YouTube Bans More And More People Without Warning: Google Goes Full Soviet

So, YouTube is going full tilt-censorship of anyone to the right of ANTIFA radicals.  The terror in the eyes of the far leftists is huge.  They are utterly terrified because they can already see how the migration of verboten websites to new formats is beginning to undermine the tech monopoly of Silicon Valley California leftists.  Eventually, we will all cease using any systems run by these crazy communists.


The Anti-defamation League published a list of all the online sites they want annihilated just one week ago and now they are being removed without warning by Bilderberg gangsters:


For years, YouTube has officially prohibited content which promoted or condoned violence or incited hatred against individuals or groups based on core characteristics such as ethnicity, gender and sexual identity, and religion.


The fad for forbidding any information or negative comments about various leftist-protected groups started on a specific day: November, 2016 when Clinton was defeated and Trump became President.  Suddenly, the leftists running California ran off to the Bilderberg gang and began conspiring with these international crooks to destroy all opposition to one party rule in this country.


In June 2019 it updated that policy with specific prohibitions against ideologies like white supremacy, which asserted the superiority of one group in order to justify discriminating against or persecuting other groups. It also added that it prohibited content which denied violent events like the Holocaust or certain mass shootings. ADL called the update “an important step forward,”adding, “This move alone is insufficient and must be followed by many more changes from YouTube and other tech companies to adequately counter the scourge of online hate and extremism.”


This stupid gang denies all sorts of real historical events or never mentions these like the many horrible episodes of communists starving and butchering millions and millions of people to death.  The entire left online seethes with rage, hate, screams to kill everyone who oppose them.  The Bilderberg gang joins in this howlfest by screaming about ‘global warming’ which they stupidly changed to ‘climate change’ when it got colder and colder.


What is most marvelous is how Jewish groups consider themselves to be ‘whites’ when convenient and then consider themselves to be ‘aliens under attack’ at other times.  They don’t understand how the Muslims view them as ‘whites’ and thus, should be restricted and abused like whites are now restricted while Muslims can now claim to be ‘victims of racism’…by Jews!  A trap the Jewish community has refused to understand.


Following the June 2019 announcement, it appeared that YouTube was taking steps to remove offending content from its service, and several channels that were noteworthy vectors for the dissemination of anti-Semitism appeared to have been shut down. However, subsequent analysis from ADL’s Center on Extremism (COE) found that significant anti-Semitic and white supremacist content continues to be accessible on YouTube even after the policy update.


So, the ADL has decided to use communist methods of debate: censor everyone and prevent anyone from discussing anything in any form and to do this using force, not persuasion.  Many more people will become ‘Holocaust deniers’ if this sort of brutal suppression of debate gets much worse.


Then there is the Muslim issue: the Jews have decided to include Muslims in the verboten to discuss lists.  So, the Muslims who want another Holocaust are in the same protected slots as Jews.  GOOD GODS, this is utterly insane.  Totally, utterly insane and there are millions more Muslims than Jews, too.

Today’s example here of a right wing commentator who is now a ‘nonperson’ on YouTube is a fine example.  He didn’t break any rules yet he was eliminated suddenly with no strikes against his channel.  The YouTube jerks do this all the time now.  They target someone and then annihilate them.  Everyone should move quickly to other venues, fast, because these SJW lunatics are out to remove much of the internet and leave only Pravad-type fake news/fake science operations online.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is joining the push to eliminate everyone who oppose the Bilderberg gang:


Allsup built his brand on base, reactionary conservative tropes, appealing to Donald Trump’s supporters, and creating “triggering” videos, before fully descending into the white nationalist politics of the alt-right.


Allsup has spoken at alt-right events such as Richard Spencer’s Free Speech Rally at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., in June 2017. He also attended the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, where he marched with members of white supremacist organizations. Allsup frequently appears on alt-right radio programs, allowing his hosts to articulate the most extreme positions while he attempts to mask his own racism behind irony.


