All Leftist Democrat Candidates Abuse Their Own Workers

The virtue signalling Democrats keep crashing and burning.  As all of the DNC candidates uniformly want workers to have higher wages, their own staff are being stiffed and told to work for free or low wages.  This is typical of all things the DNC demands.  For example, they uniformly believe we will roast to death if we consume energy products.  Meanwhile, these same people do exactly that in much greater amounts than the average American.  ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ is their motto.


What is scariest here is, the entire DNC voting public who mainly live in our messed up cities, support all this and don’t want to hear about how their own leaders don’t practice what they preach.


Democrats Accused Of Exploiting Campaign Staff, Hypocrisy Over Low And Even NO Pay For Staff. The latest in the democratic party’s labor disputes is Elizabeth Warren who is accused of exploiting low level staff into working for free.


Poor Tim Poole…he continuously and correctly calls the shots when liberals lie.  He goes after them in a wonderful way…then he backtracks and supports these same crooks.  He defends ‘liberalism’ without understanding how liberals are a false front operation to hide the real monsters in the room: Maoism.


We also have another story about how Democrats are using deceptive accounting techniques to appear richer on paper and delaying pay to campaign staff in order to do it. Lastly, Bernie Sanders is accused of firing three staff members for legal organizing practices.


Bernie Sanders is an open communist.  And true to type, oppresses and abuses his employees.


The take away is clear, Democrats from centrist moderate, to far left are seen as hypocrites for trying to look good while exploiting or underpaying their staff.


Yes, indeed.  All leftists are hypocrites.  Any examination of the history of any and all communist nations show the same results: dictatorship and wrecking all economic systems leading to mass starvation.


As a moderate what do we do? DO we ignore this because “orange man bad?” or do we speak up and demand a better party? If Warren and Sanders are in on the take then what do we really have? Who do we vote for?


Tim is funny.  He now calls himself a ‘moderate’ but will vote for the far left or other fringe people.  He also asks, ‘Who do we vote for’ now?  HAHAHA.  Vote for Trump!  Duh.


It seems that from labor to social justice these politicians simply seek to maximize their returns by saying what they think people want to hear. But when it comes time to take action they are exposed as hypocrites.


It is very sad watching this young radical drown himself, anchored by chains of ideology that pretends it is all about freeing people when this leftist ideology is all about enslaving people.  Now on to a radical religious fanatic leftist who wants to destroy civilization:

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar and her husband Ahmed Hirsi -(together right) the father of her three children – have split, has learned exclusively. Omar left her legal husband and has moved into a penthouse apartment (inset) in one of Minneapolis’s trendiest neighborhoods.


Note how she is, like all the far leftist lunatics who get some loot, wants to move into an upper class white community with low crime.


Hirsi has been visiting the apartment but only when she is out of town. The news comes as critics are demanding Omar to answer questions about whether she married her own brother in a successful bid to get him into the US.


Omar first married Hirsi in an Islamic ceremony in 2002 when she was 19, but six years later they divorced. In 2009, Omar married Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, a British citizen, who has been identified as her brother – but this has not been proven. Omar then had a third child with Hirsi in 2012 and in 2015 she filed a joint tax return with him – even though she was still legally married to Elmi. She finally divorced Elmi in 2017 and married Hirsi in a civil ceremony the following year in 2018.


This female who has a wild personal life wants to dictate to all of us, how to be ‘moral’ and ‘upright.’  Like all radicals, she firmly believes in one set of rules for herself, that is, do as she pleases, while the rest of us have to live by her crazy rules and have no rights at all and have to obey her at all times, or else.


This is classic communism.

She and the fake liberals are pushing very hard the storyline that whites are dangerous and blacks and Hispanics are safe.  So why do all these clowns flee their own hoods when they get any money?  One would think they would all move to Detroit!


Now on to dying England, Tommy Robinson is in prison but this time, isn’t being brutally abused, just normally abused:

Tommy is actually in communication with Assange in prison, they talk via the halls letting sound pass from one level to the next.  Tommy is allowed one visitor a day in this prison.  But the prison is ‘short staffed’ so he gets far fewer visits despite requests and this is an excuse since he is supposed to qualify for a visit a day.


The government can’t run things properly due to being hammered by an army of invaders from elsewhere in the world, many of which want to come to England to mooch off of the State.


England is leaving a mess in Asia as Hong Kong, a mini-colony set up 200 years ago, is being forcibly integrated into communist China:

They are demonstrating today, yet again with the Chinese government growing impatient with all this and perhaps moving relentlessly towards another Tiananmen Square event.

Gangs of thugs attacked demonstrators and went after them when demonstrators tried to go home.  So violence is growing.  More groups are demonstrating against the government’s deportation plans.  This shows how the issue of population shifts are impacting the world.

What is funny here is, ‘communist’ China is not communist.  It is a dictatorship of the economic elites who are capitalists.  How funny.  It has no civil rights or freedoms.  This is how it uses communist images to control the masses.


