Bill Clinton In Monica Lewinsky Blue Dress On Pedo Island Visit

Yes, Clinton did do this and yes, it is news and yes, it is embarrassing news.

We live in this insane world run by lunatics who belong to the secretive international criminal organization called the Bilderberg Gang.  They are insane.  And all the news here is insane and all of my news in this story is attached to this goofy gang of murderous lunatics who are rich and powerful and full of evil intentions, they want to resurrect Mad Madame Mao and Hitler’s brutal rule for all of us, in the name of saving us from ‘climate changes’ that no one can control.


Here is an example of the NY Times lying about history: the creation of lawns is a white racist thing according to the lunatics at that noxious newspaper.


This story is also about ‘climate change’ and how having lawns is evil.  The NYT wants to destroy civilization while all the creeps working for that Bilderberg rag live in big cities.  This is crazy and deranged.


The NYT falsely claims lawns were created by cruel people who forced slaves to cut ‘grass’.  No!  It was created by lords in England who kicked out the peasants who lived on these estates for many generations and replaced them with valuable SHEEP!  I used to raise a flock of sheep and they keep the grass cut much shorter and more evenly than cattle or horses.


Even today, all the Great Estates in England are still groomed by sheep, not lawnmowers.  Today, the leftists at the NY Times are claiming that grooming little lawns is destroying the environment so we must make everything like like DNC-run cities with trash, weeds and chaos.


Back to the great movement to install herds of sheep where once farmers tilled the soil: the Little Ice Age caused a boom in the wool markets.  The Brits sold wool to mainland Europe in huge quantities.  It made the estates profitable.  Noticing how the sheep kept the landscape groomed, the owners of estates decided to decorate these properties in a new style, ‘naturalism’ unlike earlier gardens which were rigorously designed to grow vegetables and flowers.


The NYT has forgotten all about the Russia/Trump trope and now are back on ‘we must save the world by living like in Maoist China’ trope.  The Chinese people, themselves, when given a choice, do not want Maoism!  So why do so many creeps at the NYT want this?  I hate Maoism, myself.

Another police shot in LA slums in California.  Because of this, the head of the NYC police sargeant’s union showed a video of this on his Twitter account and was swiftly punished for this:

We can see the offending video at Colin Flaherty’s video site.


The NYPD sergeants’ union urged members to “pay close attention to every word” of an overtly racist video that the group shared over the weekend — in which an unidentified narrator bemoans “Section 8 scam artists and welfare queens” — before quickly deleting it, The Post has learned.


“Pay close attention to every word. You will hear what goes through the mind of real policemen every single day on the job. This is the best video I’ve ever seen telling the public the absolute truth,” reads an email sent to union members Saturday and signed by Sergeants Benevolent Association president Ed Mullins that contained an embedded version of the video.


The roughly 15-minute video kicks off with footage from a fatal Los Angeles police shooting as someone raps, “Don’t make the blacks kids angry.”


“One of the most astonishing aspects of police work in an urban environment is that almost literally no one has a job,” the unnamed narrator says, descending into one of several racist rants during the nearly 15-minute video.


“A presidential administration succeeded in forever vilifying its nation’s police while simultaneously granting blacks crime as their new entitlement,” the narrator says later.


The video, which was also posted to social media Saturday, was quickly taken down and the union president apologized for the gaffe.


This newspaper like 99% of mainstream media, doesn’t allow comments.  The raw video is OK, the one with narration is the one the Democratic government in NY wants desperately to suppress.  One of the most oppressed people posting information online is the best selling author of ‘Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry’, Flaherty.


He is banned everywhere now by the Bilderberg gang which is why I visit his site frequently.  He certainly makes the Real Rulers angry!  Watching a tough top detective cop grovel and mew at the feet of the Real Rulers in NYC is disgusting.


If I still lived there, I would be down at police headquarters yelling about censoring real information about the desperation of police trying to stop major crimes in ghettos.


Speaking of ghettos, our ‘schools’ are increasingly ghettos, too.  Everything is being dumbed down to help blacks and females succeed via doing worse and worse than white males or Chinese/India people.

American University trains faculty not to judge quality of writing when grading


Asao Inoue of the University of Washington-Tacoma is known for advocating that students should be graded based on the “labor” they put into their work, not the “quality” of the finished product.


The gambit now is to have students toss junk at the teachers and get good grades only due to ‘effort’ and of course, learn nothing.


