Trump Tweets Drive Democrats Insane

The news about the alien immigrant in Congress, Ilhan, retweeting actor Tom Arnold’s tweet mocking fellow Congressman, Rand Paul who was attacked a year ago by a deranged DNC neighbor, should be grounds for condemnation by the House.  So far, every time this African woman does something horrible, Pelosi runs out to the press to say, ‘I don’t see nothin’…’  This willful blindness is making her a figure of mockery in public but then the entire DNC is morally collapsing as they push their twisted morals on us while running wild, themselves.


The Senator had to be hospitalized due to broken ribs.  Acting as if this is nothing is how the left deals with open assault by leftists: it is OK.  Even killing people is OK if one is an illegal alien, for example.  Blacks running riot in all our DNC cities is also OK with the DNC leadership.


The leftist Bilderberg media is very funny now.  They are racing around America, defending Al Sharpton who works for mainstream media now.  Sharpton tried to rabble rouse a black audience in Brooklyn so they would attack me on stage back in 1984.  This is before he became a media giant, demanding an innocent man be accused of raping Tawana Brawley.


Defending this horrible man, mainstream media lies about everything.  When Trump, who is well aware of who Sharpton is and his ugly past, mocked him, the leftists went on full attack mode.

I wish I had a video of when Sharpton attacked me.  Oh well.  On to the rat infested mess in Baltimore: everyone with any sanity knows that DNC-run cities even rich ones like San Francisco, becomes rat infested, filthy, drug infested mess.  So…this month, stating the painfully obvious is now ‘racist’.

I used to joke about ‘the real problem is the six foot tall rats’ years ago.  Now on to the mess created by erasing barriers between male and female on all levels from Boy Scouts to the top US military brass: Last week, Army Col. Kathryn Spletstoser, 51, spoke to the New York Times, repeating her most salacious claim against Air Force Gen. John Hyten


…that during a work trip to California for a defense conference in December 2017, he entered her hotel room wearing exercise clothes, asked her to sit next to him on a bed, reached for her hand, kissed her, rubbed himself against her, and ejaculated on her yoga pants.


She was very specific.  Naturally, this stupid female with zero brains who was promoted entirely due to her sex in order to show that women are great at running military systems…she claims she was ‘raped’ after doing something very stupid.  This infuriates me.  I broke barriers for women in the construction business and not once did I visit any co-workers in bedrooms, ever.  Geeze.


 However, the official investigation report — a part of which was viewed by Breitbart News — showed that an Army crime lab did not identify Hyten’s semen or DNA on the pants she was wearing at the time. It did, however, identify a “mixture” of her DNA and another individual’s DNA who was not Hyten on the pants’ outer left leg.


HAHAHA.  The strumpet was running around in a hotel, having hot sex!  Then claimed an innocent man did it to her.  She was shagging everyone in the vicinity to the point, she couldn’t keep track.


Spletstoser has claimed the sexual assaults by Hyten began in early 2017 and lasted at least through that alleged incident in the California hotel room in December 2017.


GOOD GODS…another sex fiend female claiming she had wild, illicit sex all over kingdom come and after she came in every man’s pants, she has to tag someone Trump is elevating in office to claim he and he alone is a rapist???  Women doing this should be arrested.


During the time the alleged sexual assault was occurring, she came under investigation for allegations that she was a toxic leader.


She is obviously a very toxic human.  She is out for revenge like all the Kavanaugh fake ‘I was raped’ lunatics.  These same clowns go around screaming that women should have illicit sex whenever they wish at the same time they pretend to be fainting virgins.  This disgusts me no end.


Spletstoser has claimed to media outlets that she learned of the investigation into her after the hotel incident, suggesting it was retaliation.


She also lied about this with the press today, claiming it isn’t retaliation for the investigation she is a toxic leader.  It is painfully obvious that this sex fiend female is very toxic and can’t lead anyone, indeed, she is actively destroying the military.  I knew this would happen.  Many women have no sense of honor.  Honor means not flouting sex in front of males where one works.  Note how nearly all female media figures dress like hookers.


Then they scream about men touching them!!!  They are hookers!  Paid to be pretty, they sit there with their legs exposed and crossed while their titties are pushed upwards to shine in men’s eyes.  Yup, all of them terrified virgins when any man touches them.


The Battle of Baltimore continues as the media screams there is no crime or rats running wild in all DNC run cities.  Meanwhile, attempts at controlling our borders so we don’t import more problems continues, on the right:

Leftists cannot see how they cause rat/crime infestations.  Even this guy who insists he is a leftist while pointing out the messes created by leftists:

Tim Poole reveals his innocence and inability to understand what is happening to the world when he declared his hope and wish is for a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.  This already exists and it is run by the richest people on earth working alongside some of the nastiest dictatorships like the Chinese Maoists.  It also has a name: the BILDERBERG GANG.


This poor, very smart young man has blinkers on.  He cannot delve into the dark arts because he wants the dark arts to succeed.  He wants the planet earth to be covered with rat/crime infested megacities dependent upon looting the countryside to maintain chaos inside cities.  Civic controls all shot to hell by the Bilderberg gang is a terrible future for humanity.


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10 responses to “Trump Tweets Drive Democrats Insane

  1. Petruchio

    HaHaHaHaHaHa!!! Elaine and everybody: Don’t tear into Ilhan Omar too much; she’s just doing what MANY other Politicians in D.C., especially Democrats, have been doing for years. Omar isn’t the first to claim to be “fighting for the Little Guy” as a guise to line her pockets!! If you were to put all the crooked Political Wh#res who have served in Congress togethter, you would need a huge Sportrs stadium. Ilhan Omar is a piker compared to Nancy Pelosi. Note all the Millionaires currently in Congress. Or the folks in the Pentagon who work their Pentagon jobs into cushy, high paying jobs in the Private Sector once they leave the Military. Nope, ripping Omar when there are LOTS of people worse than her clouds the issue.

  2. lou

    Tom Arnold, the guy who planned to do an armed robbery to escape Iowa. what a loser.

  3. Pete

    Demo-rats on a Roll !

  4. timothy carroll

    Thanks, Pete, for including this response! I didn’t watch the “debate” live, but did pull it up on line after my dinner guests left (none of whom could stomach it, either). Not surprised to see the Dim-o-crits STILL haven’t got their act(s) together (more gimme, gimme, soak duh rich, mo “muh stuff”, etc.) They just cannot learn from their past mistake. Not in love with Trump, but they’re making this way, way, WAY, too easy for him.

  5. The DNC has declared war on all white Americans. They openly said they plan to loot us and hand over the loot to their followers. So of course, people are getting pissed off now. Duh.

  6. epictetus

    @#1: Can’t disagree with your assessment, but there is not just one issue.
    There is something different, if not necessarily worse at the moment, about the corruption of people from the 3rd World. There’s some quote from a famous man, maybe Rudyard Kipling, but I can’t locate it now, about the corruption and other dishonest behaviors of those who are like me being preferable those of the genetic stranger. Kind of like “the evil you know” vs. the evil you don’t know. If America continues on its present course of essentially open borders and putting browns at the levers of apparent power, we will see levels of incompetence and corruption, at all levels of society and not just government, that we have never experienced, save for those who’ve lived in the 3rd world. We think it’s bad now….

  7. lou

    6–You know history. This looting has been in force since1913.

  8. Yup, we are all going to roast to death unless we embrace communism. HAHAHA.

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