Bilderberg Gang Cynically Using Hong Kong To Attack Trump Diplomacy

Nancy Pelosi apes McCarthy: calls Senate GOP leader ‘Moscow Mitch’ in classic Red Scare smears:


As I predicted, the Democrats on the ‘left’ are aping the McCarthy Red Scare wholesale, utterly and completely.  We are going into troubled waters what with Asian nations threatening war with each other or suppression of populations like in Hong Kong, the economic war of China versus the US citizens continues with all the liberal Democrats siding with communist China…so many ironic switches going on here!


I love how the utterly corrupt DNC is howling for ‘election security reforms’ when the real reforms, making certain only citizens can vote, are blocked or destroyed by DNC rulers in states where mobs of illegal aliens got to vote and thus, take control away from citizens.  All the DNC ‘vote reforms’ are designed to move all power to DNC high illegal population states like California so they can have a dictatorship.

The Bilderberg elites are Chinese agents.  That is, China has a deal with them, very cynically, one that Sheng chatted with me about way back in around 1986: China was going to offer cheap labor to the capitalists in the West and thus, lure them into China and then take over this insidious way.  I warned the State Department about this but then, President Reagan was doing this with the Japanese already and they bribed him with a massive $2 million bribe which he collected when he ran off to Japan right after leaving office.


The Bilderberg media told Americans, this stunning betrayal was great news because it showed how much the Japanese loved Reagan!  The conservatives were OK with this bribe so all our Presidents since then, have collected bribes this way and this also includes all top government officials and now bribery runs utterly rampant.


President Trump is trying to undo all this, forcing our ‘allies’ to make saner trade deals and dealing sharply with China.  Emboldened by the traitors inside the US and especially the DNC, China is digging in its heels and going to war with us over trade now.


We cannot be passive and let the status quo continue, it is bankrupting our nation!  But liberals want this status quo and the Chinese have bribed quite a few of them to continue basically one way ‘trade’.


The Bilderberg media is pulling out all stops in order to drive Americans into fatal choices that destroy our future.  One of these is the infamous mountain of ‘scientific’ lies about the climate which is being used to allow China to ‘pollute’ the planet with CO2 while strangling it in America and Europe.  The Chinese are utterly delighted with this delusional program and encourage it all the time.


The other thing the Bilderberg gang delights in is making ‘crying illegal alien children’ their big issue.  They cynically abused these children in the same ways in the recent past and not a peep from their media servants about this and then using pictures from the Obama years, plastered these all over the media while claiming falsely, these were pictures from the Trump years.

The Hong Kong deal was between ENGLAND and China, not the US.  The deal with China was negotiated with Britain back when President Clinton was in the White House.  What is happening today isn’t Trump’s fault.  We have no legal right to enter Hong Kong or take over the place.  And this would trigger WWIII which Hillary made clear, was one of her desires during the previous election debates.


While a Chinese spy drove around a top DNC Congresswoman in California, the Chinese also hacked Hillary’s servers to her illegal computer set-up which she put in place so she could evade government controls over her activities and thus, do illegal or even treasonous stuff.


Very powerful people in the US including very rich people, want to betray us to China because the Chinese are making them all very rich!  It is a quite cynical deal.  These super-rich think they can run off from America to their various island resorts and nothing will happen which is insane, the Chinese are tracking them all and will keep control of them in the future.


Silly geese!  I watched the Chinese, when officials were living with me in New Jersey in the 1980’s, I watched them hatch this plan.  I also warned the Bush Sr. State Department of it and this was ignored.


My father did considerable diplomacy inside China starting with the Nixon visit so my family’s involvement in Chinese diplomacy ran along for many years.  No one will believe any of this, who is this strange female online, claiming all this junk?  HAHAHA.  Yup.


From last year’s news about the real scandal of the 2016 election:


A source briefed on the matter confirmed to Fox News at the time that the Office of the Intelligence Community Inspector General was so concerned by the revelation that officials drove over to the FBI to inform agents — including anti-Trump agent Peter Strzok — of the development soon after it was discovered via the emails’ metadata in 2015.


The source said the hack was from a Chinese company, describing it as a front for Chinese intelligence.


The Chinese have lots of computer experts now.  They didn’t have this back in 1980.  This is why they sent many top Chinese to the US back then to go to top schools and pick up knowledge.


