us with impunity and turn all parts of America into open sewers just like all DNC cities.


Our stupid Real Rulers are strangling the internet now with deliberation and malice.  They hope to kill the internet as an inter operational system where citizens can communicate with each other instead of via only Bilderberg systems.  Stopping this internal chatter by the Little People is #1 with this gang of lunatic rich people.


They are also scared for millions of citizens are watching the elites openly meddle in our own affairs, desperate to stop us from communicating with each other and desperate attempts to throttle Trump’s direct communications with millions of voters.  This is backfiring because we all see this happening in real time and are tracking this.


Chopping off all Bilderberg-owned systems from reporting the real news is backfiring.  The news media has a very low ‘trust’ rating with citizens who now view most news systems as communist traitors trying to overthrow the government.  And this is exactly what these systems are!  Traitors!


They cannot honestly report even weather news, much less, political news.  When anyone can see with their own eyes the weather, lying about this is stupid.  I encourage Bilderberg media to lie about the weather even more.  Each day they do this, they lose power.  Trump is looking forwards to the election with all the DNC gang screaming about how they intend to raise energy taxes, shut down coal and raise all taxes on the middle class…he is guaranteed victory in 2020.


Just last week, Colorado’s DNC governor was screaming about global warming when a blizzard dumped heavy snow in Colorado!   These people are literally insane.  And look: some volcanic eruptions happened, on in the Arctic and the other in and southern Pacific and both of these infused more volcanic dust in the stratosphere.  This will create more cold weather, not warm weather.

Mount Agung erupted…this is the volcano that erupted in 1963 creating very cold weather, in Tucson, it snowed so bad, I couldn’t get to school from my parent’s ranch. My father wrote a book about that eruption back in 1970 explaining how volcanic dust changes the climate


And just for the fun of it, the fatal bridge in Italy was blown up yesterday.


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12 responses to “In Cold New York, Democrats March Demanding Colder Weather

  1. Jim R

    Thankfully, the marchers cannot change the weather. But it is still sad that they are so thoroughly duped by the globalist agenda.

    The globalist/deep state/bilderberg/elitist/whatever group clearly HAS gone insane:

  2. Lou

    Drudge had or has headlines of Frances Hottest Day EVER.

    Meanwhile, any thoughts,

    i have always wondered why china did not make a grab for taiwan while carter or clinton or obama were potus. evidently because that would have interupted the flow of top secret national intelligence clinton & obama were selling the chi-comms, huh??

    since trump is not commiting treason with china like clinton & obama, xi thinks china has “nothing to lose” . . . they think.

    i suppose the warming of n with s korea haz something to do with this.

    if truman had only listened to gen douglass mcarthur, there would be no communist red china now to terrorize the world, misman its economy, & ruin the economies of other nations because they are commies, stupid, not capitalists. i mean, really: the global economy is dependant on a dozen senile coimmunists running china who know squat about capitalism.

  3. epictetus

    RE climate etc.
    It’s the rank stupidity of it that’s the worst.
    If the (((globalists))) and their shabbos goy were just to tell us, “You are like cattle to us, and we are going to debase you, impoverish you, and completely control you,” I wouldn’t like it, but at least I wouldn’t feel my intelligence being assaulted every day. They are p*ssing all over us and telling us it’s raining…due to ‘climate change’ of course.

  4. Petruchio

    I think Global Warming is an “Idiot Test” by the Elites. They want to see how many numbskulls are pliable enough to believe something that anybody SHOULD be able to tell is not happening? The Elites want to see how strong their grip is on the Useful Idiots they have.

  5. Zeke

    Hottest day in recorded history in France.
    Whether that’s weather or climate is the question.

    Remember that it was not a Dumbo but a Repug, Nixon, who recognized Communist China….and downgraded Taiwan.
    If a Dumbo had done it they would be accused of being weak and soft on Communism. Nixon had the established anti-commie chops to be able to pull it off.

    Don’t confuse the looting or theft economy in this country with capitalism.
    We don’t live in a democracy; we live in an oligarchy with trappings of democracy.
    We don’t live in a capitalist country; we live in a looting or theft economy under the guise of capitalism.

  6. snoosebomb

    hottest ever ! somewhere news is fake [ see tony heller ] . I bet very few understand what the theory of AGW actually says , prove me wrong.

  7. snoosebomb

    somebody left the thermo-meter out in the sun

  8. AT


    Yeah it’s hot as hell here in Alaska, but, because of some odd fluke, that is actually more consistent in the archeologic and geologic record with little ice ages and big ice ages across the rest of the Northern Hemisphere than any type of global warming.

  9. Trump has triumphal entry to North Korea yesterday. The Chinese overlords are freaking out.

  10. AT

    That would something if he could pull off a realignment, but the status quo serves so many interests on both sides I doubt it,

  11. He is succeeding. It is a joy watching the far left freak out. Sanders, a full communist, is foaming at the mouth!

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