Remembering The Last, Hottest Heat Wave of 1934

July 20, 1934 New York Times lead page which is all about labor unrest due to the Great Depression and the ‘huge heat wave’ which was the hottest heat wave in the US in the last 800 years.  Note that the democratic governments that ‘won’ WWI deliberately cut back on raw goods imports into Germany after Hitler was elected.  It was an attempted economic coup coming in the very middle of the Great Depression which was suicidally stupid.


This radicalized the German people.  It made Hitler, heading a minority government teetering on the edge of being removed, into a hero.  It cemented the Nazis into power.  Today, we are having a heat wave as is normal in July that is nothing very bad compared to the much hotter heat wave of 1934.  It is being advertised as hotter than 1934 via using the ‘heat index’ rather than ‘temperature’.  So, comparing the heat/humidity index with the temperature index means adding another 15 F degrees to the present temperature to haul it closer to the actual heat of 1934,


That heat wave caused lots of deaths back then.  Note the ‘price fixing’ story whereby the NRA, a socialist program tried by FDR, fixed prices so they would not fall.  Note the other top story at the NY Times in 1934:  50 strikers were SHOT by GUNS in order to break a strike!  This was in Seattle, not Chicago.  Note, too, how strikers in California lost after a huge battle there.  Minneapolis striking truck drivers were suppressed after being SHOT by police when the truckers did a convoy.

All the blame for WWII is dumped on Germany and Japan but both were violent due to economic forces which they tried to control via conquest of neighbors.  But there was no peace nor love in any country in the hottest summer in nearly 1,000 years.  History’s pot was boiling over that summer.

In 1968, I was the only human on earth trying hard to get into East Germany.  Back then, I asked to visit East Germany and got permission to go there.  I was delighted to go but foolishly gave a speech in Nüremberg just before leaving, talking about Operation Paperclip and my determination to go to the secret caves in East Germany in order to retrace my father’s steps there during WWII.


So I was immediately arrested and deported.  East Germany was a police state with the entire country an open prison.  I have direct experience interacting with a total police state because I made a number of phone calls to East Germany and argued with the government there including finally telling them, they could not stop me coming over to visit and be even more annoying.


All socialist states end up police states.  This is the only way they can maintain power.  Once into office, they cling to it and due to incompetence and a refusal to understand human nature and reality, they destroy democracy in order to maintain their police states.


Below is a blast from my own past in Brooklyn: I took over 6th Avenue and brought in businesses saving the street while one block over, leftist radicals fought hard to stop fixing up the place and leave it a slum:


Old housing dies unless it is restored by renovators.  Leftists love slums and want to keep slums slummy.  The South Bronx was nearly totally destroyed by liberal housing rent controls.  The poor got to stay in deteriorating housing while actively looting and burning down these neighborhoods.  The Fifth Avenue Committee are and were when I fought them, outright communists.  They also threatened my life until the 78th Precinct cops went after them for this.


When I began  personal work designed to save NYC, whole communities under ‘rent control’ laws were burning down like crazy.  Housing was vanishing and being replaced with nothing due to high crime.  When crime was suppressed, value of vacant lots rose!  Isn’t that amazing?  Piles of rubble where once there was housing: this was liberalism at work.


Well, the radical leftists are turning back the clock.  Why did Congresswoman AOC fight to stop jobs in her district?  Because her voter base are welfare leeches!  They don’t want ‘community’ they want handouts.  But ever her own base, the working poor, are turning on her due to her actions killing potential jobs.  I finally fled Brooklyn due to bad schools that to this day, remain unfixable due to leftist communist ideologies about how to run schools.


They are pushing hard, nationally, to wreck all schools totally.  This is key to power: make it impossible to think or do anything, just be a good political robot and keep the Rulers in power, obey Big Brother or else.



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5 responses to “Remembering The Last, Hottest Heat Wave of 1934

  1. Petruchio

    “They are pushing hard, nationally, to wreck all schools totally.” They have been doing this for some time now. Decades even. The people wrecking everything they get their hands on know full well that an educated populace is never going to submit to the Government being taken over by people masquerading as “Socialists” . Or sometimes they might–as they do in the USA–call themselves “Neo Liberals”, or “Free Marketers”, or “Globalists”. Why bother with trying to label these people? The Kraut guy in the video seems like an intelligent man, but he’s wrong about East Germany being Socialists. Socialist is about as valid a name for those Berkeley radicals and the East German Government as calling the American MSM as “Fair and Balanced”. The East Germans and the Soviets had a “Truth Ministry”. Everybody knew they were lying about everything. What East Germany was is a DICTATORSHIP. And a Dictatorship is what our Rulers here in the US of A want to impose as well. It’s just gonna be a ‘coalition’ type Dictatorship. The Banksters. The corporate Lobby. The Israel Lobby. And some others. If they come right out and call it a Dictatorship people will fight against that so they have to put up all sorts of smokescreens to hide the Evil Reality.

  2. Petruchio

    Here’s a You Tube video that points more to the direction the Rulers are really going:

  3. Zeke

    The people living there were homeless. They weren’t shelterless; they had shelter in the form of rental units. But they were homeless in that they did not own the dwelling where they lived – it wasn’t a ‘home’. Often times owned by slumlords who did not maintain the building.

    There were landlords who wanted the tenants out to break the chain of occupancy by rent stabilized and rent controlled (and other schemes) renters. They couldn’t legally evict them so they made the tenants’ lives as miserable as could be to make them want to leave by excessive unnecessary noise, constant construction and renovation on adjacent units, and dust, turning off the water, turning off the heat.
    (Constructive Eviction). Landlords flirting with violating law and ordinances to get tenants out. Good people left, elevators inoperable …… in a downward cycle, leaving space for squatters and drug ‘shooting galleries’. Eviction and Ejectment by landlords overwhelmed police and courts.
    In extreme cases there were landlords convicted of hiring thugs on contract killings to murder tenants.
    There was a lot of bad blood between landlords and tenants. A lot of arson and trashing of buildings. Cement down the toilet, electric wires and plumbing pulled out for scrap.
    Some buildings were reputedly burned down by landlords for insurance purposes.
    It’s not a simple picture of good guys vs. bad guys.
    Landlords were struggling to economically survive because the rent stabilization and rent controlled apartments did not keep up with the currency debasement (they call inflation) instigated by the so called “Fed Reserve Bank”.
    Typically it’s the wage earner workers and savers that are screwed by “The Fed”. In this scenario, it was the landlords because they were collecting rental income in devalued currency and the landlord’s cost were not commensurately stabilized or controlled.
    That was “Fort Apache, the Bronx” era of whole city blocks in ruin.
    A lot of ingredients went into that mess: overcrowding, homelessness, poverty, mass immigration from the Caribbean, mostly Puerto Rico and Hispaniola with their different cultural norms, laws that didn’t account for debased money, national chaos due to Vietnam war, etc.
    Not nostalgic at all for any of it.

  4. Petruchio, ALL communist regimes are dictatorships.

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