Notice how India demands the right to control its own borders and prevent anyone from entering illegally.  Meanwhile, they want to invade everyone else who have ‘open borders’.  This is true across the planet earth: many, many nations don’t allow open borders while wanting to roam free to other people’s countries.







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23 responses to “All Leftist Democrat Candidates Abuse Their Own Workers

  1. Lou

    Send her back to negroland.

    Note how she is, like all the far leftist lunatics who get some loot, wants to move into an upper class white community with low crime.–Classic.

  2. Petruchio

    Lou: it’s the same thing with education. All these Democrats think the Public School System is great–for the soiled masses. ALL these Political Wh#res send their kids to the most exclusive PRIVATE schools they can get their kids into. It’s kind of amazing to me that no one calls them on it.

  3. timothy carroll

    Our only hope, with members of CON-gress like Omar, and Occasional Cortex, is that their rabidly anti-Jewish fervor takes hold with a large swathe of their followers, and the (((tribe))) eventually gets run out of this country the same way that (((they))) have been chased out of every country (((they))) have infested over the past few thousand years.

  4. I was Mrs. Levy for many years. Antisemitism is as bad as any other racist ‘ism’. Not all Jews are liberals. Many Jews rise in the ranks due to big brains and we will see this with Asians, too. My grandson is half Chinese/half Jewish/Northern European. He is very bright, too.

  5. epictetus

    ems: “I was Mrs. Levy for many years…My grandson is half Chinese/half Jewish/Northern European.”

    So you may not be objective on the so-called “jewish question.” (Not really a question at this point.)

    @ Timothy, as I’m sure you know, antisemitism, racism, etc. are weaponized words invented to be used against us. Treat accordingly.

  6. Lou

    Can we discuss Jews and offer facts?
    I understand that millions of Jews are related, due to their fore-bearers being 5 people. yes 5 people. I read this in the mainstream.

    BUT those 5 people lived only 3-600 years ago.
    Todays Jews are not descendants of Moses and his tribe.
    they trace back to Khazar’s, a crime family of 100-200 from maybe a few 100 years ago.

    5–I agree. marxist jewish terms. he who controls the terms in debate wins.

  7. Petruchio

    @#4 Elaine: Wow!! You talk like an Enabler for the ADL Crowd. We aren’t talking about real racism. We’re talking about Jews who scream “Anti Semite!!” at the drop of a hat. Jewish people who evade any and all criticism of Israel and Jews by playing the Victim card. Elaine, that’s what we are referring to and you know it!! Contrary to what you seem to think, there is NOTHING Anti Semitic about criticizing Israel OR Jewish people. But some Jewish people constantly hide behind the Anti Semitism “flag” to get their way in a debate and/or to respond to any valid criticisms. Time to end that little luxury Jews have.

  8. honeybagder don't care

    There are plenty of crooked Jews no doubt, but scapegoating won’t solve your problem. Also, how is wanting to run US citizens out of the country not “real racism”? (I hope you paying close attention here Elaine, you give me shit for criticizing your boyfriend in the White House and other minor stuff but I am your best friend compared to some of the crazy nonsense on here).

    And how are you going to run (((them))) out of the country? By turning the USA into every other country (((they))) have been chased out of?

    Because a government than can run (((them))) can run YOU out! For example, do you think the white pure bloods at the Skull and Bones give a shit about you?

  9. epictetus

    Honeybag-der don’t notice patterns…

  10. honeybagder don't care

    Let’s get rid Italians, you know because of the Mafia.

    I find that most people that whine about “the Jews” would jump at the chance to be filthy rich; in other words they have no problem with capitalist despotism per se they are just miffed that someone else is more successful at it.

    The main pattern to notice is how the Real Power (Elaine’s relatives) set up the Jews to take the fall over and over again and Jews and goy alike keep taking the bait: for example, after you and the rest of the mob have had your fill of Jewish blood, who do you think will be left running things? You?

    Bottom line: “armed America” isn’t going to do crap to protect liberty. They are going to sit around and whine until the collapse, then kill a bunch of Jews before they bow down before their True Masters.

  11. I keep noting that no one learns anything from history. Thus, the Gods are endlessly entertained.

  12. epictetus

    @#10: You have by implication attributed the following to me, assuming you were responding to my comments (#’s 5 & 9): that I am “whining,” that I want to get rid of all jews, that I want to be rich and am jealous of the jews because they are successful at it, that I want to shed jewish blood…

    I won’t bother answering those points, because I never made them in the first place, not did I “whine”, not on this post or any other. (I don’t recall anyone else doing so either.) So this is not rational discourse.

    If you are given to reflection, you may ask yourself who you are arguing with, when you raise those claims.

