Another Bitcoin Operation Vanishes Suddenly…As Usual


Yet again, the fake money created in the Bitcoin Universe vanishes suddenly when one of the computer entities producing this junk suddenly vanishes or crashes.


Bitcoin’s (BTC) price fell by $1,400 within minutes after a crash of United States-based cryptocurrency trading platform Coinbase.
Coinbase first reported that it was investigating an issue in which its API and website were not functioning properly at 1:47 p.m. PDT on its status website.
According to the daily chart of bitcoin price on Coin360, bitcoin’s price and market cap began to plummet around 1:25 p.m. PST, just minutes before Coinbase’s first announcement.


Trading is heavy in nothing. Guys like this because they don’t have to worry about real hazards, the only hazard for them is news that parts of the scam system suddenly goes dark due to the ‘owners’ dumping the fake stuff or other actions including ‘owners’ dying suddenly.


Below is a video which was suddenly removed after it was shown clearly that France’s ‘hottest day ever’ was via a thermometer set up in a hot spot instead of place far from parking lots, roofs, etc.

There is now doubts about this weather station photo so the author removed it.


Posted on June 29, 2019 by tony heller
There are a lot of different theories floating about which thermometer recorded the 45.9C in France, so I made the videos discussing the thermometer private. Please do not send me information if you are not certain about the source.


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So confusion continues but then, this is due to so little concrete information coming from France today.  Note the news below about a major march/riot in Paris, too.  Nearly invisible, too.


France’s hottest summer day ever was recorded on a hot tile rooftop in Gallargues-le-Montueux.  This is an utterly ridiculous place to put a thermometer but then, in recent years, desperate global warmists have been placing thermometers in the most ridiculous places to manufacture ‘global warming’ data.



Meanwhile, THIS is in France and online but finding it is nearly impossible due to Google strangling the news:

This news is nearly totally banned online.  Googling for it turns up only very old news, not even recent Yellow Vest marches at all.  The deliberate destruction of Google search engines is getting worse each week.  Getting any news about what is happening in France is now nearly impossible.


This deletion of entire hunks of news is how they did things in the past, too.  I was in France at the start of the May Day riots in 1968.  There was very little news so swimming the Rhine, I entered Germany and was driven by students from university to university, giving speeches about what was going on in France.  This is why I was arrested and deported.


One would think that today, with all the people posting news stories on their own, news about what is happening in France would be easy to find.  But you see, one has to have the right search engines and the right sites to find this news and using Google to find any of this now is IMPOSSIBLE.


I found one video via using Russian searches, RUPTLY news has, as always, these marches posted online.  The above Russian news has only 600 views right now, nearly no one is seeing this news.  After poking around all over kingdom come, I finally found the 33rd week march in Paris at Ruptly:

So today’s news is all about hidden stuff, useless stuff, concealed news and so it goes: the web continues to deteriorate via vandalism by the hosts who made the web useful and now are making it impossible to use.  Way to go, dudes.


This is so disgusting and annoying.  I find it harder and harder to find news that I know has happened.  Alternative news is now being concealed deliberately by Google employees and the owners of Google.  I want them all kicked to the curb.


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11 responses to “Another Bitcoin Operation Vanishes Suddenly…As Usual

  1. Lou


    Numbered to buy and sell, as predicted 2000 or so years ago.

    end times?

  2. Zeke

    Bodies in the bitcoin graveyard keep piling up.
    Dereliction of duty and betrayal by the corrupt FRB, imo, is the motivation behind the banksters’ derivatives and bitcoin and various other substitute schemes since the US fiat currency was made worthless for income generation and stored wealth purposes post Greenspan and ZIRP and adoption of extreme “accommodative” rate policy.
    (Accommodative rate = policy that accommodates bank fraud and theft from wage earners and savers with bank accounts.)

  3. AT

    bitcoin is worthlessly slow for any larger business transactions, and impossibly slow for things like international trade where letters of credit need to secure counterparty risk.

    It takes too long for the nodes to authenticate the hash now.

  4. Jim R

    All the Ruptly videos you posted are on YouTube. Which is Google, interestingly. I wonder if/when they will banish Ruptly altogether..

    So it fell $1400, you say? It must be at negative $1400 by now, since it was zero before!

    As for the Coinbase website, it is an exchange. It does not create them, nor is it necesary to a cryptocurrency economy. There was another one yesterday —
    I never heard of the Bitsane exchange until reading this article.

