Liberals Go Nuts All Over The Planet Earth, Schizophrenia Runs Rampant

This event was in Estonia which was once part of the Soviet Union.  The title of this monstrous ‘work of art’ (insanity) has a title: ‘No “But” can be used as an excuse.’  Excuse me, the butt here is inexcusable.  This female is probably one of the ugliest in Estonia if not all of Europe.  Also in the news: as always, cities and states run by Democrats also have populations attacking the police and citizens, nonstop while the DNC sides with illegal aliens nonstop.  Also, DNC run cities feature racist leftist black politicians attacking citizens for ‘racism’.


Extreme leftists are utterly insane.  I know, I was one, once.  Now, the uglier the female or male, the more they want to be ‘in your face’ and strip down and act as if they work in a cheap dive, only they do this in the middle of the day, in the middle of the street or inside buildings where the public goes.  This insane need to be ‘in your face’ all the time is very disgusting and never denounced by hysterical leftists who scream nonstop about how evil sex assault is.


This lunacy of being sexually wild and assaulting us with dirty stuff is tied into this fake neo-Victorian hysteria about being sexual.  This is outright insanity, the very definition of ‘schizoid’.  This is why I am firm that the left is truly insane and should never be in charge of any social systems.

I went looking for pictures of art in the past that matches that ‘artist’ in Estonia.  This statue is thousands of years old from the last Ice Age, this Venus is lovelier than the ugly ‘artist’ in the above pictures.

Below is an old Watson video about ugly feminists that is very funny:

The far left loves illegal aliens.  Even as foreign flag waving mobs invade America screaming about how they hate us, the left struggles to pretend these invaders want to become citizens and not overrun everything and recreate the horrors of their home states:

Chicago is Obama’s home base.  Chicago, like all liberal hell holes, struggles to attract police recruits.  Even when they do gain police recruits, these often leave shortly for safer white communities.  This is due to the flood of illegal aliens who move to the big cities to collect big money from liberal governments.

When I lived in NYC, the first thing I did was cultivate the local police so they would work with me and not against me.  We successfully cleared out nearly all crime in my neighborhood which went from being a burned out slum to one of the highest income neighborhoods in Brooklyn.  Now, my former neighbor, Di Blasio, is reversing everything Giuliani fixed and is systematically destroying NYC all over again.


Crime is shooting upwards, the police are under sustained attack with a number of them being killed since Di Blasio won his election using illegal aliens to tip the votes in his favor.  NOw, the new population in the city are openly attacking the police, pouring huge buckets of water on police repeatedly.

One of these vicious attackers turned himself in once he learned the cops were after him.  This attack was in Brooklyn, not Harlem.  The disrespect for ICE and the attacks on police are connected.  The DNC runs on a platform of hating authority and replacing this with social and political chaos which is why even very rich DNC places like San Francisco or Manhattan are turned into stinking, messy, violent hell holes when run by Democrats.

So, assaulting a police officer is OK.  The gangster is let loose so he can continue to be a violent, hostile inhabitant of this once-great city.  Meanwhile, a group of young white males in the deep South: Three fraternity brothers at the University of Mississippi have been suspended by chapter officials — and are possibly facing federal charges — for taking a photo in front of a bullet-riddled sign honoring slain civil rights icon Emmett Till while holding a shotgun and AR-15 semi-automatic rifle.


So, throw the book at someone if the ‘evil doers’ are ‘white dudes’ but just let them go free if they physically attack cops, if they are DNC supporters who are ‘minorities’.  More news about DNC cities allowing physical attacks on cops this way:

So this began in Atlanta, Georgia.  It will now spread to all DNC-run hell hole cities.  It is now officially a ‘fad’ for the criminal class.  Since no one is punished, it will get worse and worse just like ANTIFA attacks in these very same hell hole cities.


