Kathy Zhu, Chinese Christian Student, Punished For Refusing To Wear Hijab And Mentioning Black Crime Statistics

The moves to destroy our schools via censoring and silencing all debates, the open persecution of conservative students by howling mobs of leftists allied with conservative Muslims is very destructive.  In today’s case, an organization that hands out ‘beauty contest’ prizes was pressured by both to remove these due to the winner being Chinese and a conservative political activist on campus.  Also, the far left wing of the Democratic Party in Congress is pushing to punish anyone who are ‘Islamophobic’.


‘Islamophobic’ is communist talk for ‘alarmed about Muslim radicalism which is responsible for massive violent events such as the 9/11 attacks on America.’  We are now supposed to support the invasion of the US by armies of Muslims who come here openly saying they hate us and want to destroy us.  A number of Muslim terrorist attacks since 9/11 were done by recent Muslim immigrants as it is also happening in Europe.


In Europe, Muslims demand entry and then commit terror attacks or just regular crimes and many leech off of the social welfare systems causing governments to crash.

The Chinese American beauty queen became entangled in the Muslim anti-women net when she published a picture of Muslim students selling this idea that hijabs ‘free women’ instead of enslaving them.


The ‘women’s movement’ aka, the Pink Hats have gone schizoid lately.  They now scream that hijabs are ‘freeing’ females, not enslaving them at all!  This is utterly insane.  Women risk being killed, imprisoned and abused very viciously in all Muslim countries.  Instead of fighting this, the leftists in Europe and America embrace this and tell us, it is good to do this!  I am not surprised, this is pure Maoism at work.  Erasing individuality is a Maoist goal.


This battle of Muslims against Kathy Zhu began nearly two years ago when she declined an invitation to wear a hijab:

If this student who is complaining was wearing a proper Saudi hijab, she couldn’t complain about being seen.  Furthermore, the photograph that so offended the Muslim student shows them wearing coverings including huge very dark sunglasses so the only features shown are the nose and mouth so identifying them as individuals is nearly impossible. So the claim that the photo discomforted the females is a lie.


Here is the original story from 2018:


“I was walking to class today and I noticed this booth, and it was, I think, hosted by the Muslim Student Association,” Zhu recounted.  “The booth had a banner, and the banner said ‘try on a hijab, and we’ll give you one for free,’” she elaborated. “So I took the pictures. I posted it on Twitter, and I explained my concerns and my views about what’s wrong with this booth in general.”


“There’s a ‘try a hijab on’ booth at my college campus,” the tweet begins. “So you’re telling me that it’s now just a fashion accessory and not a religious thing? Or are you just trying to get women used to being oppressed under Islam?”


In retaliation, the Muslim mob on and Muslims off campus joined in attacking her and trying to get her expelled for arguing with them.


In a series of follow up tweets, Sukkarieh then called upon her Twitter followers to email UCF and demand that Zhu be expelled to demonstrate that “ignorance will not be tolerated on my campus.”


These flash mobs work all too often.  In this case, it didn’t work but it did intimidate the victim:


Sukkarieh subsequently elaborated that Zhu should be expelled because “she is putting Muslim students, especially those wearing hijab, in danger,” adding that Zhu is “illiciting [sic] violence and is a danger to those on campus that are easily identifiable as Muslim.”


Here is Zhu’s reply:

Here is the university’s statement:

The students who tried to get fellow student expelled for zero reasons were not investigated or punished:

I agree, the Muslim student organization targeted a student and tried to get her thrown out of school for absolutely nothing.  This also caused other Muslims to threaten to kill Zhu, too.  Muslims love to pretend they are a minority when planet wide, there are over a billion Muslims.  This is ridiculous.


Muslims have succeeded in getting liberals to include them in the list of ‘protected minorities’ and like blacks, use this to forbid us from discussing terrorism and crimes committed by both populations which have considerable overlap.

Radical communist activists like Elizabeth Warren joins with these radical Muslims to attack all citizens and to prevent protecting us from terrorists and criminals.

Note that a Somali immigrant lectures us about ‘patriotism’ and she, from the party that supports dissing the American flag, turning backs on the National Anthem, stomping on the flag after winning sports events, etc.  She and her anti-American buddies are very emboldened by mainstream Bilderberg media giants.


These fools think we want a country that hates itself!  They imagine most Americans want the country open to all invaders and waving our flag is a crime to these criminals.  They want to destroy this country and the way they run some of our former manufacturing cities shows us that crime and crushing poverty is their goal.


Here is Warren, who is running for President, talking about her brand of communism:

Wall Street is roaring along, more Americans and lots of aliens, too, have jobs now.  So she is going to fix this and fix it good in classic communist style.

Sigh.  The floods this year are due to global COOLING.  It is not getting warmer.  I do say, we are getting some hot weather in the next few days, it will be as warm as normal in summer here!  Wow.  So far this year, it has been quite cold and very wet.


The far left loves the ‘global warming’ BS.  They see it as an opportunity to crush the working class via destroying modern civilization.  My parents saw Mad Madam Mao up close and very personal many years ago.  This monster nearly totally destroyed China.


These lunatic leftists want to destroy America the same exact way.


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22 responses to “Kathy Zhu, Chinese Christian Student, Punished For Refusing To Wear Hijab And Mentioning Black Crime Statistics

  1. Zeke

    Why did Congress suddenly change its ‘no headwear’ inside chambers rule? That almost 250 y. o. rule should never have been changed.

