Portland Mayor, Police Enable Yet Another ANTIFA Riot Attack On Patriotic Citizens


Here are Paul Joseph Watson’s tweets on the Battle for Portlandia.  The far left is protected by the mayor who lets ANTIFA run amok, attacking citizens at will, harming people.  Instead, people supporting the government of the USA are arrested!  The ANTIFA gang gets a pat on the head while they assail citizens viciously, causing harm.  This is insanity.  But it is also how the DNC wants to maintain power: RIOTS in all DNC cities over time are all about political controls.

Meanwhile, on Bilderberg owned media, ‘comedians’ continue to not tell jokes but instead, instigate riots and abuses.  Here is an example that was fined by the government for being utterly irresponsible:

These people are insane.  The entire DNC has gone bonkers ever since Mueller had to admit, Trump did nothing wrong.  They can’t endure this.  A recent leaked audio of a New York Times employee town hall includes Editor-in-Chief Dean Baquet telling his staff of propagandists to ditch the Russian collusion nonsense and start focusing on President Trump’s “racism.”  The NYT is a founding member of the Bilderberg gang.


They are also pro-foreign control of the US because they hate citizens here.  They all still cling to the Russian hoax because they have nothing else.  But the sight of lots of Jews at the NYT deciding to ride the old ‘racism’ horse is disgusting.  The NYT hates blacks.  Blacks wreck real estate values!  They also rob Jews a great deal.  The real animosity between urban Jews and urban blacks is huge.

The NYT can’t call Trump a Nazi because his family is half Jewish so they call him a racist.   The New York Times reported that Tlaib asked Israeli officials to allow the family visit and said it would not be a political trip:


Israel’s interior minister, Aryeh Deri, had announced earlier Friday morning that the congresswoman would be allowed to enter for a family visit, after she wrote to him saying that it might be her last chance to see her grandmother and pledging to “respect any restrictions” and to “not promote boycotts” during her stay.


Deri agreed to allow Tlaib to visit her grandmother, but within hours the freshman lawmaker said she would not accept Israel’s “restrictions,” the Times reported.



The NYT is sitting on a big time bomb here.  They are pushing for more Muslim power and conflicts with Trump’s half Jewish family…while they secretly support Zionism in Israel.  What a mess!  It is a classic case of being too smart and having too many tricks running simultaneously.  It will end very violently for the Jews doing this.


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12 responses to “Portland Mayor, Police Enable Yet Another ANTIFA Riot Attack On Patriotic Citizens

  1. Zeke

    Does anyone have a side-by-side comparison list of “DNC Run Cities” vs. “RNC Run Cities” with their respective crime rates?
    That would be helpful and informative.

  2. Neep Hazarika

    10 cities with the largest absolute homicide increases are ALL run by Democratic mayors. https://www.ncjrs.gov/pdffiles1/nij/249895.pdf

  3. Lou

    I hope these [gasp] FAR RIGHT [read White] groups have very regular
    marches in sanctuary shitties.


    Mayor Ted Wheeler, a Democrat, said such far-right organizations were “impacting the entire nation” by targeting women, minorities and immigrants with hate speech.

    “If they’re going to come out here every single month until we do whatever they think” it would cost taxpayers millions of dollars for law enforcement, he said during the news conference.

    The threat to return to Portland on a regular basis “feeds in to that sense of fear,” Wheeler said.

    “We do not want them here in my city, period,” he said.
    [I like the last line, especially].

  4. Zeke

    This is 5 yr. old data and not what I was looking for exactly:
    Ann Coulter said that if crime stats were parsed out along black and white lines, the former would have a crime rate of equatorial Africa and the latter of Northern Europe – but I think no one is eager to acknowledge that. She was called a racist for noting it.

  5. Petruchio

    The highest risk with cities like Portland is the Rule of Law is being thrown out the window. When/if enough people feel their organized Government, whether it is Federal, State, County or City, is a dictatorship, people will take the Law into their own hands. Consequences be damned. That’s really what groups like ANTIFA really want. BTW, their name is a JOKE!! ANTIFA= Anti Fascist? THEY are the Fascists!! And what they want is Anarchy. The folks who own and control ANTIFA think that is their best path to Power. The truth? These gullible, spoiled rotten brats who comprise most of the ANTIFA protestors will be thrown under the bus before this ever could happen.

  6. Shawntoh

    Here’s what I find interesting, Elaine, the comments of this business owner struggling to keep her business alive …

  7. Shawntoh


    It cost 3 million dollars it is estimated for the business owners in downtown Portland, OR due to the protests/rallies this past August 17th.

    Not only that, let’s realize all the media coverage is going to be bad for tourism. It’s going to end up being a “recession” to a “depression” economically for downtown Portland at this rate, I fear- along with all the unresolved/unsolved problems with homeless camped out everywhere on every street in the greater Portland area and beyond. In closing…

    This seems to confirm what you have warned us about Elaine and I have to say you have probably won “The Cassandra” award again.

    Unfortunately, we don’t have any money for you for a cash prize and you have my condolences. Thanks again for your insights and hard work.


    HEADLINE: “Portland Proud Boys, antifa protests cost downtown biz $3M, group says….”

    SOURCE: https://www.oregonlive.com/news/2019/08/portlands-proud-boys-antifa-protests-cost-downtown-biz-3m-group-says.html

  8. Law and order=flourishing cities and businesses. Chaos=poverty and burning cities. So very simple equations.

  9. lou

    8–Yes, you saw this in NYC, 40 years ago.

  10. Better still: when we organized our own street patrols and enforced the laws, the chaos ended!!!! DUH. Al Sharpton knows this which is why he tried to have me killed, for example. Luckily, he is a coward and I had enough tough black guys backing me and protecting me so he failed in this.

  11. Lou

    10–in Park Slope or all of NYC???

    You sure have the stories. Did you put a spell on Sharptons ball point pen, in return?

  12. Just Park Slope. My friend, Giuliani, took over the entire city and cleaned up the DNC messes.

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