None of this is front page news at the worst newspaper in America.  The only story the NY Times which is in Manhattan, was a generic ‘Associated Press’ story instead of the common ‘We hate Trump’ stories that infest that disgusting newspaper’s headlines daily.  This story is a back page story and has zero reporters assigned to it.  Below is the NYT front page with the usual crud:

HAHAHA.  Still carrying the ‘Russia hack of the election’ fake story to the bitter end.  What an utter failure of a newspaper.  Yes, individuals in Russia tried to hack the election but so did lots of other people who also failed which is why Trump won: no one succeeded in ‘hacking’ the voting.  We did have the usual DNC ballot box stuffing in places like Detroit.  No one on the DNC side wants to examine that sort of crime.


Now on to another DNC politician who lies all the time about everything:

A second newly released video shows a police officer’s body cam as he interviews Sparks and witnesses to the row.   That shows an onlooker at the store confirming to law enforcement that Thomas used the racist phrase and not Sparkes.


Sparkes is shown in the video being very loud and very aggressive just like she was at the press conference she hosted.  She also slashes with her arms and hands to be even more ‘in your face’ in the video as well as at her press conference.  Her attempt at pretending to be a helpless, feeble female is falling flat on her face.


The store employee says: ‘She said that to him. “You can go back to where you came from” to him. He just kept calling her ignorant.’   The witness added that Thomas kept ‘running her mouth’ as she approached him but added that she ‘didn’t walk over to them to intervene until they started getting very loud’.


It is obvious that she ran after him, not the reverse.  And this is a problem for the DNC: every time they make a claim about ‘racism’ it turns out that the DNC gang is racist, not citizens interacting with these lunatics.

So, a memorial to a dead police officer who was a Christian, is verboten due to the need to erase all signs of Christianity in America as well as Europe while at the same time, ordering everyone to allow Muslims to do the same things.


Puerto Rico’s next governor will be investigated over claims she refused to probe the mishandling of hurricane relief after trailers of spoiled goods – including food and medicine – were found abandoned more than a year after the island was devastated.


The text message conversation took place a month after Puerto Rico radio station, Radio Isla, posted a video of rotting donated goods inside about 10 trailers.


The shocking images of cases containing food, water and medicine covered with rat and lizard droppings provided additional ammunition for President Donald Trump’s attacks against the U.S. territory’s leadership, including Rosselló, who became the first leader of Puerto Rico step down before completing the term in office.


This island votes nonstop for the DNC.  And it is very corrupt.  These go hand in glove, as always.


He was forced to quit following 12 days of demonstrations after the July 13 release of 889 pages of a private chat with 11 aides – including a couple who were not part of the government – which contained incendiary remarks about gays, local politicians and constituents, including victims of Hurricanes Irma and Maria.


He resigned not for running a crummy place but for making fun of the liberal voter base.  All the top ‘liberals’ do this behind the backs of their voter base.  It is no surprise.


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6 responses to “Liberals Go Nuts All Over The Planet Earth, Schizophrenia Runs Rampant

  1. Kerry

    The result of allowing foreigners into the military as mercenaries.

    These people should be tried for treason than taken in front of a firing squad. This nonsense would than soon stop.

    Leftists eating their own.

    Note the name of the guilty party.

  2. Kerry

    Incidentally, The showcasing of real female bodies as something horrible and ugly is a mind control narrative. All women will have some pudge, some more than others. The ones that don’t are Trannies. The media is teaching everyone to idolize the bodies of castrated boys as the epitome of female beauty. So that real females are then shunned.

    Fat on the female body is A SIGN OF FERTILITY AND THE ABILITY TO BIRTH CHILDREN SAFELY! THAT is why the ancients carved that goddess as a voluminous. They are saying this body gave birth, it is bursting with life giving powers and creativity.

    The witches are inverting this piece of art with the travesty you see at that “art exhibit”.

    Something to think about…did you ever notice that Watson has no adam’s apple? Hmmmmmm.

  3. KHS71

    I don’t remember this type of field trip when I attended school in the ’60’s. We went to the art museum and to orchestra concerts but nothing like this.

  4. I am for friendly chubs, not whales.

  5. Kerry

    This is it y’all! The non-feminist dream girl next door. Don’t mind the 5 o’ clock shadow. She went blind you know. But hey, he isn’t fat, fatty fat like those real gals.

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