Trump Suddenly Ends All Asylum Of Illegal Aliens

All the Democratic traitors running for President want to abolish ICE and let in a billion illegal aliens.  All attempts by Trump to prevent invaders is fought tooth and nail because the Democratic Party is now the Illegal Alien Invader Party.  This is now their voter base.  Trump now knows he has the backing of the majority of Americans to stop this invasion.

As always, Trump is very blunt.  I have a great deal of experience in all this.  I was deported from Europe.  So I know that end of the deal.  I also sponsored real victims of real suffering, too.  One was a Jewish Russian man who was tortured by the KGB.


Others were Chinese tortured by Mad Madame Mao, I have direct knowledge of torture victims.  The Chinese man I helped, for example, was an astronomer who was abused by Madame Mao and paraded about Beijing in those horrible ‘fool’s hats’ for example.


As always, the traitors at the NYT are all for the invaders.

Trump wins again!  The DNC in Congress openly said, they are against white males who are PATRIOTS.  ‘Nationalists’ is being used by the Bilderberg monsters as a cuss word.  We are supposed to hate our nation, not love it!!!!  Trump has clearly shown now that these lunatics are traitors.


And they fill the definition of ‘traitors.’  The fools think they are very clever to side with illegal alien invaders but this is backfiring.  Many ‘migrants’ are openly flying foreign flags, refusing to learn English, openly talk about how much they hate America and wish to destroy our nation, literally.

The editorials at the NYT are hilarious.  They openly hate the USA and very much hate the normal citizens and wish us ill.  Look at the entire editorial board which includes a foreign lady from Korea who hates the US, this editorial board wants to not give Trump and 60%+ of US citizens what we want: BORDER CONTROLS.


This is treason.  You Tube’s war against 60% of US voters continues as the creeps destroying You Tube have changed the rules.  The change is, THERE ARE NO RULES.  Even if one violates nothing at all, You Tube now will eliminate them and anyone who talks about these nonpersons.


This denial of services to anyone the SJW gang running You Tube dislike is now open to being totally eliminated.  This means You Tube is not a service but rather, a publisher and should be taxed at a much higher rate.  The creeps at You Tube believe they can bribe Congress into destroying our Constitution.


The key here is the statement: ‘You Tube said it may take action against creators EVEN IF they don’t violate community standards…’  This neoNazi change in You Tube includes the statement: ‘…even allow You Tube to punish creators for MAKING JOKES…’


Both Hitler and Mad Madame Mao both hated people joking about them and took severe actions to terminate anyone daring to joke about them.

More and more rich people are now coming out of the woodwork to openly fight these communists who took over the Democratic Party.


On another note, my husband is still in grave danger in the hospital.  I am up at 3am yet again due to being unable to sleep due to dreaming about him and this is very unpleasant.  I can’t be ‘hands on’ in his care and inside, this frustrates me.


I have been installing air conditioners in all the rooms now due to him needing to be kept cool at all times because he can’t shed the heat easily due to the surgeries on his digestive systems.  The work doing this brings me comfort, at least I am doing something useful.


And this is why I run Culture of LIFE News.  I want everyone to have a life.  This also means protecting everyone so we aren’t destroyed entirely by outside forces.





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8 responses to “Trump Suddenly Ends All Asylum Of Illegal Aliens

  1. tio

    Little sleep, frustration and now heavy lifting? Don’t forget to take care of yourself in all this. I think you should give yourself the green light to acquire or hire that chain hoist or stair climbing truck or other thingamabob you probably need to make your life a little easier. Best wishes, as always.

  2. Moe

    Trump blunt? Say it isn’t so! I’ll take blunt over BS any day.

    Trump’s timing (and trolling) is exquisite. He has better sense of the electorate pulse than any recent president.

  3. Jim R

    He did not end all asylum. Only for those individuals who were not from Mexico but came through Mexico to get here.

    Because, you see, if they came from somewhere other than Mexico, and they are fleeing tyranny or whatever, they are in Mexico now. And they can apply for asylum from Mexico. And there is no need for them to enter a third country in their flight.

    And this makes sense to everyone except those who are trying to destroy America.

  4. Petruchio

    Elaine: I am sorry to hear about your husband’s condition. My thoughts and prayers are with you for a full recovery for your husband.

  5. Petruchio

    I wonder if the MSM knows just how irrelevant they are to all except their tiny little base of DNC types and illegals. As normal, I was listening to a local Sports Talk program on the radio. I’m getting more and more disgusted with this guy and his alleged Sports Talk show. Yesterday, once again he devoted extensive air time to ripping Trump/ What the H#LL does that have to do with Sports?? I have no problem with someone stepping outside their boundary–in his case Sports topics–and making a comment or two about Politics or any other Current Issue. But this guy makes it a habit; he will even bring on Democrat commentators and interview them!! And he never makes an attempt at balance. As for print papers like the NYT, it’s amusing to see these papers steadily decline in readership AND watch them raise their prices!! I thought the Free Market didn’t work that way. It shows you how deluded the newspapers are.

  6. best wishes for you and your husband elaine, i along with so many others love you and pray for you.

  7. Thank you, everyone. If we knew how to fix him, it would be easier. The problem is, the lower half of our bodies is hard to probe and the only method is to chop up the person and look inside.

  8. Moe

    Orlov – The Death Of The Liberal Idea

    Excerpt: The migrant crisis is a perfect example of how liberalism has outlived its usefulness. Liberalism offers two ways forward, both of which are fatal to it. One approach is distinctly illiberal: halt the influx of migrants by any means necessary; insist that the migrants already in the country either conform to a strict set of requirements, including demonstrated competency in the nation’s language, detailed knowledge of its laws and administrative systems, strict obedience to its laws and demonstrated preference and respect for the customs and culture of the native population—or be not so much deported as expelled. The other approach is liberal at first: allow the influx to continue, do not hinder the formation of foreign ghettos and enclaves which native citizens and officials dare not enter, and eventually surrender to Sharia law or other forms of foreign dictate—guaranteeing the eventual death of the liberal idea along with much of the native population. Thus, the choice is between killing the liberal idea but saving the native population or letting the liberal idea die willy-nilly, taking the native population along with it. It offers no solution at all.”

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