All Democrats Running For President Want To Give Our Own Money To Their Black Voters For ‘Reparations’

The Democrats running for President are handing out goodies like crazy.  They are promising their own voter base a world where the DNC base populations can loot the rest of us due to ‘reparations’ meaning all distant past situations should be fixed by looting innocent bystanders from today.  This open looting expedition is why Trump will win the election.


What is really funny is, even as the DNC candidates want to loot the rest of us so they can give more goodies to their voter base, at the same time the many females in that party are now guilty of usurping all positions in universities, schools, politics, etc.  HAHAHA.  Now, they have to let in more men and ‘minorities’.  The white females who hate Trump and hate the rest of us are now the target of their own political allies.  Good.


Nearly every population on earth can claim some past unhappiness to use as an excuse to steal money today.  There is less than 1% of the population on earth who can claim to be ruling elites for thousands of years.  So everyone else can claim past unhappiness to tax people today, eh?  This is, of course, insane and stupid at the same time.


This will lead to civil wars across the globe, of course.


Here is one interesting example, a WHITE WOMAN demanding we all pay black people, many of whom have been living off of taxpayers for several generations now, more money due to slavery that happened nearly 200 years ago.  And who is to pay?  Why the descendents of Northern fighters to fought to free the slaves and help them!  Like, my own family that was on the North side during the Civil War, for example.

The insane Democrats want to loot the entire country to give money to the population in our DNC-run cities even more goodies because ‘past evils’.  All the much more recent evils done by black riots and looting expeditions: we are not going to get reparations for that!


Right now, black mobs are attacking citizens and businesses in order to loot them.  Then the DNC turns round and tells this population which already has latched onto the public tits, they deserve even more free goodies due to something that happened two hundred years ago.  This is very, very popular with the black community, a number of whom are now people from Africa like the Congresswoman who came here recently and sometimes recently owned slaves in Africa.


This lunacy, to buy inner city votes of freeloaders seeking more goodies, is what the DNC is all about now.  The line of people with historic unhappiness is very long.  Nearly everyone has been a ‘peasant’ or ‘powerless’ or even a ‘slave’ in the past.  Very few can claim being the ruling class (ahem, like most of my ancestors who really were ruling class).


Even if ruling class, like my own ancestors, had to flee the Crown and strike out in the New World using mainly their wits to survive, everyone can jump on the ‘I want reparations for distant disasters’ choo choo train.


For example, the Irish Celts!  Who were once ruling elites, by the way, until my gangster family showed up (we had an estate in Ireland during the Middle Ages, for example).  This ‘reparations’ game is lunacy and it leads to degeneracy.


The Tribes in North America, when they won money this way, ended up disintegrating.  The cultural and economic system they had running when I was a child is long gone and the fracturing of the Tribes is greater each generation.  Either they move up and out or spiral into drunken, drugged hell.  The communities, themselves, are dying.  Welfare props up what is left of the shattered remains.


Here is the example of Baltimore, a city run on attracting rats and six foot tall rats and giving both goodies so they can run riot:

All that black female mayor’s many properties are being searched by the Feds now.  She has been looting the taxpayers for a long time, millions of dollars.  She also wants ‘reparations’ at the same time.  Like Sharpton, she is a con artist.


Now on to another DNC ideological brick wall which they deal with via delusional thinking: pretending men and women are physically and intellectually the same.  All differentials are due entirely to men being ‘sexist’ not women being weaker or not as clever at the very top levels.

Tim is a leftist who keeps stumbling upon truths that jar greatly against his leftist ideologies.  What is funny to me is, men’s brains are bigger than women’s brains which means more men have higher levels intelligence than women, overall.


Due to only half a sex chromosome, men also have fatal weaknesses leading to more men being born with lower IQ than women at the low end of the intelligence scale.  Reality is harsh.  Pretending there is no reality except ideology is dangerous and delusional.


An interesting comment to the video above:

 Chicken Crossroad
8 hours ago
That’s funny you mentioned chess. I’m a professional chess player just short of the Grandmaster “GM” title. I need a FIDE rating of 2500 as my final qualification, but I’m currently only in the 2400s. I find it interesting that a woman only needs a FIDE rating of 2300 to become a grandmaster. Does that mean that if I identify as a woman, I get to automatically become a grandmaster?


Female chess masters play each other.  Only one or two a generation dares enter male contests.  No one stops women from playing chess with men, it is just the vast majority of female players prefer the easier games with each other, not with the harder to defeat, males.


WGMs receive many of the same benefits as regular GMs, such as free entry and hotel at certain tournaments. Some tournaments even offer perks to WIMs, even though many WIMs are no better than the top players at your local high school chess club.


They rig things everywhere to make it easier for women to compete.  Here is a recent example of a very young female chess player who won a game against a higher ranked Grandmaster adult player.  It is rare, not common, for the female to win which makes this news due to rarity:

Her much younger little brother already is a top chess ranked player while playing against the top players in the world.  He is also way ahead of his own sister in rankings, too.  So these genetically close connected players, the male is much stronger than the female.  Both had the same upbringing and training, too.


