DNC Anti-Semitics Cheer As They Attack Trump For ‘Racism’

Trump roils the left.  They think we won’t notice the far leftists in Congress yelling about fascist America while they plot openly to impose destructive communist policies on the rest of us via invading illegal aliens who are told, they will get endless free socialist stuff which the rest of us will pay for, all they have to do is storm the gates and get in! Voila!

The mainstream media is hard at work pretending Trump is evil and the Gang of Four (Mad Madame Mao’s reincarnation in America) is good.  They want Trump to retreat on dealing with the illegal alien Congresswoman who lied about her status in order to break immigration laws.  So she turns around and attacks Trump, Israel and America again!  HAHAHA.

So, who wants to kill all the Jews?  Trump, whose family is half Jewish or Omar who hates Jews and wants to kill them?  Easy answer but for Senator Schumer who is 100% Zionist but who plays with fire with Omar because he wants to incinerate Trump, this is truly a deal with a billion devils, isn’t it?

It is fascinating watching suicidal Jews who can’t figure out the dangers of playing with fire.  Oy veh!  So, pro-Israel Trump is a ‘fascist’?  HAHAHA.  So is Senator Brainiac Schumer!  Schumer and his insane and evil buddies think they can turn off the anti-semitism once they get rid of all the pro-Israel conservatives…and history is clear about this!  Duh.

Hollywood has gone now totally Hollyweird.  They are shape shifting all white male heroes into blacks or women or in special cases, black women like the specimen below.  I found this new photo of her which shows her very poor carriage, her extremely ugly garb and as always, that dead staring, emotionless face.

This awkward, stiff female is very masculine.  Note in the picture (and the part I cut off is the same) all of them are very stiff.  The lone male actor who is slated to be retired/killed and thus, replaced, has his hands in his pockets and he is careful not to touch these toxic creatures around him.


007 is double dead now.  So is women’s sports.  The male invasion is intensifying.

The above fake female is even uglier than the ‘actress’.  Below is a very evil female who doesn’t understand male anatomy:

Note the smug, sneering posture of this poseur.   She thinks she is very clever.  I hope when she goes to hell, the demons force her to sit in excruciatingly uncomfortable chairs while being forced to watch old James Bond movies.

Ilhan Omar To Be Deported? Video Exposes Tax, Marriage & Immigration Fraud

Yes, the female so beloved of the far left is in legal troubles.  She is a recent immigrant relatively speaking.  She hates America.  The left loves her because they, too, hate America.  Meanwhile, a supporter of Trump online is being doxxed like so many others:

CarpeDonktum Gives Up, Retires From Meme Making?

Do note the mainstream media is OK with this.  They say nothing or they cheer it on.  They feign outrage at every little word anyone else says, while supporting outright terrorism, vicious threats and doxxing, etc.  All that is OK!


Well, it is not OK.  And it will lead to tremendous violence in the future when millions of gun owners get too pissed off at how out of control the communists now are as they take over our dying cities and turn these into socialist hell holes.


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12 responses to “DNC Anti-Semitics Cheer As They Attack Trump For ‘Racism’

  1. KHS71

    When you are reduced to just calling someone a name, then you have no argument. This is the main approach by the left. Very few pay attention to it anymore. She must be virtue signaling the left because the right sees right through her. She thinks she is morally superior to others due to her color.

  2. tio

    “Names is for tombstones baby. You all take this honky out and waste him, ok?”

  3. Melponeme_k


    More disgusting stories about Dalton School.

  4. Petruchio

    “Well, it is not OK. And it will lead to tremendous violence in the future when millions of gun owners get too pissed off at how out of control the communists now are as they take over our dying cities and turn these into socialist hell holes” Truer words could not be spoken. This is going to be a really bad thing. A lot of innocent people are going to suffer. Once the violence starts, who knows where it will go? Or end?

  5. AT

    Hollywood fails

  6. tio

    “Well, it is not OK. And it will lead to tremendous violence in the future when millions of gun owners get too pissed off at how out of control the communists now are as they take over our dying cities and turn these into socialist hell holes.”

    Who, pray tell, whacked these cities, Eh? They certainly look like crime scenes, except the perps effed off in a getaway muck spreader of debt.

    I’m thinking Pretty Woman .. and now I’m thinking something inappropriate. Mel, if you tell me Julia Roberts is a tranny, I’m buying one of those God damn chairs. Maybe drill a hole or two and .. now I’m back to inappropriate.

    Motive, opportunity & means.

    No crime spree, no moonbat mullah-ette and since we’re talking about violence, no false flag drones either. Let’s play connect the dots … AND ARREST THEM ALL.

    I wonder if the young lady selling the chairs would be interested in my teabags, hmm.

  7. Melponeme_k


    Of course, Roberts is a transgender. They are not going to use a real woman in a film called PRETTY woman.

    But look at the “woman” who designed that chair. It is another changeling.

    Look how smug it is, because deep inside it resents that it had to castrate itself or was made to castrate itself for success. If the pars aren’t missing then it lives its life duct taping its parts to its backside.

    Only a deeply hateful and self resenting person could “design” such a chair.

  8. tio

    Oh Mel, it’s been a rough couple of years. All of those starlettes opening their mouths and completely ruining my most sincerely felt lust. What is a boy to do?

    Ok, not a boy so much as an old, overweight, bald, limey with bad teeth and rotten guts, but you get the picture. But I shall soldier on .. in my new capacity as ‘tranny chaser’, as I believe the common vernacular would define it.

    It’s not easy being a fairy when you’re fifty.

  9. Moe

    A chair to prevent man-spreading. This will become a hallmark for me in the progression of insanity in our culture. There will be more…

  10. Petruchio

    One thing needs to be noted about the “chair” designer and her Fellow Travellers. They are waging not just a WAR against White males, but an even bigger source of their hatred and venom are: WOMEN. In particular HETERO Women with a special emphasis on White, Hetero Women. I have always found it hard to believe that Hetero Women would identify with/support the LGBTQ movement. Don’t these Hetero Women realize the furious HATRED members of the LGBTQ movement have for them? This rage the LGBTQ movement has towards Heteros should be too obvious to need pointing out. It’s the same thing as if a Black person wanted to join the KKK or WAR, the White Aryan Race. This explains Hollyweird’s fanatical zeal with putting Trannies into Women’s roles. It explains the LGBTQ’s lust to allow trannies into (previously) female sports. People need to wake up and ignore the LGBTQ movement when they scream that you are “homophobic and/or ‘insensitive’. Let’s start calling the LGBTQ types HETEROPHOBES. Which is what they are.

  11. Melponeme_k


    They hate heterosexuals of any race, really.

    Funny video on US Soccer woMENs madness.

  12. Petruchio

    2Mel: You got that right about how they hate Heteros of all Races. That’s because they believe that they are a Master Race and everybody else is a ‘Mongrel Race’. They out Nazi the Nazis in their belief of a Master Race. An amazing level of delusion on the Hollyweird leaders and their cohorts elsewhere. None of these games they play would get anywhere if the masses had at least a decent, basic education level. If people didn’t believe everything they saw on TV, these goofy Elites would have been run out of town, thoroughly discredited.

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