Toxic Tuesday: The Many Ways Liberals Wreck Society

Just as the radicals who are the Women’s Soccer Team boasting about winning against female players, they demanded the same pay as men but…their own games which supposedly will be used to raise profits to pay these amazing females…lost nearly $30 million so far.  The very unpatriotic and physically ugly women’s soccer team is toxic to advertisers.  Many ad executives want to court the SJW gang but they have to understand the rest of us will actively boycott businesses pandering to destructive, ugly SJW gangsters.


I am predicting the women’s soccer system will collapse now.  Transgender men are set to invade it like all the other women’s sports.  And the college radicals who are creating this mess are extremely irritating and annoying so many people hope the female athletes will fail and thus, learn a lesson in reality.  That is, women are weaker than men.


I spent my long life proving women could do men’s work but the hitch was, one had to be smart and work hard to be strong (working out at the gym in the evening after work!) and that it was very hard though I enjoyed it greatly.  But the number of women who did actual hard construction work especially roof work which I did a great deal: virtually no one followed in my footsteps.


When women did go into construction, they would fill in all the easy jobs.  The men resented this greatly.  Why?  Well, over time, you get hurt, get sore muscles, etc. so men cycle in and out of the ‘easy’ jobs.  When young ladies took these easy jobs, that is all they would do.  They didn’t move into the hard jobs.  Well, all this is coming to a head now that women are being systematically replaced with taller, stronger males who can temporarily claim to be female and unlike my daughter who was born with a sexual systems problem, these cynical men are abusing the business of ‘transgender’ to exploit it and get more money, etc. pretending to temporarily by ‘women’.


Tim is so helpless here: they can’t get more money with the women’s soccer gang because the gang attacked Trump and half of the country, sneering at all of us while parading about in public, dissing the American flag just like the male black football players. They killed off any chance of attracting money from advertisers who now lost 50% of the customer base for life.


Tim stutters as he dances around the nub of the issue: women are weaker than men.  I did construction work most of my life.  I knew from day one, I was weaker than men doing this work.  I used my brains to get around this issue as well as lifting weights after work and then goofing off in the pool to build up my muscle mass and agility.  But a man doing the same would have double my muscle mass and ability to lift.


The sneering, anti-patriotic football and women’s soccer players makes them toxic to market.  They destroyed their own potential business futures.  We despise them, not love them.  They choose to hate us so we hate them.  You can’t be a popular sports figure if most people either don’t care or the vast bulk openly hate them.


Now on to one of the many systems run by leftists and who are now doing the ‘we hate white men’ mantra even though these top executives are often…white males:

AND…Disney insider accused the corporation inflated revenues for years according to the SEC administrators.  Disney stocks are falling rapidly.  Already, I have written how Disney is running in the red in significant enterprises due mainly to pandering to SJW lunatics.


A Disney executive who was fired recently has opened the books to reveal, Disney may have lied about finances:


Sandra Kuba, formerly a senior financial analyst in Disney’s DIS, +0.07% revenue-operations department who worked for the company for 18 years, alleges that employees working in the parks-and-resorts business segment systematically overstated revenue by billions of dollars by exploiting weaknesses in the company’s accounting software.


They basically counted people let in for free or very reduced tickets as full paying customers, I presume.


Kuba’s whistleblower filings, which have been reviewed by MarketWatch, outline several ways employees allegedly boosted revenue, including recording fictitious revenue for complimentary golf rounds or for free guest promotions. Another alleged action Kuba described in her SEC filing involved recording revenue for $500 gift cards at their face value even when guests paid a discounted rate of $395.


Disney probably lies about how many people buy tickets for movies Disney is promoting.  The Captain Marvel movie displeased many Disney customers who were carted over to Disney recently in the Fox purchase.  To cover up the true level of hostility towards Disney, the organization did this fake ‘fundraiser to give free tickets to girls’ which ended up being mainly empty seats in theaters which were counted as ‘sold tickets’ which quite a few fans of Marvel comics showed online to be empty.


Quite a few stock investors saw this news and unease about how Disney cooks the books blossomed into a big sell-off.

