Pedophile Palace: Prince Andrew Took Epstein 1999 To Balmoral Palace While Queen In Residence

The British royals continue being in hot water.  For many years, they were successful in hiding from the people they cynically exploit (hint: the British people) but Lady Di pulled aside the curtains and since then, they have been on borrowed time.  The British royals are at the center of the post-WWII Bilderberg gang.  These clowns believe no rules interfere with their own ‘rules’ which is…they rule us, we don’t rule them.


Prince Andrew’s efforts to distance himself from the Jeffrey Epstein scandal were thrown into turmoil last night as details emerged of how he hosted the paedophile and his entourage at Balmoral.


HAHAHA.  So much for ‘we saw nothing.’  Anyone who thinks the royals have no spies, no cooperation from Scotland Yard, no intense survey by authorities…HAHAHA.  This is all set up to cover up royal depravity and crimes including killing people they don’t like.


One of the young women on the trip told the Daily Mail how the prince personally welcomed the party to the castle in mid-1999 – after the disgraced US financier had already begun recruiting dozens of underage girls as sex slaves.


So soon after Diana was murdered in Paris!  So far, we don’t know if Epstein had any teens with him that day.  We do know that the royal brats hung out with him right under the Queen’s nose and the entire staff of the royals had some idea what was going on behind the curtains.


Meanwhile, the war online with California jerks who run things like Google and Facebook, continues with joining the fight to maintain monopoly powers and control of the planet via controlling interactions and the movement of data and information: Five Amazon executives gave individual campaign contributions to the Congressman who led the House antitrust investigation into their company just two months before their hearing in July, it has been revealed.


In July House Democrat Rep. David Cicilline of Rhode Island led a hearing where lawmakers grilled executives from Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google on their business and anti-competition practices.


Finally, we are seeing action against these monolithic monster corporations.  Time to force them to pay taxes, too.


Just two months prior in late May, five senior Amazon executives – CEO of worldwide consumer Jeff Wilke, CFO Brian Olsavsky, general counsel David Zapolsky, SVP of worldwide operations Dave Clark and SVP of North America consumer Doug Herrington – made individual contributions to Cicilline’s campaign, according to CNBC.


All five made the maximum $2,800 contribution, except for Olsavsky who donated $1,500.


All these people gave to Hillary and her gang.  They want DNC control which means dictatorship for the elite corporate masters.


Now on to odd news:

Just a mont aga, a new statewide auto theft campaign has kicked-off in El Paso.


El Paso seeing a 6% increase in theft from 2018.  About 320 vehicles have been stolen this year
90% of vehicles stolen were left unlocked.  Recovery rate is between 35% – 40%.

Auto theft has gone down from peak in late 80’s/early 90’s when El Paso had 150 vehicles stolen per week.  At one point El Paso was ranked #1 in the U.S. for car theft.


Who are heisting these cars?  Take a wild guess.  In El Paso, it is very much more likely to be someone from Mexico.  Of course, they won’t talk about all this.  The left needs martyrs.  Just like with many hoaxes of KKK attacks that turned out to be manufactured by the ‘victims’ or victims of blacks or Hispanics who then blamed innocent white bystanders: the game of ‘who is being hurt racist attacks’ will run on and on while crime roars along merrily in DNC-run cities.


Beto O’Rourke blames Trump for El Paso mass shooting: Texas Democrat says it was a ‘consequence’ of the President’s ‘racism’ after the he branded Mexicans ‘rapists and criminals’


The President never did this, the Mexican invaders keep saying this.  They desperately want him to be a bad guy.  All, without exception, DNC candidates for President announced they will allow anyone to invade our country illegally, they will have zero border controls in the future.  This will doom our nation.  I will probably be dead when the chaos utterly destroys civilization.  This makes me rather sad.


But these power hungry lunatics don’t care.  They think these mobs of ‘barbarians’ won’t burn Rome and kill everyone or drive them out.  Very stupid, this will be inevitable if the DNC runs things.


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8 responses to “Pedophile Palace: Prince Andrew Took Epstein 1999 To Balmoral Palace While Queen In Residence

  1. Mewswithaview

    Prince Andrew and is off again/on again ex wife are moochers. Track the financial transactions between Epstein and Mr. and ex-Mrs Duke of York and the lot will start tumbling out.

  2. Kerry

    These people have been the subject of cases where children have disappeared. The most famous one being the Queen and her husband taking Native American children from a Canadian orphanage. Those children disappeared, never to be seen again. Most of these children were under the age of 10.

    If they weren’t murdered in ritual, they most likely spent their lives as MK ULTRA prisoners of the Elite’s strange religion. The elites like certain bloodlines. It is said that Native Americans, Teutonic and Celtic people can host Demonic entities during their black masses and survive. They also mix with them wherever possible in order to partake in what they think is the bloodline magic.

    I’m not sorry to say that I’m not too concerned about the wild girls who thought it was funny to take money from rich old men via Epstein’s connections.

    They were not part of the white slave trade. They were not chained in hotel rooms by elite mafia contacts and shipped all over Europe. Most of them look as if they were from well to do families. They knew what they were getting into and thought it was funny. Now they come out YEARS later to cry about it?

    These stories are just figleaves to hide the REAL CRIME. Children under the age of 10 being raped and murdered for religious purposes. More children under mind control to serve as prostitutes.

    They don’t need underground bunkers on Epstein Island for 16 year old floozies. They need them for much, much worse, unimaginable crimes.

  3. Kerry


    Oh, Look! Direct MK Ultra torture for the MASSES! It’s for everyone now. Yes, you too can be shocked into oblivion then have someone create a whole new narrative for your life.

    In the Ultra circles this is called “Riding the Light”. After you are shocked enough and your body gets used to it. They only need to flash some lights into your eyes and it will immediately put your brain into a suggestive state.

    Just think of the possibilities!

  4. Tom W Harris

    Contrary to what Trump now says, he and Ep were good wingmen/buds at one time:

    Note the easily observable viciousness of both these “men.”

  5. Kerry

    Judging by that video.

    Epstein doesn’t strike me as a man who is interested in women let alone underage girls.

    Notice the hidden hand sign he gives in the beginning of the video. Then the ONE EYE as he walks past the camera. Yes, all that can be signs for the powers crazy religion. But I also tend to think it is about Spooks signaling Spooks.

    What is it saying?

    This story is as fake as Epstein’s fortune, Donald’s hair or the breasts on most of the women dancing. HAHAHAHAHAAHHA!

  6. Kerry

    The only card they haven’t played yet is ORPHANS!

    The Epstein Orphans! Call CIA casting! They need to be saved from Count Olaf!

    Bunch of rat fakers. Can’t we fire these elite actors and hire a new bunch? Their stale, stale, stale as old crackers. Where are the rotten vegetables when you need them? I’m mean, come on people, naked old men hoodoo in front of an owl, alien abduction stories, reverso royals and Nazis (old regurgitated storyline)…is that all your worth now? We pay big bucks to be entertained and you give us Alien Butt freaks. *EYEROLL*

  7. Suusi M-B

    If Prince Andrew is being burned. As the steady drip of allegations about Prince Andrew is coming from the security establishment via its tame propaganda organ the Daily Mail. It does look like he is being sacrificed.

    Then the question has to be, “What is Prince Andrew being sacrificed to distract the rest of us from?”

    Interestingly his perverted Uncle Mountbottom’s perversions were given the Daily Mail treatment a few days ago as well.

  8. One of the best places to be depraved is…be a royal in any country!

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