Marxists Take Over All Liberal Schools Using ‘Identity Politics’ And ‘Hate White Males’

Society for Classical Studies is now a Maoist organization that is destroying history and replacing it with identity politics.  Even the slightest deviation from modern Maoism is rigorously eliminated.  These globalists intersect with each other across the planet especially in countries that continue to go ‘communist’ such as China.  The professors in America are now selected for being anti-American and anti-modern society.  They all push for eliminating modern systems using ‘global warming’ and ‘sexism’ and ‘racism’ as tools to undo modern civilization.  At a university run meeting, a female professor who disputed facts with a panel of communist professors was kicked out of the conference for ‘wrongspeak’.


The comments to the above video are interesting starting with this famous quote from a book written by a pedophilic professor in Victorian England who had many insights into the strange minds of people who have powers:


“When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’ ’The question is,’ said Alice, ‘whether you can make words mean so many different things.’ ’The question is,’ said Humpty Dumpty, ‘which is to be master — that’s all.” — Lewis Carroll “Alice in Wonderland”


The chief tool ‘liberal’ (communist) professors use today is to strangle normal speech and force anyone in academia to use convoluted speech which features awkward sounding phrases and words to describe simple things like ‘mother’, ‘father’, ‘illegal alien’ etc.  The idea is to simply destroy and annihilate the entities via killing normal language.  Famous writers have discussed this in books for the last 200 years.


It is nothing new.  The imposition of this sort of indoctrinated abuse of normal language is deliberately destructive.  These people want to have social chaos.  Instead of having organic growth of language, they impose draconian language rules and punish people severely for breaking academic/communist language rules.  They fully intend of doing this to all society in the long run, thus preventing any political changes since no one can talk about physical reality anymore unless they are put in prison for violating language rules.


Our Founding Fathers were very much aware of this!  So they put in the First Amendment in our Constitution and this has prevented language controls for over 200 years only the online businesses like Google have decided to impose language controls on us, claiming they are merely a ‘service’ and a ‘business’ and have a right to dictate what we can or cannot publish online.


This is a gigantic battle which has only begun: Trump is aware of this goal by Maoist communists to control all human languages via removing people from any access to any public systems of communications if they violate a huge number of HIDDEN language rules.


Every day, the Maoists running our country ban citizens for life from their various platforms for ‘language violations.’  These are never, ever explained.  Only vague reference to ‘wrongthink’ is mentioned if anything is mentioned at all.  Europe already is locked down with absolutely no ‘citizens’ allowed to say anything at all online about the Muslim invasion there, for example.


Here in the US, we are greatly restricted by our own fake ‘mainstream’ news from learning about chaos in all DNC-run cities with ‘minorities’ running literally riot frequently, attacking citizens and stores, looting them, knocking them out, etc.  When this news is reported, the reporters have to hide the fact that it is aliens or blacks or whoever running riot.


This vital information is hidden deliberately and thus, we have no ‘free speech’ here if any speech giving real information is censored this way.


Below are some comments by You Tube visitors discussing this professor (sic) who is attacking our First Amendment and who orchestrates the banishment of any other professors who debate her on the issue of destroying First Amendment rights in our Universities which are now Maoist hell holes.


Nunayoor Bidnez


 Any movement (the leftist professors) this toxic and corrupt is going to destroy itself. It needs a never ending supply of heretics and transgressors to punish, or it loses momentum and identity. Academia has become a Salem, and the search for witches has become fanatical. When the white men have been banished, the white women will be banished. Then the Asian men and women will be banished. Then the remaining men (including gays, trans & blacks) will be banished. Then the East Indian women will be banished. You see how this works?


It never runs to the end, what happens is, the original ‘good groups’ in revolutions are ruthlessly annihilated by the winners of the revolution and the new, neverending dictators then impose brutal controls on language, money and political power.  And they do this to keep the ‘masses’ on their side.  That is, NO minority benefits when there is a ‘revolution’.


