Trump Trolls Fascist Liberals With Army Tanks: DC Parade Features Betsy Ross Flags!

Trump trolled the far leftists yet again.  He even brought over 2 army tanks to troll them.  They screamed nonstop about how dare he drive tanks in a parade about US revolutionary freedoms.  No tanks were in the parade but there was this: LOTS of HUGE Betsy Ross flags in the parade, carried by GOP Women!  Hilarious.  Got huge cheers, everyone seems aware of Nike being anti-patriotic.  They led off the entire parade, this was a huge poke in the eye at DNC anti-American Presidential candidates as well as Bilderberg ‘mainstream’ media giants attacking patriotism. HAHAHA.

It appears that many are highly aware of the attacks on our Founding Fathers as well as Betsy Ross, our Founding Mother.  Some of the Betsy Ross flags were gigantic.  A huge poke in the eye by conservatives.

The Salvation Army, in defiance of SJW gangs, played ‘Onwards, Christian Soldiers’

A whole bunch of semis painted with huge American flags, blasted by. One semi had the Iwo Jima flag raising on the back. My deceased father-in-law was a medic in that battle.

The Chinese Christians marched, playing patriotic American music:

Much of the parade was ‘small people’ that is, regular citizens.  There was little ‘corporate big power’ in this parade of normal people My grandson’s daddy is from Taiwan.

Hooray for dragons!

And Chinese War Demigods, too.

The British are handing over Hong Kong to communist China and there are million-people riots going on there this very week, yesterday, they stormed the legislature building.  The Taiwanese Chinese are next if the US surrenders to China, too.  These Taiwanese like my own family, are very pro-American, pro-freedom.

The impression mainstream Bilderberg media giants want to cultivate is, everyone hates America and want it ended which is, as I keep pointing out, treasonous.  These same media giants will not talk about all the immigrants who love America and don’t want to turn it into a despotic China or despotic anything.

The Vietnamese fled communism and are grateful to be here, too.

The Vietnamese sang the ‘Stand Up, USA’ song Trump uses for all his public appearances.  This isn’t accidental.  Also I love the ‘Thank You, America!’ sign on the Vietnam float.  You are WELCOME!  With love.

The Sikhs are another group from Asia, a minority religion that loves America as a safe zone:

They, too, are doing the ‘patriot’ thing that the DNC hates so much:

I will note that not ONE SJW run school has participated in the parade.  But then, they hate America. I will note here there was no corporate America in the parade.  This wasn’t a fancy parade.  Also, the fiends running Google won’t celebrate the fourth of July with patriot stuff, just has a baseball game instead.  They really hate Christians and patriots.


On another note: more big earthquakes along the northern half of the tectonic plates of the Pacific along where the San Andreas plunges under the ocean.


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12 responses to “Trump Trolls Fascist Liberals With Army Tanks: DC Parade Features Betsy Ross Flags!

  1. timothy carroll

    (((They )))really hate Christians and patriots.

    There. Fixed it for ya! Happy fourth to all!

  2. The evening event still to come. Will Trump have many army tanks and Nazis marching? We wait with baited breath. HAHAHA.

    This is so STUPID and annoying in the extreme. By the way, FINALLY my husband had the tube that went through his nose to his stomach to keep it pumped out all the time was removed after TWO WEEKS.

    He is now skin and bones. Next week, I was told to put him in a nursing home to recover but guess what? NO.

    I am taking him home, already set up all the equipment needed to care for him. Have people lined up to help out if necessary. Have already a wheelchair, a special seat setup for toilet, am building a shower set up, too, that he can use very carefully. Lots of changes to make things work out.

    Sort of like building a hospital at home.

  3. Moe

    A couple of caveats to American nationalism. Since the Second World War, the US has become more jingoistic than nationalistic. Recall that prior to both world wars the American electorate was isolationist, though its leadership never was. The false flags of Lusitania and Pearl Harbor galvanized Americans to combat their ‘enemies’ in those two wars.

    Recall American history: the nation has always been expansionist and warlike. Admire if you will American traditions, the war of independence, The Constitution and Articles of Independence as examples of progressive and positive political evolution, but America has a dark side (for example, there is nothing admirable about the Civil War, it was not fought over abolition).

    So one must temper their enthusiasm and nationalist fervor: true patriotism does not brook trampling of citizen rights or imperialism.

  4. timothy carroll


    You make excellent points, and something we all need to consider.

    Elaine: you are a good wife. Your husband is lucky to have you I’ve been a caregiver a few times to my own spouse. It is not an easy task. Best of luck to you both!

  5. Ziff House

    absolutely the best decision about the Nrs’g home. Avoid until you can’t.

  6. snoosebomb

    absolutely the best decision about the Nrs’g home. Avoid until you can’t.

  7. Lou

    2–It is BATED breath.

  8. Jim R

    did little Berlin have a parade this year?

    you have posted lovely pictures of the Berlin parade in past years, when the weather cooperated.

  9. Jim R

    7 – not if they’ve been eating calimari.

  10. honeybagder don't care

    Speaking of The Group Responsible For All Of Our Troubles, Lt. Corbis weighs in:

  11. Yes, Berlin always has a fine parade. I didn’t do the parade for three years due to health problems.

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