The training has now moved in-house, according to a faculty workshop taking place Thursday morning.


Do this garbage ‘inside’ the school so no one can see how stupid the students really are.


Neisha-Anne Green of the Academic Support and Access Center and Marnie Twigg of the Writing Studies Program will lead the session, titled “How to Incorporate Anti-Racist Pedagogy in Your Classroom.”


The key here is to dumb down everything to the lowest levels.


The description says the session builds on strategies that Inoue taught in February. It will show participants how to revise course materials so they don’t accidentally promote or reinforce racist practices:
It says that “single standards” for language “kill our students,” and that “grading ain’t just grading.” The director of the UW-Tacoma Writing Center said he would explain how “White language supremacy is perpetuated in college classrooms despite the better intentions of faculty, particularly through the practices of grading writing.”


I used to earn extra money in college, grading essays for professors.  Now, no one will do this.  Stringing up random words will be rewarded so why bother?


He pledged to lay out “labor-based grading contracts” and demonstrate to participants how judgments in the classroom “use a set of White racial habits of language, no matter who the reader is.”
Because CIL works to unveil the power structures behind the creation and dissemination of information, the presenters will lead a discussion, asking participants to consider existing forms of oppression our students engage with, how this is reinforced in the classroom or in research practices, and ways to design the classroom experience to be a more democratic, collaborative, and transformative space.


I love how these Maoists all love the word ‘transformative’ for everything.  This is abacadabra for ‘dumbing down’.

Penn State Professor Demands More Control Over Agriculture Because Climate Change

And the main goal of all Maoists and Stalinists is to starve everyone to death!  ALL communist regimes do this, it is without exception.


New climate change report underscores the need to manage land for the short and long term


August 12, 2019 9.11pm AEST
Chris E. Forest Professor of Climate Dynamics, Pennsylvania State University

In its latest report, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change describes how agriculture, deforestation, and other human activities have altered 70% of the land on Earth’s surface.

These changes are significantly adding to climate-warming emissions. They are also making forests and other natural systems, which can store key greenhouse gases, less able to do so.


HAHAHA…kill agriculture and viola: a billion or more people will starve to death.  See, they found a new excuse for doing this!  Even if we convince these lying bastards to stop starving people to ‘save the planet’ they will cook up another scam to starve everyone like to stop insect control, for example.

And more ‘Google is pure evil’.  Google this month is nearly utterly useless.  It is like pulling teeth to dig up information I know exists.  I test it all the time and it is spectacularly awful now.


Communists always render all systems useless.  This is deliberate.  It is also insane.


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6 responses to “Bill Clinton In Monica Lewinsky Blue Dress On Pedo Island Visit

  1. Zeke

    The news is insane. ‘Our’ elite leaders are sickos.
    Jeffrey Epstein’s gal pal, cohort, procurer is now ‘missing’?
    What does ‘missing’ mean? Fled to a non extradition jurisdiction or in hiding or something more sinister.
    Elaine is right – the news is insanity. And right now – down in Philly – like a shooting war is going on. 30 cops firing their guns. Locals praising cops; thanking cops for keeping them alive. More insanity. It never stops.

  2. Kerry

    Well this answers the question why the dress was soiled. Bill is a gay transvestite.

    He never went near Lewinsky. All a psy-op. Just like Epstein.

  3. Pete

    Communists promote Class Warfare.

  4. Moe

    The portrait of Bill Clinton in a dress is a painting, not a photo. And the representation being broadcast is a photo of that painting, claimed to be taken in Epstein’s home. The dress portrayed is similar to one worn by Hillary.

    Now here’s the pertinent query: would you have such a portrait of an (in)famous man hanging in your house? Anyone who answers ‘yes’ is deeply disturbed. Normal individuals would be repulsed by this, readily discerning it as an aberration. We’re not dealing with normality here…

  5. Zeke

    Thanks for clarifying, Moe. I was wondering about that. Fantasy painting vs. photo vs. photo-shopped travesty.
    Epstein’s hedge fund business model was blackmail.
    His now missing gal-pal Maxwell when feeding the girls used to put out place settings of – knife, fork, spoon and dildo. They were some syck, sex obsessed psychos.
    They still deserved due process – not extra judicial execution.

  6. It looked like a photo when I reported the news. Now we know it is a painting.

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