Here is another comment: the professor (a FEMALE) who argued against the white MALE professor who is a communist, was kicked out for daring to question the communist professor.  I know this very well.  Berkeley back in 1970 would punish anyone who dared to ‘wrongspeak’ and writing a pro-dead cop editorial was considered ‘triggering’ with these leftist lunatics.


Alfred Therien:


OMG!!! She was only making a point about merit, using a specific—clearly non-accusatory—example to emphasize her argument. He actually called her a white supremacist! How can these people be considered scholars, when they can’t event follow the simplest logical sequence? I try to stay away from emotional posting, but honestly, I’m absolutely appalled!


Yes, these ‘professors’ are illogical.  They certainly are ‘ideological’!  This makes them very dangerous people because they will physically attack anyone who disputes them when they are lying.  I decided to go to the home base of this communist organization disguised as an intellectual global organization, the ISSS.  Just call this ‘Hissss’ like a snake in the grass which is what this communist operation really is.


The ISSS/IS is having a huge meeting this fall to discuss how to control humanity while at the same time, spying on us and censoring us:

Call for Proposals
Annual ISSS/IS Conference
18-19 October 2019
Sié Chéou-Kang Center for International Security and Diplomacy
Josef Korbel School, University of Denver
A Transformed Security Environment?


Program Chairs: Deborah Avant, David Goldfischer, Julia Macdonald, and Paul Viotti


The liberal order’s crisis and what it will bring is generating as much debate as the order itself has.


The exploitation of cyber technologies to challenge Western power and democratic values is exemplary: the cyber age has created a new terrain for both politics and conflict.


These fake professors are furious that mere citizens can access the public forums to dispute with the professors and their political handlers.  They have silenced citizens across the planet but the US remains a tough nut to crack thanks to the First Amendment.  These communists are very angry that citizens, mere ‘nonpeople’ can sue in court when Google or Facebook, etc. ban them for no reasons except vague ‘wrong words’ which are never explained.


Some view Russia and China’s exploitation of cyber tools to weaken Western states as a return to geopolitics. But evidence that parties within the US and Europe also use emerging technologies to undermine democratic values and institutions suggest a more complicated reality.


These ‘parties’ in US and Europe using ’emerging technologies’ are supposedly ‘undermining democratic values’ by arguing with fake liberals who are really communist radicals.  This is very verboten.  No one is ever allowed to argue with these ‘academic’ (sic) creeps.  In their enclaves, these creeps punish students who argue with them and if necessary, chase them out via by egging on other students to be physically violent.


The cyber age has transformed boundaries between state and society and complicated levels of analysis. At the same time, it has added new layers of complexity to deterrence, defense, civil-military relations, and war-fighting (even as we have traditionally understood them). It has eroded protections once offered by geography and time, and has enabled novel forms of attack that erase boundaries between the military, economic, and political spheres. Not only do cyber tools present their own challenges; strategies for addressing long-recognized threats such as nuclear proliferation, new weapons systems, terrorism, and power transitions are also now more difficult.


Citizens using the internet to share information is like nuclear warfare for these Marxist Maoists who infest compuses across the globe.  These insane people hide the facts about all communist societies: these are very brutal regimes!  In Europe, no one can discuss this openly anymore because they become a target of vicious harassment by ANTIFA ‘students’ who get to wear masks while attacking citizens.


These are protected by these professors who censor anyone trying to communicate information these creeps wish to hide, for example.  Today, right now, politicians on the left say that ANTIFA is not a violent gang who should be put in prison.  Nope, they say, ‘I don’t see any intimidation or violence at all.’


Cyber technology is only one example of transformation, though. Alongside it sits a host of others that simultaneously mount new challenges and complicate longstanding global issues. These include climate change, resource scarcity, mass migration, and other emerging challenges. And, of course, all of these challenges also intersect and interact with one another. How should we understand this changing security environment?


