Google Is Pure Evil Now, Censorship Of All News Worsens As Fox Joins Bilderberg Mobsters

The NYT is now run by a bunch of California far leftists who hate America and want to erase our borders and destroy the Constitution.  The censorship of the news by Bilderberg bosses is getting worse by the hour.  Tucker Carlson has been taken off the air now and his videos no longer show up on the Fox TV opening pages, either.  The shocking news Project Veritas revealed this week is going to create a huge political upheaval since it is an attempt at a political coup by meddling with news systems to benefit only one party.


Back on June 25th, Tucker Carlson had the earliest news about the Project Veritas interview of the now famous Google tech whistleblower.  So it is no surprise that the Bilderberg gang muscled Fox News which is now run by Democratic party supporters, they muscled the staff at Fox to censor themselves especially about fellow Bilderberg gangsters like Google’s executives.

The heat is on Carlson as the leftists terrorize Fox advertisers, falsely claiming that showing ads during Carlson’s shows will drive away customers who supposedly buy Gillette products, for example.  The dirty leftists usually don’t buy much of what was advertised by Fox TV but of course, this is ignored by the owners of Fox who are now DNC supporters who are trying bit by bit to destroy Fox but being sort of clever about this by not firing all the conservatives.


Just this week, Fox executives hired a black female Democrat to give news analysis after she was so disgraced, she was fired by CNN.

The radical leftists who run Google are happy that technicians warning Google about being biased and vicious, they are marching AGAINST Google, demanding Google be more and more like Pravda and show only communist information and enabling only communists to appear on Google searches.


I very rarely use Google now.  Google is strangling other search engines forcing me to occasionally use that wretched hive of deviants and destroyers of civilization.  I really, really hate Google and millions of us now hate Google.


We don’t just dislike Google or are annoyed.  We actively hate Google.  And this active hatred of liberals censoring and abusing us is growing, not shrinking.  More and more people actively hate Hollywood, for example.  A hive of villains and rapists, indeed, awful, criminal people in Hollywood deserve to be despised.  The very last movies to make big Hollywood profits, the Marvel series, is now going under as the imposition of leftist ideology takes over and kills it, too.

Google continues to hire leftists who have turned San Francisco into one of the filthiest cities on earth, the city isn’t bankrupt but eventually, will go bankrupt.  The other reason Google employees are angry with immigration authorities is due to many of them being foreign labor brought in to drop wages of American citizens.

On YouTube, Google is hiding the videos of people talking about all this, the systems set up to offer further choices of videos was tinkered with recently to bring up videos people do NOT want to see.  I keep saying that we must look to ‘widdershins’ moments like this to see what ‘black magic’ is doing.


This is important because the Google top people and all the California/West Coast/NYC gangs who run many systems are also believers in black magic and they do ceremonies in various key places like the redwood forests in California or the Skull and Bones Crypt at Yale.


I know all about this because my own ancestors on my mother’s side of the family created these covens.  These newcomers using these covens set up by my own ancestors don’t understand how black magic works.  I call this the ‘widdershin’ effect.  Many ancient tales in far flung places tell the same moral story: wishing for power, demanding power always backfires.


The power hungry end up in hell or back in poverty after running riot with stupid wishes that the demons grant.  The super rich are doing this right now.  They think, if only we do more Black Magic, we will be super duper rich and everyone will be our slaves, either physically or mentally.


And this is what is destroying them right now.  I want to see Google bankrupt.  I would love to see Google bankrupt.  So do millions of people.

Insider Reports How Google Took Down Jordan Peterson

“There’s a group of people and what they do is get the target’s address – I’m not going to say Jordan’s email address on air – let’s just say his email address is ‘xyz,’” said Vorhies. “And so, this third-party will change one of the letters, so instead of ‘xyz’ it would be ‘’


So, Google employees spend their time attacking customers.  I hope Peterson sues Google for harassment now.  Indeed, I fully expect him to do this and I hope he does this.