In a December 2018 interview with Senate investigators concerning the reporting on the potential foreign hack, Rucker said Strzok — then the deputy assistant director of the FBI’s counterintelligence division in charge of the Clinton investigation — seemed “aloof and dismissive.”


And Strzok didn’t ask many questions, according to Rucker.


Strzok knew what was going on and that this is OK with the Real Rulers who stupidly think the Chinese Real Rulers are their buddies.  The Chinese told me, their goal was to get revenge on the European and American Real Rulers.  The Chinese have not forgotten the rape of China 200 years ago.


McMillian, meanwhile, said FBI employees were “poker-faced” during the roughly hour long meeting about the potential breach, even though both the CIA and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) had “significant equities” in the information contained on the server.


“At first, State fought back against the intelligence community being involved,” McMillian told investigators, before noting that they eventually relented.


McMillian claimed that two State Department employees tried to shield some of Clinton’s emails from disclosure under the “deliberative process” exemption under the Freedom of Information Act — rather than labeling the emails classified.


This sort of sordid activity is happening because it is treason.  I have called for arresting traitors but the DNC is laced with traitors and there are quite a few in the GOP side, too!  This is a super-major problem!  Right now, these gangsters are desperate to make Trump responsible for what is happening in Hong Kong.


Trump has zero diplomatic rights to do anything with Hong Kong.  It isn’t a US ally, it isn’t our territory, the government of Hong Kong isn’t asking for this, the people want us to be involved but our hands are tied.  The diplomacy tied our hands.  The same people screaming that Trump is a warmonger want to start WWIII over who rules Hong Kong!  This is so obvious to me but the mainstream media is pushing for WWIII and that will fix our trade problems with China, yes indeed.


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5 responses to “Bilderberg Gang Cynically Using Hong Kong To Attack Trump Diplomacy

  1. Kerry

    How did Hong Kong turn into our problem? I don’t understand. There is nothing there that we need. There is no reason why we need to interfere with a few an island that is barely the size of NYC.

    Now China is blocking US Naval ships from HK. Why do our ships have to be there at all? Just up the tariffs and embargo.

    As far as the protestors go, this is their fight. In my opinion this should have been done day 1 when the British handed over the island. They all should have known their old ways were at an end.

  2. Mewswithaview

    The US administration has not been able to do diplomacy for many decades now and have resorted to gunboat diplomacy since the Bush I era. (Iraq, followed by Serbia and then the post 2001 events). In recent years under Neocon control they have been tearing up arms agreements (especially nuclear arms) . The Neocons do not understand diplomacy and are simply tearing up all the rule books, they should never have gained power and should definitely been rail roaded out of town after the Iraq failure. President Trump even realised that in his pre-election campaign, yet he f*cked up badly and let the Neocons back in again who actively work against him. I suppose you can’t fight too many battles at once and putting Bolton in was the price for not having that arm of the deep state on his back. It is a bad mistake on President Trumps part.

    Because of the over reliance on weapons and the tearing up of agreements with regards to military and other economic sanctions they have effectively created an era of mistrust and their enemies are reacting by developing new weapons in the case of Russia and asymmetric war tactics in the middle east, the Chinese also have plans to limit the operating range of the US Navy in event of direct conflict – the carriers are the last war, new tactics and weapons have been developed to counter them. Th US only effective tactic against China is to block maritime trade with that country, hence Chinas actions in the South China sea and the belt and road strategy to bypass this threat.

    The US does need to change its trade agreements, the idea that it can continue to subsidise its “allies” while undermining its own economy is foolish and that policy should have been abandoned in the wake of the end of the cold war. So I do agree that needs to change and Trump has been the lightning rod for that. How this plays out I don’t know but a multilateral strategy is probably the likely result with the US width drawing to fortress America (US, Canada & Mexico) while the rest of the world undergoes chaos as the US subsidies are withdrawn.

  3. We have no real ‘allies’ we have LEECHES.

  4. Lou

    3–Israel being the head of the leech and its body.

  5. AT

    Hong Kong’s immunity from extradition dates back to the Opium Wars, and currently serves HSBC and the Queen’s sprawling offshore pirate banking empire. Half the population of Hong Kong still maintains dual citizenship with the Commonwealth.

    If anyone has their finger in that pie, it is MI6.

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