While we welcome proposals on subjects long familiar to the field, we are especially interested in those that address, or are informed by, the broader questions posed by challenges that transform the security environment – or not – and how to manage the complexities introduced by accelerating change.


One of the clowns in this Bilderberg-built organization is David (Jewish) Goldfischer.  Not Goldfinger, Gold Fishing.  He has this editorial screeching at Trump being a Russian agent which shows how utterly insane this ‘professor’ really is:  ‘David Goldfischer: George Orwell and Why the Time to Stop Trump is Now’ amusingly shows us how this man is an Orwelling Newspeak lunatic. . This editorial was published by this strange ‘professor’ just two months ago!


Until Germany invaded Poland in 1939, there was room for wishful thinking regarding Hitler’s plans. Current defenders of the American Republic, by contrast, confront the “obvious and unalterable” fact that an assault has already been launched. The Mueller report puts in front of our noses Russia’s “sweeping and systematic,” interference in the 2016 election, its perception that “it would benefit from a Trump presidency,” its work “to secure that outcome,” and the Trump campaign’s expectation “that it would benefit electorally from information stolen and released through Russian efforts.”


Everyone able and willing to distinguish facts from lies has witnessed Trump’s brazen cover-up of Russia’s attack. He has never named or denounced the aggressor, while depicting the investigators as traitors who used a hoax to attempt a coup.


These ‘investigators’ are the Mueller and the army of Democratic tools he hired to try to frame Trump.


Orwell did not live to witness the liberal complacency that set in following defeat of the 20th century’s totalitarian movements. Nor could Orwell have imagined the new dangers posed by the cyberage. The treasonous implications of presidential indifference to Pearl Harbor or 9/11 would have been obvious to all.  Our “cyber-Pearl Harbor,” by contrast, inflicted grave damage invisibly and non-violently, enabling its perpetrator and chief beneficiary—Putin and Trump—to deny its occurrence. Demagogic big lies can now metastasize through the body politic with lightning speed.


This fake professor doesn’t allow comments on his screeds.  HAHAHA.  People savage me here daily thinking I am stupid and they are smart.  Good, good, show the hate!  Anyways, he is a coward, unable to debate with real people.


AND… System Chancellor Tony Frank released a statement the same day as Lamborn’s tweet, saying the document “was never intended for use by students” and that it is “NOT official policy or required to be read or followed by anyone.”


Representative Lamborn was the only federal lawmaker from Colorado to speak out on the topic. Campus Reform contacted each of Colorado’s six other members of the U.S. House of Representatives, the state’s two senators, and former Gov. John Hickenlooper (D), who is running for president, but received no responses in time for publication.


More news about the communists at Oberlin College who attacked a bakery after black students who were robbing the store, were punished:


Oberlin College, after being ordered to pay $25 million in damages to Gibson’s Bakery in a defamation lawsuit, now has to fork over an additional $6.5 million in attorney fees and court costs, a judge ruled on Wednesday.


A liberal judge cut the award but the lawyers got to force the school to pay them a pretty penny.


The multi-million dollar sum will be distributed among three law firms that helped represent the family-owned bakery, which alleged the college defamed its reputation by spreading false information about a 2016 shoplifting incident involving three minority students, all of whom later admitted guilt. Krugliak, Wilkins, Griffiths & Dougherty, Tzangas Plakas Mannos, and James N. Taylor were the law offices included in the judgment.


The school not only lied about the criminal students but also orchestrated demonstrations against the victims in order to drive them out of the town, too.  Punishing crime victims for reporting crimes is…a crime.  It is also pure evil.  And this is how liberals operate these days.  Telling the truth about them also gets mobs howling and screaming for destruction, for example.


Here is the utterly unrepentant school officials who still think they will win some prize via not understanding their own crimes but justifying these in the name of ‘equality’.