Now on to a DuckduckGo ad on YouTube:

DuckDuckGo’s web searches are very poor right now as of this week, this is because Google searches are very deconstructed so as to not give information as much as possible.  This leaks into all rival systems plus Google is now actively destroying searches by DuckDuckGo.  So the Ducks are putting out cartoons online explaining how Google spies on users which is very true.  This is why I try to avoid using Google as much as possible.


Now on to Infowars.  Click on the icon below that says ‘watch’ to see Infowars videos.  David Knight never did anything wrong but because he works with Alex Jones, he has been removed from all platforms, too.  This Neo-Maoist internet world we live in has severe censorship problems making the internet very hard to use and very annoying to interface.  It is very obviously a million times worse than the early days of the internet when we had to use phone lines to connect.


Now on to’s need to censor David Knight due to him being associated with Alex Jones: note the link here simply says ‘watch’ with no explanation of what you are clicking on, I can fix this via coding but this illustrates how evil the internet overlords are these days, toying with systems to hide information, not pass on information to the rest of us seeking information:


Infowars, which has been censored by Silicon Valley billionaires conspiring with each other to prevent the transmission of information they dislike, talks about yet another case of UK citizens being contacted by police for ‘liking’ a posting online and are threatened with losing their jobs and being harried and hounded by the STATE for limericks, for example.


Free speech never existed in England as a right.  My own ancestors left England precisely for this reason and pushed hard to have free speech in the US and one of my very first speeches I ever made while still a teenager was…about free speech.  I was chased out of Berkeley by anti-free speech Maoists and Stalinists.  England’s cops are now members of Maoist groups who are pushing to eliminate even jokes because it might offend their voter base.


Here is from the UK news today:

Sharia UK: Police hunting for man who made a rude joke to a Muslim

Note TellMAMA’s headline: they claim that this man made a “racist slur” against a Muslim. What race is Islam again? In reality, there are Muslims, and Islamic jihadis, of all races. But TellMAMA wants to intimidate Britons into believing that anyone who makes a rude quip to a Muslim is a racist, and thus deserving to have the book thrown at him.


The Muslims in the US are desperately trying to do this here, too.  So are the sex groups run by radical leftists.  Everyone wants to hop onto the short bus that gives them special rights and privileges and thus, censor and abuse everyone else while they also get to hop to the front of the line in hiring and schools.


This is extremely destructive.  When the black population chose to do this shortcut to social change, they drove out all other populations from DNC cities.  No one wants to go to school with black children now!  Especially the other groups who belong to the DNC!!!  They want privileges but not be forced to ride buses or go to school with blacks!!!!  This is lunacy but it keeps the DNC game running on and on due to media lying about everything possible.


But that’s all this was: a quip. Say anything you want: the guy was rude, or his joke was tasteless, or whatever. But an arrestable offense? That’s insane. The Muslim could have laughed it off, or come back with his own counter-quip. Instead, he contacted Tell MAMA, who contacted the police, who, instead of telling them to grow up and stop the endless victimhood posturing, is actually investigating. The cumulative effect of all the many incidents like this one in Britain will be a cowed and submissive populace that doesn’t dare utter the slightest negative word about Muslims or Islam, for fear of prosecution. And that, not coincidentally, is the status Muslims enjoy in Islamic law, which forbids all criticism of Muslims or Islam on pain of death.


The British have no free speech.  I spent my long life fighting for free speech.  Free speech is always under attack when the far left or far right take power.  Both do not want any discussion of policies or reality because they are brutal monsters who cheerfully mass murder millions of people with no remorse.

The final video here is Senator Cruz as a reminder of who is fighting the battles in Congress, fighting for free speech and free association and who wants to stop all this junk.  The black community, choosing the easy path of having the government hamfistedly forcing ‘integration’ live in a much more segregated situation than in the 1950’s.  This disaster was very easy to foresee, I got to watch it happen up close and personal.  It was painfully obvious to guess what would happen next way back when busing was imposed on every city causing millions of non-black families to pack up their bags and flee the DNC run cities that imposed bussing on children.