  2. https://www.infowars.com/aoc-calling-people-communists-associated-with-white-supremacy/

    The Gang of Four in Congress now want to forbid us from calling them correctly as ‘communists’. To tell anyone that people spouting communist dogma ‘this is racism’ is a great tool to disguise their true political leanings which is…Maoism.

  3. tio

    “Wall Street is roaring along, more Americans and lots of aliens, too, have jobs now.”

    I have a bridge for sale.

  4. Zeke

    Elaine is like the Dox Equis beer guy. ‘The most interesting [wo]man in the world’.
    You name it; she’s done it.

    The Trump economy reminds me of Wimpy cartoon character: “I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger I eat today’.
    He has created huge deficits by his tax giveaways to the rich and corporations.
    The enormous Trump national debt is the worst is the history of the USA.
    In supposed good times you’re supposed to pay down debt, not add to it.
    The national housing crisis worsens. The homeless and shelterless populations are soaring.
    No one in MSM is talking about this.
    Trump’s business MO is that he’s a ‘bankruptcy artist’. No special genius required to goose the economy by putting everything on the credit card. Wimpy-like: let somebody else pay for it – later on. The Dumbocrats and the Repukeinacans and now looks like the so called Fed Reserve are all ‘enabling’ his dysfunction.
    We’ll pay for it; the people who benefit will not.
    Repukes and Trumptards are in denial and Dumbocrats are just too dumb.
    Shouting ‘look over there at the commies’ is a great and ludicrous distraction in a plutocratic theft economy disguised as crony capitalism.


    ELAINE: I am just two months away from being 70 years old. I had a very long and very rough life, living on the edge of destruction for many years. I am also a survivor. BTW, two hours before a thunderstorm last evening, I ran outside to tell everyone that lightning was coming and my hair was standing on end. Everyone laughed until the storm came roaring in as I predicted. Living a rough life leads to sharper survival skills.

  5. Lou


    national housing crisis worsens. The homeless and shelterless populations are soaring.
    No one in MSM is talking about this.

    Media = leftists who support moving more people here.
    USA population was 190 million in 1970 or so.

  6. Zeke

    It used to be that the homeless and shelterless populations consisted mostly of people with substance abuse problems and unemployed.
    Nowadays those populations – many of them – have jobs. Some have more than one job. They still can’t afford shelter or a home.
    So yeah, take your own advice and wake the F up yourself, ya know it all; know nothing dope.

  7. There is a ton of housing! But not in CALIFORNIA and other goodie handout places. Much of our inner city housing lies in ruins due to being used as a dumping ground.

  8. tio

    Wrt Senator Warren, how in heavens name is talking about the abuses of Leveraged Buy Out operations ‘communist’? OK, her conclusions speak of her financial illiteracy, but this seems to be a failing of the entire ‘left’. One of the more frequent consequences of LBO activity is the offshoring of jobs, maybe she has more in common with the Donald than we suppose.

    For heavens sake, unregulated finance has become extractive, abusive and a downright strategic liability. And no one wants to do a damn thing about it.

    I am going onto the garden to eat worms, so there.

  9. Petruchio

    “Note that a Somali immigrant lectures us about ‘patriotism’…” She is quite the ‘Patriot’ herself, isn’t she? Now if she were a real Patriot, she would stay in Somalia and fight in Somalia for those freedoms she claims to value. But, she knows better than to try her sh#t in her birth Country; her opposition would kill her. Physically, not figuratively or politically. Of course, this is what happens to a Political Party–the Democrat Party==when you cater to illegal immigrants. Let them vote in Elections. Give them HUGE EBT benefits. Housing subsidies. Let them drive cars without needing to have insurance.

  10. lou

    Much of our inner city housing lies in ruins due to -uh- Minorities.

  11. Zeke

    Could some people here be relying on out of date information?
    You can walk the five boroughs; it’s safe now. Probably not at nite. And there’s some places I won’t go.
    But many inner cores of cities have been revitalized and gentrified. Just sayin’.

  12. HAHAHA…probably NOT AT NIGHT, eh? I ran patrols in Brooklyn, we had day patrols and night patrols. I and a big black guy who was a plumber, we ran the night crews.

    Most of our arrests were at night. I know very well how violent and out of control Brooklyn was in 1980.

  13. LOU

    I guess my NYC 1970s was different than yours.
    7th avenue, 9th street, Blkyn.

  14. 7th Ave 9th Street back then was ITALIAN. And was barely hanging on, go to Grand Army Plaza to watch the gun battles!!! NYC always has ‘safe’ neighborhoods and none of these were black. I lived right off of Flatbush Ave with Bed-Sty literally across the street. It was highly dangerous back then.

  15. Lou

    Jim R –14..I dont get it. The building was to be co oped? Sold as a building for that price?

  16. Lou

    15–7th avenue and 9th street.
    There was a restaurant on the corner [1979].
    I knew someone who worked there. It laundered crime [drug?] money.

    next door was a natural food store owned by a couple.

  17. Moe

    Hong Kong IS China. The protesters have it all wrong, their only recourse is to leave. China will eventually do whatever it takes to overwhelm any resistance, though it may exert its force judicially.

  18. Wrong. It will be very violent. Another Tiananmen Square event.

  19. Lou

    20–Life is all too cheap in Asia.

  20. Melponeme_k

    A lot of prime real estate in Hong Kong. Especially Victoria Peak. I once had a friend whose family owned a house in that area. I bet communist officials are just dying to requisition and “communalize” that area…for themselves.

    Ultimately there is no difference between far right and far left. It all ends up being mass poverty for the masses and insane wealth for the top families. Plus they get to violently suppress and peasants who start to protest.

    It is just feudalism under other names.

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