“We will take the time we need to thoughtfully consider the course that is in Oberlin’s best interests,” Ambar added. “I am confident that when we resolve this matter, it will look substantially different than it looks today…We are disappointed in the jury’s decisions and the fragmentary and sometimes distorted public discussion of this case. But we respect the integrity of the jury, and we value our relationship with the town and region that are our home. We will learn from this lawsuit as we build a stronger relationship with our neighbors,.”


How to build ‘stronger relations with neighbors’ when one is unrepentant for harassing and trying to destroy the neighbors?  It is of course, utterly insane.  The ‘distorted public discussion’ was the school egging on students into attacking an innocent business who protected their property from student thieves!  Incredible!


What a Humpty Dumpty world these people live in.


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9 responses to “Marxists Take Over All Liberal Schools Using ‘Identity Politics’ And ‘Hate White Males’

  1. Lou

    Identity Politx = ?

  2. Ken

    The suppression of free speech has been going on for a very long time. Forty years ago I was enrolled in an “elite” law school (ranked in the top 5 nationally). In a seminar taught by the dean of the law school, the topic of discussion turned to affirmative action.

    The dean (a liberal), mistakenly thinking that in an academic setting even a controversial topic could be discussed in a free and open manner, dared to ask if affirmative action was a good policy. Specifically, none, zero, of the minority students admitted under affirmative action were doing well. Would these students have been better served by attending a less competitive school?

    Two minority students were in the seminar. They were immediately on their feet, shouting him down. Stating that such a topic cannot even be discussed, and how dare he bring it up. To my shame, I sat there quietly and did not defend him. He backed down, and the topic was not discussed. Free speech took a beating at the hands of political correctness, even 40 years ago.

  3. Petruchio

    I have been saying it for years: the best way to neutralize these Maoist/Cultural Marxist idiots is to defund them!! Eliminate ALL sources of funding for these deadbeat freeloaders. If they want to go around spouting their White Race, white Male hating philosophy, make them do it on their own dime. If that ever happens, their little Cultural Revolution is going to die a quick death. And these Maoists/Marxists know it to be true as well!! This is why they are so intolerant towards criticism or opposing views. Well one of the reasons. You see what happens when someone is brave enough to stand up to them. These people deserve applause, but it isn’t enough.

  4. Elaine,

    Excellent as always and I’m reminded of the advice of the late Ernest Tubb that some of the folks you mentioned might just want to consider, and, that is this–

    “If you want better neighbors, be a better neighbor.”

    Maybe we could attempt that– What say ye?

    However, I have to admit, ET was a white man from Texas who played C&W and I’m sure that’s just not p.c. enough right now.

    … Oh well, so let’s go with Charlie Pride then, in the meantime, he might be more acceptable(?) and I’ll leave it to him to sing a song while we patiently wait…

    Meanwhile I’m hard at work…

  5. AT

    If we can’t say black, brown or yellow, then why can we still say white?

  6. Zeke

    Don’t fear ‘the commies’.
    Fear the so called “Federal Reserve.”
    Mischief more dangerous than any ‘commies’.

  7. timothy carroll


    They’re all the same (((tribe))) . Ssshhhh…..we’re not supposed to notice that “The Donald” is in complete cahoots with them. No, you won’t hear it here. After all, Israel is our Greatest Friend in the Arab World t.m. pat pend 1948

    Sleep well, dear goyum (sic)

    Israel LOVES you…..they really DO……..honest!

  8. Ken, if you did speak up, you would have been beaten up when going outside after the speech. They would then yell that they will kill you. This is why I left Berkeley. I was VERY loud and PUBLISHED, too which drove the lefties nuts. So they resorted to assassination on my doorstep, killing a young cop. So…the police couldn’t protect me and I was in grave danger, too. I moved to Tucson where I could have access to guns and kill anyone on my property if they invaded.

  9. In NYC people could and did ring my doorbell in order to threaten my life. I finally had the cops entirely on my side so I could deal with them. Berkeley? Nope. No protections at all.

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