Liberals Demand No 4th of July Celebrations, Are OK With Child Molesters In Libraries

The mask is now off.  The entire leftist/Bilderberg media and politicians have gone full anti-Americanism.  They hate America!  They openly demand no more salutes to the military, the police or the American flag, old flags or new flags.  All are to be eliminated.  The DNC wants our border patrols eliminated.  They also, like in all DNC-run ghettos, want to legalize theft.  These lunatics want to destroy America.  And hopefully, the average citizen will figure this out.


Click here to see all the Hollywood lunatics screaming about how dare Trump have a parade celebrating the military on the 4th of July in Washington, DC!


There is race/sex politics at play here.  Many young females hate Trump because he doesn’t bow to their every demand.  He represents all people, not a narrow swath.  The voter base of the DNC is now so small, they have to rely on illegal alien invaders to win elections which is why their #1 demand is no border controls on invaders.


This makes them a simple thing: traitors.  Below is a screenshot of Obama’s inauguration:

Ooopsies!  Barack Obama, himself, and his DNC gangster buddies flew multiple versions of the Betsy Ross Flag at his inauguration!  I wonder if the entire DNC has Alzheimer’s Disease.  The fact that these lunatics have already forgotten that Obama waved the 13 star banner is funny.  They screamed like banshees and stopped Nike from selling shoes with the Betsy Ross flag and this shows how much power they have with corporate America.


The fact that all the DNC TV stations are refusing to show the parade is paradoxically suicidally funny.  Guess what?  Fox TV gets all the viewers!  Will DNC supporters be watching the other channels on the 4th of July?  NOPE.  Too funny.  Fox should send flowers to all the network bosses to thank them for the assist.



Julian Castro, Robert Beto O’rourke both hate the American flag of Betsy Ross and want it banned. I hope they denounce their good buddy, Obama for waving that evil flag made by a woman!  Things are going so SJW insane in the DNC, the previous Obama Homeland Security head warns the DNC gang to not push for open borders!

The traitors in the DNC House removed the census question about citizenship and when the news broke, Trump went forth swiftly with his Twitter sword and ran the DNC leaders through the heart with his terrible swift sword.

The DNC is furious with all this and want to stop this via typical communist repressive censorship:

So, the DNC plans in the future to put us in prison for MAKING FUN OF THEM!!!! This is already happening in Europe.  Mocking the Bilderberg gang is grounds for being put in prison now.  Even with increasing numbers of citizens there rising up in rage, the gang continues to squelch all this by shutting down all communications systems used by citizens to talk with each other, driving this rage underground.


The left continues to push child rape, too. A library in Washington state hosted ‘drag queen reading to children’ and these perverts then rolled on the floor and had children crawl on their BALLS. This is just amazing, the same clowns who scream that adult women being touched by adult men on the balls is equal to rape, also claim having children rub against men’s balls is OK! This is exactly how insane these people really are.


The photos were posted by the Multnomah County Library’s Flickr account but were swiftly removed once Life Site News drew attention to them.


“Portland’s premier drag clown Carla Rossi (with intellectual support from her human avatar Anthony Hudson) attempts to chart the vast abyss of drag and its potential, addressing how drag’s many varieties, flavors, and houses correspond to the unchartable spectrum of genders and sexuality – with supporting looks at its legendary elders, artists, and ancestors, from Two-Spirits (and other-gender shamans of the pre-settler North American continent) and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to Marsha P. Johnson, Leigh Bowery, Elvira, RuPaul, and Christeene,” Multnomah County states on its website about a similar upcoming event.


Good lord!  Open child abuse and nothing happens.  If we all call the authorities in DNC-run states to warn them about open child abuse, this is ignored.  At the same time, the parameters of ‘what is sex abuse’ continues to change as hysterical leftist Hillary voters demand all sex be removed from public as ‘a form or rape’ so even a peck on the cheek is ‘evil’ and simple touching of clothing is ‘rape’ then what on earth is the picture above showing us?


Is the little boy ‘raping’ this child molester?  Good grief.


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7 responses to “Liberals Demand No 4th of July Celebrations, Are OK With Child Molesters In Libraries

  1. HAHAHA…the Britisher is always amusing!

  2. No more jokes! The DNC gang will kill you if you tell jokes especially Nazi jokes. Tim has to fly his leftist flag in his videos. Making fun of our military being one of these tropes, Tim is funny in this way: he explains things that show the left is crazy and then…goes crazy leftist on us.

  3. Petruchio

    “This is just amazing, the same clowns who scream that adult women being touched by adult men on the balls is equal to rape, also claim having children rub against men’s balls is OK! This is exactly how insane these people really are” Wrong, Elaine. Wrong!!! This isn’t insanity you are seeing from the SJW crowd and the Bilderbergers and their minions. These people are motivated by a FURIOUS HATRED of Western Hetero values and culture. They want to destroy everything Western Culture stands for. This also explains why the Rulers actively promote illegal migration. The Muslim invasion. This also explains why the DNC/Dems/ Bilderbergers promote the LGBTQ agenda. It is going to take active measures to counter these Hate filled lunatics. They won’t go away on their own choice.

  4. Moe

    Liberals/socialists/commies have jumped the shark.

    Perplexing to watch but informative to the vacuity of their platform. They got nothin’ of value to Red-State America.

  5. epictetus

    And then one day for no reason whatsoever, the German people elected the National Socialists into power.

  6. timothy carroll


    We should be so lucky as to have a resurgence of nationalism in this country. Still waiting for the (((infiltrators))) to be tossed out of the country as has happened to them so many times in the past. 🙂

  7. Petruchio

    6.4 magnitude earthquake hits Bakersfield CA area….

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