Yet the little boy can beat his older sister, pretty much easily.  I had to figure out the weaknesses of being female long ago when I figured out how annoying it is to be highly competitive only to discover that boys suddenly, at puberty, take off like rockets, intellectually as well as physically.


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9 responses to “All Democrats Running For President Want To Give Our Own Money To Their Black Voters For ‘Reparations’

  1. Kerry

    I don’t know why Black people and women can’t figure out the obvious. The powers in charge, the ones that coddle them are racist and sexist, philosophically and theologically. This will not change, they have been for at least hundreds of years if not thousands.

    They are pushing both groups into destruction so that when the fighting comes, both groups will be targeted.

    The ones in charge make no attempt to hide this, it is encoded in their self written books, their media and their religion.

    Their token leaders only loyal to the powers and quite willing to sell anybody out for a few extra rubber ducky dollars.

  2. Kerry


    Harrietta and the Mark Man are only having 2 children for the environment! Such a laugh. Never mind that these two children will probably consume energy and resources that will equal a few small countries.

  3. Moe

    @2 Kerry

    Excerpt: “Harrietta and the Mark Man…”

    Methinks you’ve been reading Mel’s posts. 🙂

  4. Moe

    Perpetuated historical grievance only results in a victim mentality, providing little opportunity to advance. Reparations are not the answer, adulthood is.

    On a related note Jim Stone published a listing of murder rates in those American cities primarily inhabited by the Black underclass that would be in receipt of reparations. The data blows away DNC positions on illegal entry, and exposes vacuity of DNC argument for acceptance of these illegals.

    From Jim Stone:

    Let’s go down a list of U.S. cities, to see how far down we have to go to find one safer than the countries these “refugees” are fleeing:
    East St. Louis Ilinois: 113 murders per 100, 000
    Chester Pennsylvania: 85 per 100, 000
    St Louis Mo: 66 per 100, 000
    Gary Indiana: 63 per 100, 000
    Baltimore Maryland: 56 per 100, 000 = El Salvador, Venezuela, Jamaica
    Pine Bluff Arkansas: 51 per 100, 000
    Wilmington Delaware: 49 per 100, 000 = Virgin Islands
    New Orleans: 40 per 100, 000 = Honduras
    Detroit MI 40 per 100, 000 = Lesotho
    Baton Roughe LA: 39 per 100, 000
    Flint MI: 38 per 100, 000
    Bessemer Alabama: 38 per 100, 000
    Petersberg VA: 38 per 100, 000
    Jackson MS: 36 per 100, 000 = Belize, St.Vincent,
    Youngstown Ohio: 36 per 100, 000
    Huntington WV, 34 per 100, 000 = SOUTH AFRICA
    Atlantic City NJ, 34 per 100, 000 = St Kitts
    Saganaw MI: 33 per 100, 000
    Danville Il: 32 per 100, 000
    Fairbanks AK: 32 per 100, 000
    North Charleston SC 32 per 100, 000
    Camden NJ: 31 per 100, 000= Trinidad and Tobago, Bahamas, Brazil
    Kansas City Mo: 31 per 100, 000
    Chicago Heights Il: 30 per 100, 000
    Albany GA, 30 per 100, 000
    Goldsboro NC: 28 per 100, 000 = St Lucia

    ALL OTHER COUNTRIES WERE ON AVERAGE SAFER THAN AMERICA’S 30 WORST CITIES, INCLUDING: Colombia, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Mexico, and even “shithole” Haiti, with it’s rating of a mere 10.

    So what does this clearly say? Obviously, if America’s 30 worst cities are worse than all countries on earth combined except for those listed, the liberals, claiming America needs to take in refugees to “save them from violence” are full of crap, most of the places they will go to in the United States are WORSE than the countries they came from.

  5. Petruchio

    I’m having a hard time believing that the DNC is actually going to force BIDEN on the American voter! All these candidates–except Biden–are a smokescreen by the DNC. This gives the MSM an excuse to NOT talk about “Pedo Joe”. I wonder if these fake candidates feel like the Wh#res they are. This is all the result of Bill Clinton selling out the traditional Democrat voting base: the average American worker. “Where they gonna go?” sneered Clinton. Well, Billy boy. They don’t go to the polls and vote Democrat.

  6. epictetus

    @#1: RE “the powers” plan for the “destruction of women”, I just have one question: since there will be no more women, will we still be allowed sex dolls, AI “waifus” and artificial incubators? Asking for someone else…

  7. Lou

    Marianne Williamson is for looting via repa RAPE tions.
    She is a rich jew. I dont think a lot of people know she is a jew.

  8. honeybagder don't care

    Actually, women play in “men’s” chess events all the time, although there are separate events for women as well. And the WGM title does not pretend to be on the same level as the GM title. In fact, there are a decent number of actual grandmasters that are women, though none are competitors for world championship level to be sure.

    There is a movement to abolish women’s chess events but I doubt it will happen any time soon.

  9. Floridasandy
    Not surprised- in Goldman’s pocket

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