Gillette Loses $8 Billion And DNC Debates Lose To Trump’s Rodent Remarks

‘Get woke/go broke’ hits again: Gillette is being utterly destroyed by their anti-male advertising which they insisted on doing not just once but repeatedly.  Way to go!  Also, we had the DNC debates again last night and this picture sums up how much the DNC hates patriotism:

‘I wan’t paying attention as they sang the national anthem,’ he claimed.  HAHAHA.  He must be the deaf and dumb candidate.  I notice one female on the end of the lineup thinks the heart is somewhere on the throat, two of the middle guys including the communist, think it is around the stomach.  They all look miserable with this song being sung.  Good.


Since the entire DNC platform is ‘who can bring in the most illegal aliens invaders’ this is no surprise to me.  They hate America.

According to the photos, he was NOT SINGING at all.  So he piles on lies just like Biden and Sanders.  To be a DNC candidate for President, one first must pass the lie detector test: if they lie, they are OK.  Tell the truth and you are out.

Meanwhile, in my home state of NY, the GOP is going after the DNC about DNC client populations attacking the police with gallon water containers, putting one of the cops in the hospital.  They want to up the punishment for this to a felony.  Good, I say.

Now on to the latest hysteria by liberals: talking about RATS in DNC run hell holes is racist.  You cannot talk about ‘rat infestations’ because most people immediately think ‘black infestation’.  HAHAHA.  Way to go, DNC=make rats racist.  What should we call these critters?


Furry black scavengers?  Inner city pests?  Still won’t work because everyone pictures inner city thugs.  So the DNC has confirmed this.  We cannot speak about vermin because of human vermin.  HAHAHA. By the way, the science name for rats is…Rattus Rattus.  That is, Rat Rat.  The Romans gave them this name.

HAHAHA.  Now the word ‘infestation’ is now illegal to say because everyone immediately thinks ‘roving games of black thugs.’  HAHAHA.  The real fix is to stop these gangs of black thugs roaming our DNC cities, destroying civilization.  How about them cookies?

The memes are now showing up online and the DNC gang in California will censor these but here is a few!

HAHAHA.  NPR this afternoon, as I left the hospital where my husband is trying to recover from very serious surgery that lasted until midnight the other day, I heard NPR whining about the word ‘infestation’ and how this is a racist word.  HAHAHA.  Too stupid to see they, themselves, made it racist.  They are obviously tools of the Rat Empire which plans to rule the earth and eat everything that sharks don’t eat.


The loan shark community is watching this closely.  Soon, we would be forbidden to say ‘loan shark’, too.


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6 responses to “Gillette Loses $8 Billion And DNC Debates Lose To Trump’s Rodent Remarks

  1. AT

    Funny shot with Tim Ryan trying to get press.
    Didn’t know his name before.
    Now he has 50%. That was the point, you know.

  2. Petruchio

    The whole thing is a fraud! This ‘controversy’ over Tim Ryan not putting his hand over his heart during the National Anthem. That’s where the fraud and lying started. An I supposed to think that these clowns are Patriotic just because they put their hand over their heart while the National Anthem is played??! I didn’t bother watching the “Debates”. Why bother? Programmed, softball questions. Biden probably got the questions in advance. And then to make the point in big, bold letters, the whole thing is a fraud! Biden’s gonna be the candidate and the only reason they have these–23 of them?_ “candidates is so the MSM has an excuse to NOT focus in on Joe Biden’s fitness to run for President. Now the MSM doesn’t have to zero in on Joe Biden the Pervert. The whole thing is rigged.

  3. I think the entire DNC is NUTTY and should find something else to entertain themselves these days. But no, they want to run the country off the cliff, instead.

  4. Moe

    Gillette isn’t the only company hell-bent on self destruction. Check out iconic Harley-Davidson and it’s female COO. This company introduced a battery powered motorcycle, which it recently found defectively charging and at this time is not recommended to charge at home – only at a HD dealer (!). An electric motorcycle: I can see every present Harley owner cringing at this concept.

    HD’s problem is two-fold: one, it’s priced itself out of the market and two, it’s customer base has shrunk with the prime demographic moving into their 60’s and no longer buying motorcycles. HD’s only alternative is to market to Millennial and younger cohorts, who do not share the same degree of affection and interest in big, loud hogs.

    HD will join wagon wheel makers and the steam engine manufacturers in the dustbin of history.

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