Tommy Reporting News Is So Evil The Brit Government Sent Him To Prison Filled With Terrorists And Murderers


Tommy is being put in a very dangerous prison:

The British rulers made a HUGE mistake sticking Tommy whose ‘crime’ was to report about Muslims raping children…into the most vicious prison in England!  This is suicidally stupid of the elites and this is why revolts happen and I smell revolution in the air in England.


With its high brick walls and razor wire fences, Belmarsh prison houses Britain’s most dangerous criminals, from murderers to terrorists to armed robbers.  Opened in southeast London in 1991, the prison has been described as one of the most important in the country. No one has ever escaped in its 23-year history.


A former political prisoner is a conservative:


Jeffrey Archer – The former Conservative MP wrote about his time in Belmarsh in the first volume of A Prison Diary and used the setting extensively in his novel A Prisoner of Birth.

He was jailed for perjury and perverting the course of justice in 2001 over a libel case against the Daily Star in 1987 but served just weeks before he was transferred to Wayland prison in Norfolk.

An established novelist, he has sold 250 million copies of his books.


This is so insane.   I know first hand all about how this works, by the way.


Two hours ago, a riot broke out as the paramilitary police attack Tommy Robinson demonstrators:

Some of the cops being used for this are Muslim immigrants.  This is a battle royale.  The rage is immense, the crowd today are many times bigger than yesterday’s crowds and they just learned he was sent to the most dangerous, violent prison in all England!  For reporting the news!!!!  Just amazing.  Pure Soviet state crimes by the Real Rulers.


This is how stupid governments fall.  The dumbest thing they could do was put Tommy Robinson into a prison filled with the most violent Muslims.  This is the equivalent of when I was arrested many years ago…for JAY WALKING.  The State wanted to do stuff to me so they thought this would be a great trick, an excuse to put me in jail.  Jay walking!


This started a massive riot that lasted for six hours.  They then tried to blame it on me!  Until they learned I was only 17 years old.  OOPSIES.  I could claim child abuse.  They tossed me out into the street at midnight.  Tommy sends the elites into an absolute tizzy so stupidly, they think if they arrest him for ‘jaywalking’ he will shut up.


INSANITY!  Today is Friday and riots have already begun.  It will be worse on Saturday when the French Yellow Vests also march in burning rage.  The elites are under fire and instead of being smart, they are being very stupid.  Their global warming scam designed to put the peons back into cold homes in winter, this is collapsing due to lack of hot weather.


They are running out of scams.  Tell people Trump is a Russian agent?  Well, people are now yelling, ‘We want Russian agents!  They are better than our own stupid rulers!’


We can support Tommy:

2 hours ago
If you get any value from this and want to chip in towards travel costs there is a link here thank you its gonna be a long 9 weeks of demos Tommy’s Pay Pal here:
We now know where Tommy’s being sent and his prison number. You need these to send email or physical mail.

A2084CG – Stephen Yaxley Lennon
HMP Belmarsh
Western Way
SE28 0EB

or you can use quoting his name/prison/number.

This is how revolutions begin.  The blood of patriots spilled by despots.  The Bilderberg gang has a long, hideous record of mass murder.  They think nothing about lying about something in order to attack an entire country, entire populations and annihilate them.


Tomorrow is a day off, Paris is marching, London will be marching…fight!  Fight as if this is a life and death matter because…it really is life and death.



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13 responses to “Tommy Reporting News Is So Evil The Brit Government Sent Him To Prison Filled With Terrorists And Murderers

  1. Lou

    Sikhs–““Indian Punjabi”

    Punjabis have completely displaced Europeans as a ruling class in Canada, and now they’ve set their sights on America.
    Cohesive groups like Punjabis and Jews will always outcompete individuals like White Europeans.
    Ruthless repatriation of Punjabis back to Punjab is the only insurance against White Extinction.”
    Somewhere there ought to be a – facility – to – simply – give one BIG TICK to a post on this most excellent site. That’s all I want to “say” in relation to this excellent post summing up all that needs to be said on the subject.

  2. AT

    Some nice photos circulating now showing the pedo island Babylonian devil worshipping illuminati temple. Lots of symbolism in the statues they removed, the architecture and the patterning. Would have thought you’d be picking those things out considering how much of it jibes with what you’ve been saying for so long.

  3. Sorry, my husband is back in the hospital…I don’t want to look at black magic right now. These monsters are very irritating to me. And gives me flashbacks of the Outerdarkness. I cannot afford to do this right now.

    Thanks anyways for talking about it. Horrible stuff. I sense the black magic gang is trying very hard to access the Outerdarkness right now as they are being defeated by Trump on nearly every front now.

    But he is protected, in this regard. It happened nearly three years ago.

  4. Tacitus

    Best wishes for your husband’s recovery …

  5. Melponeme_k


    Today is a lunar eclipse. They are in high gear trying to pull energy from it. I can feel it. The rest of the population must be as well. But it will come out as anxiety or rage.

    I doubt they will be successful.

  6. The Lunar Goddess is kind of married to the guy with the three headed dogs at the Gates of Death….

  7. Lou

    Germany, like Uk,

  8. Germany deported ME! HAHAHA. They can’t deport invaders? HAHAHA. Serves them right.

  9. 19 year old ‘refugee’ illegal alien attacks cars in parking lot next to ‘immigrant center’ causing $50,000 in damages.

    No one did anything to stop him (NO GUNS).

  10. Lou

    12–horrid..Gov has legalized lawlessness.

    I saw similar, in Sweden, ticket on fire bombed car. Gov wont stop rioters, but will ticket victims car.

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