Another Brave Google Coder Explains How SJW Leaders Are Destroying Search Engine Results

Trump freaks out the mainstream fake news media totally, he invited real journalists and true celebrities to the White House to discuss ‘the free press.’  The fake news media went totally insane, howling with rage that they are ‘real news.’  HAHAHA.  Fake is fake.  I love Joy Villa, she explains what a real ‘press’ is: TRUTH TELLERS.  This infuriated the professional liars.


Joy’s happy defense of real news triggered a violent reaction with the fake news guys at CNN.  All this is very hilarious.  ‘Conservatives’ these days is code for ‘telling the truth.’  For the liars on the left, ‘conservative’ is ‘evil’ because they don’t want to destroy civilization!  Seriously!  Wrecking everything is ‘liberalism’ ever since I was in school at Berkeley.

Trump’s opening speech to the Real News group is amusing.  In contrast, the after the fact meeting with the mainstream media was, as usual, a circus with many clowns and trapeze artists.  Those were all in a total snit, completely unhinged.  This speech Trump gave is probably the most important one in his entire life.

Google’s DoubleThink at work ruining the internet, destroying search engine results.  Google is rapidly moving into utter uselessness.  I have to try repeatedly different search words and get very little result if I am looking for anything the SJW gang wants to hide at Google.  The items being hidden are gigantic, nearly half of the internet lately.


Here is a sample of how Google is deliberately degrading searches, the ‘complete the sentence’ feature is now a tool to misdirect users and to push leftist propaganda:

When you finish the word ’emails’ the massive Google search suddenly vanishes.  The blatant anti-white male racism is epic and illegal because soon we shall see ‘white males’ using the Civil Rights Act to sue everyone defaming and abusing them:

The racism of Google operatives is obvious here, contrast the search when using ‘black’ instead of ‘white’:

What is most amazing is one of the listed ‘many links’ is ‘black men wedding band’ which is strange with a marriage rate below 15% of all black men and with white males marrying around 50% plus, this isn’t even in the search list!  Now, on to black women:

Note the ‘NASA movie’.  The list for white women is similar except no NASA stuff:

Try googling the French Yellow Vest demonstrations.  Add the date of any specific march and it won’t show up at all.  Search and search: nothing.  Only older videos might show up and nearly nothing from RUPTY Russian news which has covered every event in full.  Finding these are like pulling teeth.


The more specific the search words, the opposite happens: it gets harder to find.  Over time, the degradation of google searches will destroy the entire system.  I find google to be nearly impossible to use to find anything the SJW gang wants to hide which is a gigantic hunk of the internet.


Section 230 is all about censorship.  Google, like all SJW run sites, censors heavily.  I am censored.  I used to show up easily in search results.  Today, it is now nearly invisible.  Some people are openly removed totally like Infowars.  The internet is very degraded compared to just four years ago.  Searches are ridiculously stupid now.


I am constantly frustrated by the poor results from any searches now.  Degrade one aspect and all end up degraded.  I now consider Google to be a very stupid search engine.  Unfortunately, all rival systems are being degraded by Google in various ways so they, too, are being decimated.

Ted Pool, a very good reporter who is clinging desperately to his leftist life raft.  He is at the White House today at the Social Media Summit.  HAHAHA.  He still wants us to think he is a leftist but the leftists hate him more and more and Tim is resisting joining us in the Grand Battle.  —


The Bilderberg gang, being tyrants who are used to getting away with literal mass murder, are seeing their stupid rule collapse in Europe and the US and they know this is due to having REAL NEWS finally.  True, the propaganda regime continues for many but many are now out of the system and free to think.


Tommy Robinson is being thrust into yet another very violent Muslim controlled prison in England and will likely die there.  The growth of the Tree of Liberty is watered by the Blood of Patriots.  Tommy broke the Bilderberg rule: NO PATRIOTISM.


This is why sneering athletes who diss the American flag, sneer at patriots and scream for open borders are feted and praised by Bilderberg media.  They hate patriotism with a passion.  They want race wars, privileges (note how blacks are giving ‘privileges’ but still live in slums!!!) these monsters hate freedom and have tricked young females into demanding censorship and the rule of Maoist laws.


YIKES.  Trump’s meeting with real media has been a triumph.  Tommy’s torture and death will be remembered in history and years from now, celebrations of his martyrdom will grace the streets of the slums and lower working class neighborhoods.  I feel for him, greatly. Attempts at killing me were sadly frequent in the past, I know what it is like to look down the barrel of a gun aimed at me.


I know what it is like to have someone ring the doorbell and tell me, someone is going to kill me unless I stop organizing and doing my political work.  Luckily for me, both attempts failed and the police made arrests.


The End of Times is something a large troop of baboons clutch, the latest ‘End’ is ‘global warming’ which had to be changed to ‘climate change’ due to lack of said warming.  They proclaim the End is Nigh while flying around on private jets and gadding about on private massive yachts and living in massive palaces.   They seriously don’t think the children they are lying to can’t see what is wrong here.


But they do!  The young Maoists intend to crush the elites!  Talk about insanely stupid, the Bilderberg gang has nurtured a viper at the breast.




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6 responses to “Another Brave Google Coder Explains How SJW Leaders Are Destroying Search Engine Results

  1. Melponeme_k

    Zuckerberg, MK Asset and Deep State Stooge?

    I always said that he was just a face for a project called Facebook. In fact ALL the big faces you see from Silly-CON are stooges.

    I remember when Facebook got started. It always struck me as spooky and its determination to exploit its Young Adult users (originally only open to HS and College Students) scared the pants off me. I never joined. It was a fake from the beginning.

  2. Correct. You sniffed it out.

  3. Melponeme_k


    The other shoe to drop is the BIG REVEAL that facebook was used by the Bilderberg/CIA/MI6/Mossad White Slave trade to TAG FUTURE VICTIMS.

    All they have to do is flip through the website like a catalogue and if you are what they need….guess who disappears?

  4. The Skull and Bones and other dark magic lunatics have been doing this for the last century.

  5. Melponeme_k


    I know. But now they don’t have to prey on military men, women and children anymore. They have the whole populace advertising themselves.

    And all they need to know are our names and ages for their purposes. It isn’t illegal either. Not when people post it public.

  6. Lou

    Since around ten dozen Antifa groups are currently allowed to flourish on Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and all his little Cuckerbergs do not consider these violent and frankly insane totalitarians to be a dangerous organization. After all, Facebook let slide the following psycho-warning from a group called Smash Racism DC, the same noble organization which late last year stormed Tucker Carlson’s home and terrorized his wife:

    This is a message to Ted Cruz, Bret Kavanaugh, Donald Trump and the rest of the racist, sexist, transphobic, and homophobic right-wing scum: You are not safe. We will find you. We will expose you. We will take from you the peace you have taken from so many others.

    Sounds kinda dangerous.

    On the other hand, Facebook has tagged a total of six individuals as officially “dangerous”: Alex Jones, Gavin McInnes, Laura Loomer, Milo Yiannapoulos, Paul Joseph Watson, and Minister Louis Farrakhan, who is, was, and always will be one of the funniest Americans ever to wear a bow tie.–takis mag

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