Communist DNC Candidates For President All Condemn Trump Diplomacy With Communist North Korea!

The leftist lunatics of the DNC/Bilderberg gang are increasingly hysterical now.  Trump’s amazing diplomacy with North Korea, the first President invited across the DMZ no-man’s land is historic and amazing so the DNC gang running for President condemns this even though all of these candidates claim to be communist/leftists, themselves!  HAHAHA.  Trump has trumped them yet again!


Sens. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, former Vice President Joe Biden, Rep. Tim Ryan, and former HUD secretary Julian Castro have all condemned Trump’s meeting with Kim on Sunday using the same “photo op” talking point.


“I don’t have a problem with him sitting down and negotiating with our adversaries, I don’t want it to be a photo opportunity. We need real diplomacy,” Sanders said on ABC’s “This Week.”


HAHAHA.  So, commie Sanders didn’t want Trump to be photographed?  WTH?  This is beyond funny, it is insanely funny.

The communists in the US are in a total rage now that all their communist buddies overseas are negotiating with Trump openly and being friendly now.  This blows out of the water all the politics and pretenses of the leftists.  The more communist the leftist, the more enraged they are that Trump has forged real diplomatic victories with communists overseas.


The paradox is utterly lost on the left.  They have no mirrors and cannot see themselves at all.  They now openly pine for WWIII with communist countries which, they being all traitors, they hope the communists will win.


In the black community, a game called ‘the knockout game’ continues while fake liberals deny it is happening: Another video showing blacks in our cities run by the DNC going around behind people’s backs and then suddenly whacking them on the head in order to knock them out.  One of the people who watched the Colin Flaherty video commented:


An elderly friend of my mother’s, age 80, was a victim of the knockout game in Portland, Oregon. A young Black man about 20 years old hit her over the head for no reason and ran off. She was not badly hurt, but she could have been. Actually, she could have been killed.


Liberals are desperate to pretend nothing is happening.  There are no mobs of feral black children running wild in huge packs of 100 or more, rioting in all DNC-run cities.  According to liberals, there is no  massive black murder rate caused by blacks killing each other and anyone in the vicinity.  The DNC is pro-crime.  The places with the most crime are the places run by that political party.


Another ANTIFA riot in Portland, Oregon has put a reporter in the hospital.


Here is the bio of the reporter written by himself, describing how he is a total leftist:


MADERA, CALIFORNIA is an Independent Left journalist in California. Trustafarian in a shackteau, slumming it up in the barrio. Revolutionary, Leftist nationalist, Christian, liberation theology, replacement theology. BA Journalism, MA Linguistics, Green Party, Communist Party USA, Democratic Party.


This is incredibly ironically funny.  This poor young lad, trained by his teachers to be a total leftist, a lover of communism…is beaten up and poisoned by raging communist fascists on the far left!  I wonder if he will learn any lessons?  Will he figure out who the real enemies are?  Note how he studied ‘journalism’.  I never took even one journalism class in school yet I was a member of the Berkeley Barb team back in 1969, churning out news.

The above video is one created by Flaherty yesterday clearly showing via street cams, how black men sneak up on white people, in this case, a woman, and suddenly and very viciously, attack them from behind.  I will also note that You Tube has declared this video to be for adults only!

I feel a little bit sorry for all these poor kiddies going to SJW schools. They pay through the nose for this.  To become a news person, all you have to do is use your brains, IMITATE SHERLOCK HOLMES and follow the money trail.  So simple.  There are plenty of books describing how to figure out what is going on and how to publish news.  Why, after the invention of the internet, it is easy to publish news.


This is why the elites are strangling the internet now.  Google has rendered all data searches nearly useless now.  Anything political or social is now totally censored and mangled and searches only show Bilderberg gang data.  Finding anything outside this is increasingly impossible.  You Tube is increasingly censored, too.  The SJW gang doesn’t want even the smallest amount of information to exist online now.


This is leading to the slow but increasingly fast moving ‘alternative net’ growing out of nothing.  The more severe the repression of real news, the quicker the alternative will grow.  And now on to another news story showing how utterly evil the left is these days:


We all remember this story from earlier in the month:

The baker’s friends online have raised many tens of thousands of dollars on his behalf to pay for lawyers and to keep him afloat.


This is in the news this week due to Oberlin College’s black female president learning nothing from the lawsuit about the store that arrested students for shoplifting:

The school (sic) is run by a young black lady who is a radical leftist and who thinks what she and her buddies and her students (sic) did was perfectly fine.  She looks insane and she is insane.  I feel sorry for the kiddies going to this insane school.  Deep in debt, taught how to be insane, they are unemployable and incapable of running their own businesses.


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4 responses to “Communist DNC Candidates For President All Condemn Trump Diplomacy With Communist North Korea!

  1. Moe

    Watched the FreeSpeechTV video, very amusing.

    I’m not usually clued in to an individual’s derangement or even peccadilloes (i.e., I’m unobservant, maybe slightly autistic?), but this woman jumped off the page.

    Though functional, she’s an obvious nutter, Promoted through her entire adulthood too, wonder why? (sarc)

  2. honeybagder don't care

    Oberlin president: *Prattles on and on about First Amendment*

    Interviewer: Defamation is not protected speech

    Oberlin president: “We can have a debate about whether the speech was defamatory”

    Um, no we had a “debate”; it was called a jury trial. YOU LOST.

    Oberlin president: This isn’t about the First Amendment, the issue is whether the school is vicariously liable. *Admits school employees were organizing the protest under school policy*

    I don’t see how she looks insane, but she is insane for sure.

    Re: Trump: I don’t see how having diplomacy with the most repressive regime on Earth is so amazing per se. The obvious objective is nuclear disarmament, but he tried that before and it didn’t happen. It seems unlikely.

  3. Zeke

    “Of course they are going to attack him. Let’s be honest: If it were an adversary from your party on the other side doing it, we would do the same thing,” co-host Greg Gutfeld said Monday.

    “How dare Obama meet with a dictator with no preconditions!” co-host Jesse Watters said, his voice rising in mock outrage as others on the show laughed.

    That’s precisely what the network did when Obama even suggested during the 2008 campaign that he’d meet with the leader of an “enemy” nation, …..”

    Thru the partisan lens. In other word(s) – hypocrisy.

  4. They all do it. It is very juvenile. Childish behavior on stage, this is typical. And it is sad but then, this is also very human.

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