Daily Mail Has Many ‘Corrupt/Evil/Stupid’ Royal Stories Today!

The biggest, most horrible hypocrites on earth are the Bilderberg gangsters and the British royals gadding about the planet earth on private jets and yachts while living in huge multiple palaces in between frequent travels.  They are yelling nonstop about ‘global warming’ caused by THEM.  The climate gang even lied about the weather this summer, falsely claiming this July, ‘the hottest ever!’  Meanwhile, most of us are seeing colder and colder summers because we don’t live on urban heat islands.

The royal eco-warriors, who took their third private jet in just eight days when they flew into the south of France on Wednesday, stayed at the sumptuous Vista Alegre gated complex of sea-facing mansions earlier this month.


They travel from palace to palace, staying at the most expensive, posh places on earth, all of which are in exotic locations requiring considerable travelling.  This lunacy of screeching about ‘global warming’ caused by traveling from resort to palace and onwards, requires a remedy: public execution.


This is a million times worse than Antoinette’s ‘Let them eat cake’ throwaway comment.  They are telling us, we will all die unless we stop flying from resorts to palaces and back!  While doing this, themselves!


One of the most opulent Vista Alegre houses is the $145,000-a-week Sa Calma residence which has been rented out by DJ David Guetta and Sir Paul McCartney. Their return flights to the Spanish island would have emitted six times more carbon dioxide per person than a scheduled flight from London and are estimated to have cost up to $49,000.


This two timing team of royal gad-abouts never stop travelling.  They always excuse this, saying they are saving the planet in other, mysterious ways.  But they keep on yapping at us that we, the peasants, have to stop doing what they do, nonstop!


The jet-set couple flew into a new hypocrisy row on Friday night after it emerged they had flown to Nice on Wednesday by private jet, once again.


All the palace pooches are milling about the planet, some of them is utter fear of being discovered to be brutal, nasty, awful people who abuse children, for example:

The Queen deliberately went to church with this errant son of hers to show her support of pedophilia.  She also stripped Diana of all guards and protection before the pesky mother of the heir to the Throne was killed in Paris.  Now, her child abuser son is leaving England for fear of being served with papers to appear before authorities.

So, nine years ago, this pedophile royal was photographed taking in young lasses to the sex gameroom run by Epstein.  His goose is now cooked.  He can’t pretend he was an innocent bystander.  Double that for Clinton, too.

The mainstream fake news went way out of their way to lie about Trump and Epstein, pretending they were always good buddies the way Andrew and Clinton were best buds.  This was false information handed out to take the heat off of the real criminals here.  This is typical of mainstream media today: utterly irresponsible, sexually deviant, and totally fake news.

Epstein had pedo palaces all over the planet.  A lot of ‘letter p’ words here.  Andrew was tagging along to all these places, too.

Note how this corrupt royal gads about the planet earth, constantly in the air or sailing madly across oceans, constantly moving about.  I see dark days ahead for the Queen as she exits her mortal coil and gets to hop through the Gates of Death.  Diana is there, itching to have a conversation.


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7 responses to “Daily Mail Has Many ‘Corrupt/Evil/Stupid’ Royal Stories Today!

  1. AT

    The mayor in a dry town likes to drink. So, he gets the police chief to make him a confidential informant (with immunity) to go gather evidence at the local speakeasy, every Friday night. But, the police chief never busts the speakeasy for decades.

    And, That’s Lolita Island: a synergistic perversion of the political class and the intelligence community.

  2. Pete

    Yeah, the jail staff are not cooperating.

    Barr should have had federal marshals
    all over Epstein.

    Makes me wonder about Barr.
    Part of the swamp? hmmm

  3. Zeke

    The Lynching of Jeffery Epstein:

    Prior attempt to choke him by cellmate. Bruises on neck. Screams coming from his cell. Guards and cameras removed. Autopsy reveals broken bones in his neck. Expressed fear of prison murder. Expressed optimism to his lawyers for his ‘double jeopardy’ and other legal defenses.
    Why does Media still refer to it as “apparent suicide”? More like ‘apparent lynching’.
    With EEO prison boss and dysfunctional workplace and most important witness (not defendant) in DOJ history, Barr should not just ASSUMED all was copacetic. He should have sent his immediate deputy to check situation. He needs to resign.

    This was an old fashion American lynching.

  4. timothy carroll

    Media = lying Zionist scumbags. I hope I don’t need to go into any further detail on that. You can tell they’re lying because their lips are moving.

    RE: The “royals”. Yeah….Harry married some washed up old bag of a third rate, half negro “actress”, when he could have had any one of a number of hot, white women. Okay, yeah….I’ll buy that. Pull the other one!

  5. AT


    The “lynching” happened when the Babylonian Illuminati devil worshipper was exactly 66.6 years old, to the day.

    Mobs don’t do that. That there is theater.

  6. Mewswithaview

    Speaking of strangulation Iran has the Saudis in a headlock . . .


    Syria is moving to recapture the Idlib province.

    India vs Pakistan – Kashmir is escalating

    North Korea – looking into a brutal Winter

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