“They repeat this process and create a network of spam accounts that then push out spam to other users, and this triggers the AI system to flag the spam accounts to bring them down but surprisingly it also brings down the original person’s account.”


What Google does is, they leave the door open for people to be attacked and then do nothing about closing the door and protecting customers.  Instead, they hide information as to what is going on from the victim so they can’t get the authorities to stop this sort of abuse.


“So the original person goes dark – the account goes down – Google tells them the account is down due to ‘suspicious activity’ and then the [victim] has no way of having any recourse because Google’s not going to share their information, their hiding it.”


In other words, Google employees conspire with hackers to abuse customers who they then cut off from the internet.  What a scam!  Google is run by scam artists who cooperate with hackers!!!  Arrest them all, I say.  Then there is this:


We were certain Google and Facebook executives lied when appearing in the Senate, the DNC House is OK with manipulating data and lying to customers but this is a legal matter, not a secrecy matter.  That is, this should not be secret, it is public.  Arrest them all.  Put them in Epstein’s jail cell on Wall Street.


Some funny news: the systems set up by the communist females is already destroying them!

Blacks spew dirty words and love to say ‘n…ger’ in public at the top of their lungs.  This is because leftist liberals and communists have said, only blacks can do this, hahaha.  Well, it is now biting back, hard.  Blacks are attacking liberals when they teach about racism!  HAHAHAHA.  I will die laughing.  I hope this silly goose of a female enjoys her future hellish life as no one in her deranged community of ‘schools’ will now hire her.


If she is smart, she will join the Trump train and support him but I doubt that.  She looks too dumb.  Dumb teachers are always funny since often their own students are equally stupid so nothing is learned, I saw this first hand in school years ago.


The new DA for Philidelphia , larry Krasner, supports criminals and lets them run wild, claims a top Federal Prosecutor:


 DA Larry Krasner has championed a “new culture of disrespect for law enforcement” that led to the anti-cop incidents, top federal prosecutor William M. McSwain said Thursday.


A lot of cops were shot the other day by a released multi-arrested career criminal.  The new DA blamed the cops for this situation.


The disrespect began a year and a half ago at Krasner’s victory party, which featured “chants of ‘F*** the police” and “No good cops in a racist system,” McSwain wrote.


White cops are fleeing black cities.  It is now impossible to patrol these places.  I remember very well when this happened in NYC many years ago.  Mayor Beame sided with the rioters who burned down many neighborhoods, arrested virtually no on and chaos then doubled in the city.  The police ceased patrolling, pretty much, and I had to reorganize things to get real police patrols restarted.


Since then, law enforcement has endured “the worst kinds of slander,” McSwain wrote, including Krasner, a long-time civil rights lawyer, calling cops “racist” and “corrupt” and comparing them to Nazi “war criminals.”


“The vile rhetoric puts our police in danger,” McSwain wrote. “It disgraces the Office of the District Attorney. And it harms the good people in the City of Philadelphia and rewards the wicked.”


The civil rights guys nearly totally destroyed NYC.  Giuliani cleaned up the mess and lo and behold, the city became safe again, people prospered and they felt safe again.  And now, it is descending yet again into the hell created by Democrats years ago, yet again.





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20 responses to “Google Is Pure Evil Now, Censorship Of All News Worsens As Fox Joins Bilderberg Mobsters

  1. Kerry

    Amazing Polly goes through the leaked Google files on censorship.

  2. Petruchio

    These Leftists currently running amok, these California Leftists, aren’t really Democrats. They are like Ted Bundy, the mass Serial Killer calling himself a Human Rights activist. What these “Leftists” are in fact are a bunch of spoiled rotten rich kids, over indulged and overly pampered who have been brainwashed into believing a Marxist/Anarchist ideology. With a strong tinge of Fascism. These arrogant punks, who have never had to pay a bill with money they have earned at a job in their life, think they should rule over everyone. They think they are some kind of an Elite!! HaHaHaHaHaHa!! These smug kids are in for a rude awakening the second the folks using them no longer need these spoiled rotten punk kids.

