Gang Of Four DNC Congresswomen Get Trump Condemned For Suggesting They Return Home If Hate America

The Gang of Four (Chinese reference to Mad Madame Mao’s days) are triumphant.  They have totally taken over the entire DNC gang!  They led Mad Madame Pelosi by the nose and now they, not she, run the Democratic party.  This same gang of four hate America, hate the flag, hate the immigration authorities, openly push for invaders to enter with no opposition.  The DNC has now decisively chosen treason.


The liberal left has gone off the cliff.  They and their Hollywood/mainstream media buddies talk endlessly about racism and sexism and all sorts of isms.  They are destroying all systems in the name of ‘erasing racism’ when what is really happening is, things are extremely racist the more they ‘fight’ racism.  THEY are the racists.


For example, now no one can act in any movies or write comics or books pretending to be or talking about race if they are ‘the wrong race’.  All systems now must see a genetic review of someone’s race before one can perform or write anything.  Since many people are ‘mixed race’ this also means, what is the percentage of one’s genetic race markers?  Is one 1% of any race, can they then claim the goodies handed over to that ‘race’?


This is a gigantic question because claiming one is a member of any designated race means they can then jump the line and collect massive goodies, advantages and honors while ‘white males’ have to go to the back of the line and be denied jobs, opportunities, education advantages, etc.  This is massively racist and the DNC wishes to enforce this even more.

On top of the racism issue, the truth about the Steele dossier continues to be revealed as fake, and worse, the FBI knew it was 90% fake information and hid this fact in order to exploit it to engineer a legal coup.  The DNC is very involved in concealing this vital information and this is why they are very, very anxious to impeach Trump on nearly no charges in order to stop from being arrested for a host of crimes.

It never ceases to amaze me watching mainstream Bilderberg media giants attacking patriotism.  In our schools, now mostly run by SJW females, how these teach students to hate America, too.  They hope to take over the country and turn it into a hell hole like Venezuela or Cuba or Maoist China.  The bloody history of communism is clear: when they take over, people literally starve to death or are executed or tortured to death.


The Europeans are rediscovering patriotism.  England is already desperate to move out of the EU’s deadly embrace.  The movement to end the EU is growing in Europe.  The communists on the far left of the Democrats want to have a race war because they believe this will then allow massive bloodshed and thus, the road to North Korean style dictatorship of the proletariat will happen and we get the complete destruction of civilization which they hate.

‘Our diversity is our strength’ is very similar to ‘war is peace/freedom is slavery’ Big Brotherism.  I hark back to my childhood homebase, Tucson, Arizona.  The schools there are increasingly NOT ‘diverse’ at all as white families flee the dying city.  Now, in District One which was my district years ago, many schools are over 60% Hispanic.  There is no ‘diversity’ there.


In all the major DNC-run cities, schools are approaching 100% mono-race schools.  That is, black or Hispanic.  Hispanic students hate the black students who hate everyone.  These racist DNC schools teach the kids that racism is responsible for all their problems and the solution is to destroy white males and voila: everything will rain loaves of bread and peace will reign.


The DNC solution to school integration is to chase after white families while screaming, ‘We hate you and we hate your children and they better go to school with our violent children so we can beat you all up!’  This is definitely going to lead to a very violent civil war if white families can no longer flee violent leftists who hate white boys and want to enslave them.

The Democrats now want to equate patriotism with racism.  Tucker sums it all up:

Omar even says in college, she took a ‘TERRORISM class’!  Is this a class for learning how to be a terrorist?  I would suggest the answer is actually yes.

The incident took place at the Ciudad Acuna-Del Rio Port of Entry when over 50 officers with U.S. Customs and Border Protection applied a series of security protocols to temporarily shut down vehicular traffic into Texas. According to the local radio station Rancherita Del Aire, CBP officers used heavy machinery to set up a series of concrete and metal barricades as well as barbed wire in an attempt to dissuade any migrants from rushing the border.

Campaign funds are drying up for the DNC while it is rising for Trump.


New financial disclosures show that 11 liberal contenders for the Oval Office are operating their campaigns at a deficit, having spent more money than campaign donations could support. Eight more have less than $1 million on hand. More than five months from 2020, only the front-runners have the financial means to go much further.


You Tube is now going to make any searches for Infowars mentions or links so no one can access any information at all.  This communist style censorship is going to kill Google. The more they mess with searches, the more people will flee to free speech systems instead. I hate Google with a hot passion, they are heavily censoring me! To hell with them.


