Facebook Takes $2 Million From Epoch Times News And Then BANS Them From Facebook!

I have seen ads for the Epoch Times all over the place for the last several months.  This is a news service that was recently launched by people who support the Falun Gong Chinese Christian movement.  They are very involved in what is going on in Hong Kong.  And because they are conservatives, the fake liberal US media giants hate them and hate the American flag waving Chinese in Hong Kong and want them all crushed by communist Chinese.


Some of the biggest online systems are now members of the Bilderberg gang.  At a secret meeting in Virginia this last year, they plotted how they would eliminate all conservatives from platforms that are popular and thus, rule all humanity secretly and totally via a Brave New World system of repression.


Huge hunks of the internet are being shut down systematically now by SJW gangsters.  They don’t even bother to follow their own basic rules, for example, giving warnings and explaining what is not allowed.  There really are no rules.  If the Bilderberg gang supports Muslim terrorists, any discussion about Muslim terrorists is now censored in Europe and increasingly, in the US.


Whatever the topic or actions, it is OK if one is part of the Bilderberg army online and if one isn’t on their side, even the most innocuous postings leads to being banned for life.  This is increasingly obvious and it is causing an alternative system to spring up as banned people ban together to start new websites to replace the Bilderberg websites.  For everything online are mere websites, in the end.

Facebook Blacklists Ads from the Epoch Times

So the latest news of a banning is Epoch Times being banned by Facebook.  The Epoch Times has spent $2 million advertising on YouTube and Facebook.  Both seem willing to lose massive funds in order to gain more political power via censoring conservatives.


This is the whole ‘get woke/go broke’ business.  Across the board, corporations and online systems all want to lose literally hundreds of billions of dollars over time in order to enslave humanity one way or another, following the instructions from Orwell when he wrote ‘1984’ as a warning, not an instruction manual.


“The Epoch Times has reported factually and honestly on the Trump administration and has been one of the leading news outlets in unraveling Spygate—the actions taken by Obama-era officials against the Trump campaign and his presidency. Our reporting on Spygate contradicted two years of false reporting by NBC in which it claimed the Trump administration had colluded with Russia to try to rig the 2016 election.”


He also said that despite repeated requests for clarification, Facebook has not provided any explanation other than “a generic explanation that we had violated policy, without explaining what policy they meant.”


Notably, the ban came despite the fact that the Epoch Times has previously spent over $2 million dollars on Facebook ads without issue.


This is flung at everyone banned by Facebook.  Zuckerberg lied when he appeared in Congress and was grilled about how people are banned.  This latest banning illustrates clearly that Facebook has a political agenda and isn’t a ‘service’ but rather, a propaganda publisher who edits everything to reflect their political goals.


As NBC News itself admitted in one of its hitpieces against the newspaper, “videos from the Epoch Media Group … combined for around 3 billion views on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, ranking 11th among all video creators across platforms and outranking every other traditional news publisher.”


This is identical to the banning of Alex Jones.  He claimed ‘I am the tip of the spear’ and he was correct.  He can be a total lunatic sometimes but then, all mainstream staff and owners are also utter lunatics, too.  He is absolutely correct about being the test case to see if they can ban any rival news services and now, these are being systematically banned, not merely defunded with no ads but utterly annihilated online with zero warning and no ability to dispute this.


The Epoch times issued a statement about all this which won’t appear in mainstream Bilderberg news, of course.


The Epoch Times has been running a very popular digital marketing campaign for our print-newspaper subscriptions. In the video advertisements, we discuss The Epoch Times’ editorial and feature content and encourage people to subscribe to our print newspaper.


That is true, all they do is show their newspaper and talk about various stories in the news, these ads are updated frequently so it is all about recent events.  These ads are quite innocent, utterly within the rules of any sane system.  It is just that the news is from a conservative viewpoint.  That is what irritates our Real Rulers no end.


Facebook has specific rules for advertising that require everyone—including publishers like The Epoch Times—to label content as political advertising if it touches on social issues or politics, something some news content naturally does. Many other media run advertising campaigns for their content and products in the same category on Facebook.


As I have said above, the Epoch Times spent $2 million advertising on Facebook.  I see their ads all the time on YouTube so spending there is considerable, too. This has caused their business to grow and thrive.  Since they are conservatives, the Bilderberg gang has decided to kill them off.


The Epoch Times is proving their case about the $2 million by comparing their spending that makes Google and Facebook richer, to fellow Bilderberg gangster news systems that spend far less in ads online, all of them together don’t add up to the amount Epoch Times is spending:

Not satisfied with preventing Epoch Times to compete on a level playing field, the mainstream media is egging on people to physically attack the Epoch Times and here is just one of an increasing number of examples from NYC:

Also in Canada:

The man is an ANTIFA ally.  Mainstream news has tied themselves to ANTIFA and so has Silicon Valley and this is going to backfire on them over time since ANTIFA is a terrorist organization demanding we destroy our nation physically and intellectually.  They are already systematically destroying all our colleges and universities, for example.


Ironic news: NY Democrats virtue signalling like crazy, opened the gates to hell. They insisted on changing the laws so someone can allege sex abuse that happened any time in one’s life. So now people are coming out of the woodwork to accuse people of sex crimes with no witnesses nor proof, which happened half a century ago or even longer.


This is a classic example of wanting to shoot someone in the face but ending up shooting yourself in the head.  I am not surprised by this Pandora’s Box event.


Former US Rep Gary Ackerman, 76, has been accused of sexually abusing a teenager at Boy Scout camp in the 1960s.


HAHAHA…another virtue signalling creep!  This is so delightful.


A lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court describes the incident which allegedly took place over five decades ago when Ackerman was a 23-year-old director at the Ten Mile River Camp near Narrowsburg in upstate New York.


The victim, who was 17 at the time, claims Ackerman coerced him into taking a drive and brought him to a secluded back road, where he tried to fondle the boy before forcing oral sex on him.


Welcome to the Catholic Church.  Did Ackerman spend time at Lolita Island, too?  He lives near the pedo palace in Manhattan, after all.  Even though Ackerman is a creep, proving this case is impossible at this point in time.  But then, the DNC ran with the Supreme Court judge was a rapist when he was a teenager story with zero evidence and the ‘witness’ couldn’t nail down even one operational detail of this ‘rape’ and others who came out of the woodwork to accuse, too, turned out to all be frauds and were punished for lying.


The ‘MeToo’ movement is imploding since even women who are screeching about distant past sex events are being accused, themselves, of sexual depravities, too.  Look at the MTV music awards to see the sorts of feminists running wild now:

All this whorehouse entertainment!  Coming from prudish, hysterical leftists howling about how evil Trump is for kissing adult, fully dressed females!  Oh, the horror!  Then, after attacking everyone for being sex fiends, these utter fiends then do the most gross sexual junk possible in public while proclaiming they are ‘liberals’ and believe in ‘free sex/open borders’.


Utterly and unashamedly insane…these people should be put in a lunatic bin.


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