  13. timothy carroll


    I believe it was I that Honey was addressing me after I wistfully said that I’d like to rid the country of Jews. I know, of course, that this is impossible, especially due to their chameleon type of character (white when they want to be/have to be/ separate when they are safe). And no, I don’t consider myself to be superior to any other race, just better at some things (IQ) and worse at others (athletics) than negroes or Asians, etc. etc.

    But you are right. Arguing about how we got into this situation is something that is carefully avoided when anyone raises the “J” question. After all, if one doesn’t understand the problem and where it came from, how does one go about correcting it? Or, in other words, are you going to get mad at the roaches entering your home at a mad rate, or are you going to focus your attention on who is pouring them into your home every moment you’re not looking? Or do you want to keep on ignoring the fact that your house is filled with cockroaches?

    I suppose Honey chooses the latter. Just sayin’.

  14. That is pure racism and antisemitism. Most sites ban people who express this. I let racists and anti semites to argue here because this is an important debate and censorship doesn’t fix anything.

    I was Mrs. Levy for many years. My grandson is half Jewish/half Chinese. Like many Americans, I, too, am ‘mixed race/religion’. Believe it or not, mixed populations actually are more energetic and creative.

    The problem isn’t mixed groups it is PEOPLE NOT MIXING forming communities that don’t support everyone else, only themselves!!!

  15. Moe

    @14 EMS

    Excerpt: “The problem isn’t mixed groups it is PEOPLE NOT MIXING forming communities that don’t support everyone else, only themselves!!!”

    You just made the case for those here (and elsewhere) who resent Jewish influence.

  16. Lou

    off topic. 9 11 wont go away,

    See complete story at:…

    New York area fire commissioners have called for a new investigation into 9/11, claiming that “overwhelming evidence” of “pre-planted explosives…caused the destruction of the three World Trade Center buildings.” The Franklin Square and Munson Fire District outside of Queens, New York made history by becoming the first legislative body in the country to support a new investigation into the events of 9/11, according to Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

  17. Yes, people are going crazy. And they just can’t believe massive jets flying at high speeds can cause terrible destruction on poorly designed buildings. I find this all very sad but it is normal human behavior.

  18. honeybagder don't care

    Good grief, people have been dis-invited and then censored here for “irritating” Elaine. It’s happened to me, although eventually some of the offending comments and my ability to post were reinstated. But Elaine has censored people here under the guise of enforcing civility before. Usually for pointing out that she has more in common with the Bilderberg gang than meets the eye. Perhaps she is blind to this, just like the racists here seem to be blind to their own hypocrisy.

    It seems like most of the commenters are rabid racists and/or “bombs in the buildings” loons.

    Obviously, I don’t care.

  19. timothy carroll


    Indeed. And I also don’t care. The “R” word is rapidly losing its power among many, many whites. The dems throw it around and scream it at everyone who notices black dysfunction and Zionist control. So many of us are embracing the “R” word, as in, “Well, yeah….I guess I must be rayciss. I’m also damned tired of being abused!”

    That being said, this is Elaine’s forum and a modicum of respect to her is always due. She provides an open forum here and I appreciate that greatly. I certainly don’t mean to offend her or anyone else on this thread. Elaine has openly admitted to her “elitist” family history. I believe you are correct when you state that she might have a bit of a jaundiced eye when describing events. We all have a certain prejudice when we look back on our own brutal histories and origins. I don’t take what she says as gospel at all times, but I do greatly value her opinion. I also appreciate that she is truly liberal in allowing us to vent on her thread.

    Let’s all throw some shekels in her cup! 🙂

  20. honeybagder don't care

    Elaine, for example, notices black dysfunction and Zionist control in a regular basis, but she doesn’t advocate running all the Jews out, for the same reason she doesn’t advocate running all the Italians out. See the problem?

    In other news, apparently we’re all terrorists now:

  21. timothy carroll


    Once again, I didn’t advocate for it. It is an utterly impossible mission. There is no way to do it. Wishing don’t make it so. Nobody is going to do it and it wouldn’t work even if they did. I’ll wear the “R” badge proudly. Call me out on that as often as you wish. Soon you’ll see a lot of people like me, proud to wear that “R” badge. Raaycissssssss………………!

  22. I am totally against ‘running Jews out’ because my entire family is half Jewish not to mention some are Asian and some are Indian, etc. We are a MIXED FAMILY which is true of many ‘early immigrants’ to the New World.

    Good gods. I go after the Jewish community to WARN them about being stupid. It is self-survival. I was Mrs. Levy for many years, for crying out loud.

    Humans love ignoring history. A huge paradox in human brains is…the more people study history, the more helpless they are to avoid typical historical messes. Instead, they rush in and double down on copying disasters of the past which is why History is like a wheel: it goes round and round and never stops.

    Humans make the same mistakes over and over again to the immense amusement of the gods and demons. They have to be entertained, I suppose.

  23. Lou

    We are a MIXED FAMILY which is true of many ‘early immigrants’ to the New World.–AND We thought the early pilgrims and settlers were English.

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