Speaking during a Senate hearing on Tuesday over its censorship practices, Google’s VP for Government Affairs & Public Policy Karan Bhatia assured known Alex Jones-hater Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) that the company was doing everything in its power to remove all content related to the Infowars host after the senator invoked Sandy Hook.

Yes, Google is working for the Chinese communists.  The Chinese communists hate me with a hot passion.  I have actively and successfully forced China to do things in the past.  Anyone who fights the communists learn quickly that communists are huge lovers of changing history, altering information whenever they want to create a new reality.  They are dishonest, they are criminals.


Europe is dying.  Europeans are being systematically killed by invaders from Muslim countries.

Muslim Man Who Killed Jewish Neighbor While Screaming “Allahu Akbar” Not Criminally Responsible Because He Smoked Marijuana Beforehand, Judge Rules

65-year-old Dr Sarah Attal-Halimi was brutally beaten and thrown out of a window by 27-year-old Kobili Traoré, an African migrant from Mali, on the 4th of April 2017 in the Belleville district of Paris.  According to reports, Traoré, a drug dealer and a drug addict, shouted “shut your mouth”, “Allahu Akbar,” and “I killed the Shaitan” (the demon, or Satan, in Arabic) during the vicious assault. He claimed insanity and was held in a psychiatric hospital.


One amusing comment to the above story: So if i smoke some weed I can kill muslims ?  The fable that smoking pot makes people violent continues despite all obvious information that pots mellows people and slows them down, it doesn’t fire them up to run around screaming and killing people.







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15 responses to “Gang Of Four DNC Congresswomen Get Trump Condemned For Suggesting They Return Home If Hate America

  1. Maddie's mom

    The next civil conflict inches ever closer.
    Or has it already begun?

  2. Tom

    Pssttt…3 of them are native-born. Just in case u didn’t no.

  3. Ken

    Tom @ 2

    Trump is apparently now aware of this, and has changed his message to simply “leave if you hate America so much.” This is reminiscent of the Vietnam War era slogan of “America, love it or leave it,” when there were so many anti-America protests and demonstrations in the streets. Including protests and demonstrations by Elaine, the host of this blog.

  4. Moe

    Don’t Take The Bait – from Automatic Earth

    Excerpt: “(Trump’s) strong if not vicious attacks on the 4 women are aimed straight at Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden, plus all the rest of the centrist Dems. Trump is calling them out. So they will have to either end up supporting AOC and co, or they will not.

    If they don’t the Dems are seriously split. They might have been anyway, but Trump makes it impossible for them to keep hiding that. He forces Pelosi et al to either stand behind AOC et al, or to leave her alone, as Nancy was sort of trying to do last week by saying (paraphrased) that “they are just four women”.”

    And Trump Tweets Ignite Firestorm — On the Right – PJ Media

    Excerpt: “Going back to Powerline, Steven Hayward conceded that while it might have been best to leave the Dems to their own infighting, “Trump’s animal instincts come into play here.” He believes that “Trump has now forced Pelosi and every other Democrat to come to [Omar/Tlaib/AOC’s] defense, elevating their profile further and cementing them as the authoritative face of the Democratic Party.” He wondered, rhetorically, “What’s the downside of that?”

    And: “The man practically tweeted himself into the most powerful position in the world, and his seemingly ill-measured tweets deserve a more measured response than he got today from some of his supporters.”

  5. timothy carroll

    “65-year-old Dr Sarah Attal-Halimi was brutally beaten and thrown out of a window by 27-year-old Kobili Traoré, an African migrant from Mali, on the 4th of April 2017 in the Belleville district of Paris. ”

    Please forgive me if I don’t shed a tear over a member of the (((tribe))) being bitten by one of (((its pets))) LOL!!!

    As far as America goes, Love it or leave it, as a citizen of European descent, I’d love to go back to Europe, if “Europe” still existed. It is now occupied by the same smelly, stupid, backward folks who are immigrating to America in droves. Where am I supposed to run to? The (((tribe))) has set itself into a small cunt-ry (sic) where nobody else is allowed to enter. The Donald even “gifted” them Jerusalem – wasn’t that nice of him? While he’s on his knees for Binny, maybe he also swallowed. Who knows?

    It all comes back to the old saying, something like, “whatever you send out will come back to you three fold.” For America, laying down with the (((tribe))) has ensured that we have a good, old fashioned, case of the fleas. Until you eradicate the (((problem))), the symptoms will not go away.

