Tommy Robinson Goes To Prison, Bilderberg Gang Hysterical As Farage Takes Over EU Parliament

Tommy Robinson, political prisoner of the British Bilderberg gang, was sent to prison today and his supporters are mobbing London on behalf of Tommy.  This breaking news is not appearing on any mainstream Bilderberg media in Britain including the fools at the Daily Mail.  Proof below how this news is being hidden totally:


Tommy hauled off to prison and Twitter collapses.  Interesting.

Also the other day, the Washington Post ran a totally fake story about Project Veritas:

Publishing lies about real news people like Project Veritas is typical of deranged Bilderberg gangster operatives.  This last 48 hours has been filled with all sorts of very odd, crazy stuff.  The elites are freaking out because they are losing political control in the EU..,

In the globalist EU, Brexit supporters were voted into that parliament by British voters who are very angry about the coup of the Bilderberg gang taking away sovereignty.  So of course, the clowns on Brit BBC TV news attack Farange and his supporters in the EU parliament of being ‘rude’ because they refused to Sieg Heil the Germans who made Beethoven’s 9th Symphony ‘Auf Die Freude’ the ‘international anthem’.


‘How dare you do that,’ huff the two twits representing the Real Rulers.  ‘Turn your back on Beethoven like that…’  HAHAHA.  Beethoven was a revolutionary not a secret society reactionary!  And nit picking is, of course, typical of nit wits.


Below is a screenshot of the evil NY Times which has zero news about Tommy Robinson’s prison demonstrations in the heart of London:

The ‘working stiff’ paper, the Daily Mail, had this headline story instead:

The news media is pushing nearly totally useless ‘news’ while hiding this very real news.  Tommy being sent to prison is revolutionary, that is, it make a martyr of him.  When I was arrested at Berkeley many years ago, the young street people who liked me due to my work in the Free Clinic and other things, rioted and tried to overturn the police car I was in, for example.

So, Russians and smart people on line get to see this real news and Brits at home who don’t know they live in a reproduction of the Soviet Union, are blissfully unaware of the real news.  Hiding an uprising isn’t going to work, of course.  This huge demonstration is on the fly, virtually no time to organize and is on a working day, not Saturday or Sunday.


The fact that so many people showed up is amazing.  At one point, a bagpipe player played ‘God Save the Queen’.  HAHAHA.  Like in France, the demonstrators are waving the national flag.  At one point, like in France, they set fire to the EU flag, too.


The Muslim mayor has assigned a number of Muslim cops to attack the British people.  The mayor of London thinks no one will notice this.  The crowd is quite aware of this.  The more Brits arrested, the stronger the movement.  One of Tommy’s last interviews as a free man:

Meanwhile, in NYC, the women’s soccer team made news dissing the flag, dissing the President, dissing everything, sneering and gloating while hating America::

They ran wild, howling like apes.  Charming.  And they cussed like drunk longshoremen on Friday night.  And they demanded they be paid as much as male soccer players even though they brought one tenth the ticket money than male soccer players.  So much for ‘equality’.  They can’t even beat Jr. High boys.


About Tommy Robinson: if the State is really, really, REALLY stupid or as I would suggest, utterly evil, they will again, insert him into a very violent prison filled with murderous Muslim males.  This will kill two birds with one stone: everyone will hate the murderous Muslim males and not attack the murderous Bilderberg males, and Tommy will be killed, too.


Good grief, they really do want a race/religious war, after all.  And will blame Trump for all this.


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9 responses to “Tommy Robinson Goes To Prison, Bilderberg Gang Hysterical As Farage Takes Over EU Parliament

  1. Ken

    Tommy should have sought political asylum with the Russians instead of the Americans. He would have been more likely to get it, and he would have been closer to home to agitate for change in the UK.

  2. Moe

    @1 Ken

    He certainly would have been better off. Perhaps he did and was rebuffed??

  3. KHS71

    1/10? Try 1/50. 4 billion versus 74 million. I deserve? What do they deserve? As my dad would have said, turn around, I will give you something. Usually a swift kick in the rear followed by the words, “go to work”. What a joke they have turned out to be. Did you see the story of the player that refused to wear the “gay pride” symbols on her uniform. She supposedly quit rather than wear the symbol.

  4. Melponeme_k

    Who is to say that the United States will not listen to Robinson’s plea?

    In this position, Trump can exert righteous force against the UK in regards to Robinson’s welfare. In this position, Trump and Robinson could topple the government.

  5. Suusi M-B

    Melponeme_k: I thought that the US did not allow foreign criminals into the country. He has many criminal convictions.

  6. ANNNNDDD…guess who I am??? Someone deported from Europe for giving annoying speeches, for example, arrested for being a pain in the neck in California, etc. HELLO!

  7. Suusi M-B

    Elaine But you are a US citizen. It is different for aliens. Different rules apply to non citizens.

    Plus I very much doubt that you have a conviction for mortgage fraud. Which as I understand it would be a federal offence. I gather federal offences are taken a whole lot more seriously by the courts.

    Unless of course you work in wall street. Where is normal business practices. Much like the square mile in the City of London, where all the normal rules are suspended in the name of greed. But that is another story.

    He also has a conviction for assaulting a policeman who intervened to defend Robinson’s wife from TR.

    In the UK when accused of contempt of court it is best to say sorry immediately. The trial judge has the power to lock you up until you express regret.

    If you disobey an instruction from a trial judge you get the book thrown at you. Doubly so if you fail to express contrition before the judge.

    It also seems to me that TR set out to be a martyr. That is not a good place to be.

    Incidentally I admire you for your for the exuberantes of your youth. Good on you.

    But I believe that you are very wrong about TR. On that we will just have to agree to disagree on this one.

  8. I was an ALIEN in Europe!!! I also had people literally shoot at me! More than once in my rough life.

  9. Lou

    Facebook, all the photos of faces for corporations and gov to use.

    Ecoin, Libra, what next? Numbered to buy n sell?

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