  3. Zeke

    How was a career criminal with a 1 1/2 yd. long rap sheet able to get an AR-15?
    Straw purchase? I guess career criminals don’t care if they break the law to get a gun.

  4. snoosebomb

    Good ,tucker can get his own channel on Bitchute , give Fox some competition

  5. KHS71


    Remember gun laws are there to stop law abiding citizens, not criminals. Criminals will always get guns. They know where. The “Elites” are behind walled communities so don’t care. It’s all about power.

  6. Blissex

    «The NYT is now run by a bunch of California far leftists who hate America and want to erase our borders and destroy the Constitution.»

    For me they are not leftists, they are very right-wing “whigs”/libertarians, because as you surely know there are mostly two types of right-wing people: conservatives (“tories”) and libertarians (“whigs”).
    The libertarians hate America because its institutions limit the whim of powerful and rich people to do as they please, and want to erase borders because beyind those borders there are billions of very poor people they want to buy for cheap and import them.

    Many political scientists look at two distinct left-right positions: on economic and social matters. Conservatives are right-wing in both, libertarians are economically on the right, but socially on the left.

  7. Blissex

    «Criminals will always get guns.»

    That’s just ignorant handwaving: in many countries getting guns is very difficult for criminals, so for example in England most criminals have started using knives, and the government is trying to restrict the ability to buy (large) knives.
    In those countries crimes involving guns are very few as a result.

    So gun control can work, it is jut a matter of political will. Defending gun ownership can only be done on a “because we want that as a matter of principle regardless of the consequences” argument.

  8. Criminals don’t need guns, they use other tools to kill.

  9. honeybagder don't care


    Yes, you are going to find that Americans lack the “will” to give up the right to defend ourselves.

  10. They are confiscating SWORDS in England!!! I own a big number of swords. I used to do fencing, medieval fighting in full armor, etc. England is banning literally ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. It is insane.

    And I shoot guns and kill animals. We do this in the countryside, for example, when the black bears try to break into the house…yes, they do this…I have the legal right to kill them. Ditto, humans.

  11. By the way, every once and awhile, I poke around Google to look for my own artwork and see how it is doing. My political cartoons have nearly TOTALLY disappeared now! No matter what word combo I give, if I ask for my own art, maybe three or four cartoons show up the rest being dross from elsewhere.

    I used to get page after page of my own artwork just three years ago and each year, less and less shows up. Now, it is approaching zero.

    This is deliberate. Google is doing this to everyone now! The censorship of the internet is very intense now and getting worse by the day as these lunatics in California conspire to destroy search engines. Even Duckduckgo is approaching uselessness, too.

  12. AT

    West coast liberals?

    No, the NYT is run by its CEO, Mark Thompson, who is the British former head of the BBC, and who allegedly spent much time on Epstein’s Lolita Island.

  13. AT

    Banning swords? Lol.

    Hammers are more deadly, more silent, and less messy than swords.

    Swords are only better if the other guy has a hammer.

  14. If you are not a carpenter and have a HAMMER in the trunk of your car, it will be confiscated by the British cops.

  15. Moe

    If you are attacked with a knife there is very little defense. Forget the BS promulgated from Hollywood.

    Below see video from Target Focused Training

    PS: only violent response to violence will save you

  16. AT

    how about a set if golf clubs? lol

  17. When fighting, any object can be a weapon. I used to lecture about this. A garbage can, a shoe, a chair, handful of sand, all things are ‘weapons’ in a fight.

  18. Zeke

    Samson smote a multitude of Philistines wielding the jawbone of an ass.

  19. Shawntoh


    This is an interesting development…

    HEADLINE: “Google is cracking down on its employees’ political speech at work…”

    “Under political pressure, the company is restricting its historically open work culture…”

    What say ye? I’m not sure what to make of this….



  20. Conservatives at Google have always been terrified of being discovered. Now, they are walking away from this hell hole of a corporation and blowing the whistle on the SJW gang which took over.

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