  6. Floridasandy

    Tom, they may be “native born”, but they surf bitch a lot about America,
    Is that what we have to pay our reps for now, whining about America?

    Are you on board that train?🥺

  7. Floridasandy

    We are really the last free speech and free thoughy country in the world
    Hopefully, the liberal fascists can’t drag us down 😍

  8. Zeke

    Who is more of a whiner than Trump. He whines about the free press. He whines about investigative journalism. He whines about and tried to discredit any investigation into himself or his now defunct charity or his multiple bankruptcies, or his paying hush money to his hoes. He whines about BO playing too much golf then plays more golf than BO.
    When it was his time for military service, he cowardly paid a doc to say he was unfit. Now he pays a doc to praise how fit he is. As Cohen testified, Trump exaggerated his wealth when he wanted a loan and simultaneously hid asset values from tax assessors.
    He shirked his military duty; hasn’t paid federal income taxes for the last eighteen years which is why he is desperate to keep his tax returns secret.
    If he’s that unhappy – he should leave.

  9. Three of these females who hate America were ‘born’ here by foreign moms who came here to exploit job opportunities. Their daughters ended up being very privileged and sneer at us and tell us to go to hell, they hate us for letting their moms into the country.

    Thus, my desire to see these four return ‘home’.

  10. Melponeme_k


    1 – When did Trump ever whine? He is a braggart and a rough speaker but he never whined.
    2 – What investigative journalism? Hasn’t been such a thing in over 20 years at least. As far as I can remember, it has always been yellow journalism directed at people who the Bilderbergs want taken out.
    3 – Most entrepreneurs experience losing a business and having to declare it bankrupt. That is the nature of the game.
    4 – You don’t understand business and how golf is an integral part of doing deals. Especially for the New England, Mid Atlantic, South Eastern elites. Believe me, in NY people start to wonder if your company doesn’t host or attend Golf outings. All presidents have to go Golfing at some point. Besides Trump plays at his own golf courses and writes it off as business.
    5 – Find me an elite that went to Vietnam and actually saw service on the frontlines. There are some shady stories going around about John Kerry and any others who claim they saw action. And John Kerry is a witch and probably has his own skull at home which he speaks to on a regular basis.
    6 – Asset claims. You really don’t understand business in NY and how rapacious it is.
    7 – Find me an elite that doesn’t have an overseas, non-tax account on an island of the Devil Queen. Find me an elite that doesn’t put their assets in a trust fund to shield the in-country funds from taxes. FIND THEM. I’d be mighty surprised if you found an elite that pays full taxes.
    8 – Trump is home. This is his home. The witches screaming about the US are the ones who should go home to their failed countries of origin. The muslim ones in particular would NEVER be allowed to be in government in their original countries nor speak against it. They would strangled in the desert and left for dead. AND THEY KNOW IT!

  11. Lou

    9–AOCs folks are PRs. PR is part of USA, yes?
    Ocasio-Cortez was born in The Bronx, New York City, on October 13, 1989 to Blanca Ocasio-Cortez (née Cortez) and Sergio Ocasio in a Catholic family.[12] She has a younger brother, Gabriel Ocasio-Cortez.[13] Her father was born in the Bronx to a Puerto Rican family and became an architect; her mother was born in Puerto Rico

  12. Melponeme_k


    PR is a Commonwealth, and territory of the US. It is NOT THE US. But due to being a territory they can leech off of US taxpayers via welfare.

    Cortez is a Converso Jewish descendant with bloodties to the Bettencourt family. She is an elite trog baby who grew up in Westchester and went to elite schools.

    The father is scrubbed and his company looked like a front for something else. Did he really “die”? His estate went to probate and the family fought a long time for it.

  13. tio

    Question: Does being born in a barn make you a horse?

    Or a horse’s arse ..
    “It’s impossible to read this mounting pile of credible evidence without wondering if Ilmannered Imam was, perhaps unknowingly, implicated in education and immigration fraud, and whether, perhaps unknowingly, she was married to two men at the same time.”

    You can take the Octagonal Cotex out of PR .. but can you can’t take Agent Orange away from Zionism.

  14. Why are people so unable to understand deportation? I KNOW FIRST HAND. I have been deported! DUH. All the whining about this bothers me. Why has not one person said to me, ‘Gee whiz, YOU were detained and deported? Wow.’

  15. shawntoh

    I’ll have mine with a Gang of Four Cheeseburger to go with everything on it, including coffee and fries and ah cheeseburger…

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