Allsup is a fairly young man who supported Trump while in SCHOOL.  The left loves to praise politically active leftists including very violent, mindless lunatics who attack people physically while screaming…yes.  But give a speech that liberals (sic) disagree with politically: that is ‘violence’ to them and they go out of their way to claim that words are ‘violence’ while at the same time, saying ‘violence’ on behalf of leftist ideology…is not ‘violent’.


“Racist is not a real word. Racist is a word that the left uses to demonize somebody that says something that they find to be politically inconvenient. You say you want to get rid of illegals. What are you a racist? They use it to attack and demonize people and it doesn’t mean anything.”
— Free Speech Rally at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., June 25, 2017


Above is an example of ‘need to ban this young man’ due to him saying verboten words.  Every word in this paragraph above, is true!


As a 16-year-old, Allsup, who made the well-worn journey through libertarianism into the alt-right, volunteered for Ron Paul’s 2012 presidential campaign. Allsup served as Washington state director and WSU chapter president of Students for Rand, the official youth organization in support of Rand Paul for president, in 2016. He began openly identifying as a nationalist during the 2016 presidential election.


I hope Senator Rand Paul goes after the SPLC for defamation of character and outright lying about this young student who worked for his election.  James Allsup is still on YouTube at What’s on Politics where he was hired to be staff just three months ago:

I suspect his own followers don’t know about his new channel.  I found it via digging around the internet for half a hour.  So there it is!  Only 67 views in one week but I suspect the thousands of followers will eventually learn where this YouTube channel is eventually.

Every hour now, new names join the list of ‘verboten’ sites that these evil, horrible Bilderberg gangsters are eliminating.  Here is Molyneux interviewing today’s victim:

The conservatives are holding several events to discuss how to redesign the internet to avoid the communist side of the internet.  Join Stefan Molyneux at the 21 Convention in Orlando Oct 24-27 2019: is hosting an event that wants to discuss ‘ending racism, violence and authoritarianism’ and the SJW gang and ANTIFA are threatening to physically attack them:

Yes, having a meeting of both conservatives and liberals to discuss free speech and ending racism, etc. is being attacked by ANTIFA and mainstream media who are united in wanting to destroy civilization.

Styxhexenhammer66 knows he is next in the Google execution lists.  Styx thinks he is ‘neutral’ and thus, won’t be kicked to the curb by SJW lunatics.  How trusting he is!

Styx666 helps out by providing links to the new websites for the banned conservatives:

Allsup BC:…

Iconoclast BC:…

Sellner BC:…


And…Piers Morgan has joined Trump now.  Up until recently, he joined the Bilderberg gang in attacking Trump at his perch at the Daily Mail in England.  Now, he has jumped the shark and will be attacked nonstop by leftist lunatics, all to the great amusement of Trump.

And now for insane news: Seattle Officials Can’t Agree on How to Remove Human Crap from Sidewalks – A crazy black Councilman Argues Power Washers are Racist, Since Hoses Used Against Blacks in Past!

Leftist journalists are extremely upset about MTV Video Music Award host comedian Sebastian Maniscalco’s jokes about people who get upset about jokes.   No joke: they are freaking out about being freaked out by jokes!  This shows how insane they really are and this is exactly how Mad Madame Mao viewed jokes, too.


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5 responses to “YouTube Bans More And More People Without Warning: Google Goes Full Soviet

  1. AT

    “Eventually, we will all cease using any systems run by these crazy communists.“

    Yesterday was probably better.

    Anyhow, as I’ve mentioned before, once Utube starts alienating gamers it’s all over for them. Conversely, Bitchute and others should be wooing gamers with streaming platform options and conventions.

  2. Rob

    More insight behind the scenes at Google:

    “Google Buried True Meaning of Covfefe [I Will Stand Up] ”

  3. I have been royally pissed at Google for three years now. Every year, the platforms run by these California lunatics degrades further and further and is increasingly useless. It is ridiculous, what they are doing.

    They are degrading all systems. Movies, games, razor blade sales, you name it, if an SJW Bilderberg gangster is running it, it is now losing money. Even Disney now runs in the red! HAHAHA.

  4. Mewswithaview

    They have been deleting videos in Germany as well. A young woman (Naomi Seibt) with the wrong opinions on climate got her video deleted and it was then put back.

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