Arkhangelsk Nuclear Explosion Top Secret: Doctors Not Warned Patients Radioactive

It is now official: the huge explosion on the Arctic Circle in Russia was due to something that produced a great deal of radioactive material.  This is a typical ‘genie in a bottle’ that characterizes all handling of nuclear materials in the last 80 years.  Hidden inside human use of radioactive materials is death.  It is highly dangerous to handle and humans are incapable of handling this monster energy due to being careless monkeys deep inside.


I located this latest disaster in the map below:

Here is a close up of the site before the explosion, from Google maps:

A cover-up just like Chernobyl: Sixty doctors who treated naked missile technicians wrapped in plastic bags after mystery Russian ‘nuclear explosion’ are ‘flown to Moscow for urgent tests’ after they were NOT told of radiation risk:


One doctor was later found to have Caesium-137 — a radioactive isotope that is a byproduct of the nuclear fission of uranium-235 — in his muscle tissue.


They used to set off nuclear bombs in the Mohave Desert starting with WWII and this continued into my own childhood and a childhood friend of mine was downwind from these tests and she died of leukemia back in 1960 and I was very upset about this for my parents knew she died due to nuclear bomb tests.


All of this was still top secret, back then.  I got to know many top anti-nuclear activists during the 1960’s back when I gave speeches about this.  Nuclear power is very dangerous: it is amazingly useful but if it escapes from its bottle, it destroys everything, one way or another.


The medic ‘was not informed about the amount or concentration of the isotope found’, reported The Moscow Times in startling new revelations over the explosion during a weapon test.


This is typical of all systems handling nuclear materials: the bosses lie about stuff when things go wrong.  This happens in Russia, it has happened in Japan, it has happened in the US, etc.  This is common.  Nuclear disasters tend to be ‘top secret’ when they happen.  Sometimes, like with exploding nuclear power plants, the truth cannot be totally hidden if anyone has cameras and other reporting tools around.


Three victims arrived naked and wrapped in translucent plastic bags on the day of the explosion – 8 August – but at no point were medics at Arkhangelsk Regional Clinical Hospital told how the men had become injured except that it involved an explosion, it was revealed.


This is all very wrong and Putin is in a lot of hot water because of this and it is also very, very stupid to not have full information.  But then, this was all top secret.  All these situations sees top secrets rolling along brutally sometimes for a century due to governments desperate to keep out of the public eye, all the screwy things they are doing using top technological equipment and materials.


No country is immune from this stupid secrecy.  It lies at the core of the monster of utter destruction that can be very nasty if totally unleashed, that is, nuclear power plants being nuked by rockets in a military confrontation.  I have been against this nearly my entire life, I grew up literally in the shadow of the nuclear/rocket war machine’s evolution and construction.



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9 responses to “Arkhangelsk Nuclear Explosion Top Secret: Doctors Not Warned Patients Radioactive

  1. Jim R

    This effort to cover-up is not purely a Russian thing, it is a global character of the nuclear industry.

    When the four seaside units at Fukushima blew up, Tepco persistid in telling reporters that there might be a teeny-tiny leak, but everything was OK. At the same time, a video showed up on Twitter showing the units blowing sky-high, with huge clouds of black smoke pouring out. Japan was lucky that the wind was blowing the smoke out over the Pacific, because that black stuff was from burning nuclear fuel. And the reactor cores were making their way to Rio de Janeiro, by the shortest path.

    Tepco still says everything is just fine, and they’re looking forward to the 2020 Olympics.

  2. Lou

    I read that a Russian Nuclear Submarine sunk, some time ago. The
    ocean is radioactive. Any facts on this?

  3. Jim R

    The ocean is radioactive from a number of sources, not just the Kursk.

    I’m pretty sure the USA has lost a sub or two over the years, although I don’t have a handy link. The US Navy has the best nuclear safety record of the entire nuclear age, thanks to a safety-obsessed Admiral, and his students/devotees/followers. Sadly, that safety culture has not affected enough other nuclear operations.

    Ocean pollution has been found from various nations’ nuclear tests on small Pacific islands in the ’50s and ’60s.

    Also from Fukushima, of course, and the Windscale disaster in England, which isn’t talked about much. I’m sure there are others, but again don’t have a handy link.

  4. Jim R

    Oh, and it’s worth mentioning — the ocean is also naturally radioactive. There is an isotope of potassium with a very long half-life, formed in the supernova which created all the metals in the Solar System.

    This potassium isotope, K-40, is present in the rocks and minerals and oceans of earth.

  5. This is one of the many reasons we have evolution: no radiation/little evolution due to genes not mutating very fast or at all.

  6. Jim R

    It’s sort-of the cayenne pepper of evolution.
    You need a little of it to make the sauce, but not so much that it burns out everything it touches.

  7. Shawntoh

    Radioactivity is in the air for you and me…

  8. honeybagder don't care

    The nuclear scientists don’t really understand the nature of what it is they’re messing with. It’s all just numbers to them.

  9. AT

    Weapons grade Plutonium and Uranium are the new sovereign metals.

    Thus, sovereigns give the industry free reign to lie, and immunity from most of the consequences of its own damages.

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