    It turns out that BTC can be stolen! Who’da thunk?

  5. HAHAHA. The exchange died and lots of loot along with its death. How charming. What a great way to do business.

  6. Lou

    6–manyt exchanges are gone. over 30.

    I am not in bitcoin…too bad for me,

    FSN GoldandSilver
    Published on Jul 2, 2019
    Bitcoin Explodes 20% Overnight, Rises Just Shy Of $13,000.

    After breaching $10K over the weekend for the first time since March 2018, bitcoin has accelerated its sharp move higher and, trading close to $13,000 on Wednesday, up almost 20% in the past 24 hours. It is now up 240% since the start of the year, and even though it remains below its all-time high of nearly $20,000, at the current pace, it will surpass its all-time high in just a few days. The last time Bitcoin rose above $12,000 was in December 2017, when it continued to rally, on some days moving several thousand dollars in hours, eventually reaching its all-time high as $19,511 just before Christmas 2017.

    That surge, however, was followed by a calamitous drop as retail investors fled, with the crypto dropping below $6,000 by February, and hitting $3000 just months later. All in all, in December 2017 and January 2018, Bitcoin spent about six weeks above $12,000. Will this time be different, is the main question asked by traders. And as usual, the second biggest question posed by traders, investors, speculators and plain old haters is what is the reason behind the move. According to some, Facebook’s announcement this month has revived interest in coins, while investors seeking safety have also pushed up Bitcoin’s price. “It obviously does appear to be benefiting from some sort of flows that gold is benefiting, too,” CMC Markets chief strategist Michael Hewson said. “You’ve got all this stuff about Libra going on, which is renewing interest in bitcoin. Crypto is back in vogue.” That part was right; what he said next, however, was not – he added that the investors buying bitcoin were speculative.
    That is precisely the opposite of what JPM found last weekend when the bank concluded that the current bout of buying is not retail – as was the case for much of 2017 – but institutional. Meanwhile, as bulls cheer signs that the next bubble in cryptos is well and truly here, sparked by interest in virtual currencies from major companies like Facebook and JPMorgan, skeptics say it’s unclear how those initiatives will ultimately benefit Bitcoin and its peers. It is also unclear if Facebook’s Libra “crypto” experiment has anything to do with the recent move. To be sure, it’s not news as it was well known months in advance that Facebook was launching its “crypto” product, which as explained here before, is not even crypto. Instead what appears to be causing the rush into bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptos is global monetary policy (and Chinese capital flight).

    Meanwhile, not everyone agrees with JPM that institutions are now long bitcoin: according to the WSJ citing the latest CFTC Commitment of Traders report, hedge funds and other money managers held about 14% more bearish “short” positions in CME bitcoin futures last week than they did bullish “long” positions, The WSJ concludes that it is mostly small, retail investors who are taking the other side of the trade, in clear disagreement with JPM’s conclusion. Among traders with fewer than 25 bitcoin contracts, a category that likely captures many individuals placing bets in bitcoin, long wagers outnumbered short bets by 4 to 1.

    “Traditional market participants may be more skeptical of [bitcoin] than millennial day traders,” said George Michalopoulos, a portfolio manager with Chicago fund manager Typhon Capital Management LLC, although he stressed that his views were speculative and that it is hard to know what is driving the CFTC’s numbers.

    Eric is an internet entrepreneur and investor who began picking stocks and trading futures contracts in college, using his expertise to become a Certified Financial Manager at the largest American retail brokerage.

  7. ‘Money’ that shifts in value by the MINUTE is USELESS as ‘money’. It does work as a thing used to speculate on. You can speculate on anything on earth including mere numbers which is what ‘bitcoins’ are: data.

    Nothing concrete which vanishes in an electronic snap of Thanos’s glove.

  8. Wanna know why gold was ‘money’ for literally eons?

    It can’t be broken. It can’t be burned, if it melts, it remains gold, intact. It doesn’t age, it is often billions of years old, it is elemental and it is RARE.

    Not to mention, shines in a beautiful way.

    Bitcoins are an internet joke. This is why all illustrations of this fake number junk is ‘GOLD’ looking. HAHAHA. Fools are born every hour of every day.

  9. Jim R

    It just crossed $10,000 again, on the way up.

    When was this “crash” to “zero” supposed to happen, again?

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