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9 responses to “Toxic Tuesday: The Many Ways Liberals Wreck Society

  1. HAHAHA. Fox TV executives jumped the gun, alerting yet again, their intention to destroy Fox TV by making it a clone of all the Bilderberg TV shows by attacking and banning Tucker Carlson!

    Well, they surrendered to him today, suddenly, his ‘vacation’ has ended! HAHAHA.

  2. Disney played many accounting tricks to hide losses. This is a good video explaining how this was done.

  3. Kerry

    “I am predicting the women’s soccer system will collapse now. Transgender men are set to invade it like all the other women’s sports.”

    It already happened. What is occurring right now is the powers admitting to it in a roundabout way.

    “Tim stutters as he dances around the nub of the issue: women are weaker than men.”

    Men developed greater physical capacity in order to protect themselves, their families and their neighbors. There really should be no shame in this at all.

    I saw it first hand in my art classes. The men had greater visual acuity. They could see details I missed. They had a better sense of perspective, foreshortening especially.

    Now I’m not saying women can’t be good artists. I’m saying we have to work just a bit harder to achieve what comes naturally to men. But when pressed, I highly doubt that a woman could achieve the level of artistry of Leonardo Da Vinci.

    As I continually point out in the physical details regarding men and women. Men have bigger eyes and a larger brain. The larger brain accommodates a larger visual processing section of the brain to analyze visual data. It’s only natural that they see more.

    I find it amazing. And men shouldn’t be shamed for their natural abilities. The powers are just a bunch of cultists and their religion tells them we all have to be the same.

    ELAINE: Correct. Men have bigger brains, better processing of incoming data and are more cunning than women. Women, on the other hand, have the Golden Apple: we create life. Men need this, if they are sane, they know their precious genes vanish if they don’t get a woman to bear and raise children! It is a double game which always falls apart in civilizations which is why history is all about waves of barbarians taking down empires all the time all over the place.

  4. AT

    Advertisers don’t care because they belong to a club that prints money now, instead of collecting profits or taxes.

    Advertisers are the welfare system of the upper class corporatocracy.

  5. Petruchio

    All these SJW, Neo Maoist, Far Leftist groups, call them whatever you like. What ever their names, they all have one thing in common: they shrivel into insignificance IF they have to be self supporting! Note how much money the Women’s US Soccer team has lost. Note how the DNC would have ceased to exist LONG ago if they had to promote their Agenda with their own money? It’s why these folks are so Political. They wouldn’t exist on their own dime. And they know it too. The Federal Government ALWAYS attaches alot of strings to any money they give out. Just cut the DNC cities off of money. Federal money. Even the DNC ‘Maoists’ know that their Voter base has no money. It’s the same thing with the Maoist Universities. Throw them out into the Street, just like they do to their former students. Let Universities charge whatever they like. Let’s see how long they last. These DNC/Neo Maoists will disappear as soon as they lose their bankroll.

  6. Zeke

    When the parasites on Wall Street ‘manufactured’ toxic “financial products” (to substitute for Greenspan’s removal of honest returns on Treasury instruments) all failed colossally – did the criminal banks stand on their own two feet? No. We were forced by the so called Federal Reserve to “buy” those toxic failed “financial products”.
    While millions lost their homes in foreclosures and auctions and evictions – – the criminal banking CEOs, etc. became Billionaires (yes, with a “B”.)
    Isn’t it charming how the parasitic elite choose such lovey venues for their confabs. Davos and this weekend in picturesque and exclusive Jackson Hole.
    Not many poor folk whom they are killing around there. Hehehehe. Very clever.
    Hey, but don’t look over here; look over there at the non-existent neo-Maoist or whatever fart is wafting around in deranged minds.

  7. KHS71

    Losing 3 million a year. How do they stay afloat? Taxpayers? The WNBA loses 10 million a year. Not enough TV revenues and attendance at games. They are subsidized by the NBA to stay in business.

  8. Lou

    off topic
    just for a laff…’entertainment’–

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