Former NY Fed Chief Demands Bank Collapse Economy To Stop Trump! TREASON!


Former head of NY Fed Reserve is a traitor, demands bank wreck economy so that the Chinese can win in their fight with Trump!  Arrest Dudley and charge him with treason, now.  The DNC supporters are hysterical enough to plot to destroy our economy in order to destroy Trump and then continue destroying America with one way trade with China.


Dudley urged Federal Reserve officials not to lower interest rates as a backstop while the president continues his battle against China. Trump has recently increased tariffs on Chinese goods and has called on the nation’s central bank to sharply lower interest rates to help fight the trade war against China.


“Central bank officials face a choice: enable the Trump administration to continue down a disastrous path of trade war escalation, or send a clear signal that if the administration does so, the president, not the Fed, will bear the risks — including the risk of losing the next election,” Dudley wrote in a post for Bloomberg.


Fighting to save our economy is treason to these creeps.  They hate America and want us all enslaved to foreign powers.  They naively believe the Chinese will let them live in palaces and fly private jets, etc. in the future after destroying America.  This is very foolish and stupid of them but then, traitors usually are stupid.


More traitors:

So, this beastly female Bilderberg gangster chops away at the internet, banning many people with zero warning based on whether or not they are conservatives she hates…and then has the moxie to go to the media to tell everyone, her platform is ‘open’ and she doesn’t ban anyone for political reasons.


She even lies about ‘offensive/controversial’ which is code for ‘we let Muslims and gays and SJW females to post threats, cuss, talk about jihad openly so we are an open platform.’  This is insanity.

I wrote to Styx666 yesterday warning him, he is next on the list when he posted a video claiming he was not radical right so he wouldn’t be banned, too.  I suspect now he has listened to me because he is now talking on Vox (a communist organization) about how he will defy the female dragon destroying YouTube.


And then there is the other Bilderberg bastard, Zuckerberg:

No one is allowed to talk about or mention or link to Verboten Volk.  This Nazi running Facebook should change the name to Fascistbook.  Now on to dirty news about sex inside the Machine run by our Real Rulers who are very strange people and who love screwing up everything:

This Muslim is in deep waters now.  Not only is she breaking Muslim laws, she is running around with a white dude, too.

A deranged female claims Trump LOOKED at her!  This is a crime!  Oh my, what a terrible thing.  She was hanging out with Epstein, of course.  And she was 25 years old when Trump looked in her general direction.  If all females went after all males who merely look at them…we will end up like Saudi Arabia where all women must be totally covered up from head to toe so no men can look at them!


These people are insane.  And this female enjoyed being with Epstein when she was a teen, before Trump looked at her when she was an adult, running around still, with Epstein.  Good grief!  She ran off when 16 to have sex.  I knew many girls who did this back in the 1960’s.


This is getting ridiculous now.  These people are insane, all of them, young and old.




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25 responses to “Former NY Fed Chief Demands Bank Collapse Economy To Stop Trump! TREASON!

  1. Kerry

    Maria Farmer states she was abused by Epstein when she was 26! TWENTY SIX.

    I’m sorry but a TWENTY SIX year old is an adult. And when a TWENTY SIX year old woman goes to a man’s home and into his bedroom, she knows what is going to happen.

    SHE SHOULD BE ARRESTED. Because it looks like she was procuring her own FIFTEEN year old SISTER for him and Ghislaine!

    This witch is insane. And it goes to show that these accusations against Epstein are starting to go lopsided.

    Meanwhile there is a whole system that traffics children and adults to the highest elite bidders. Some who are never seen again. Epstein is theater hiding the real sewer.

  2. timothy carroll

    The 19th amendment was the worst mistake this country ever made. Women are much, much too inflamed with passion and the majority of them cannot reason their way out of a paper bag. They have no business voting. Look at the mess we have now. Women proclaiming, “OPEN BORDERS NOW!”, “WE WELCOME REFUGEES!” “NO HUMAN IS ILLEGAL!”

    It goes without saying that women are much more compassionate than men. Which is precisely why they have no business deciding who governs this country. Their job is to raise children, keep house, and provide a loving environment for her husband to come home to after a hard day at work. Women just need to open up a big ole can of STFU and stop all their bitching!

    Since 1963, (((you know who))) (rhymes with who, hint, hint) has been gas lighting women that their traditional roles of wife/mother are inferior and they need to embrace their inner Lioness, and become queen of the hop.
    What we have now is a mess beyond all comprehension.

  3. Kerry

    @Timothy Carroll

    Black Pilled completely misunderstood the film. It wasn’t about feminism. It wasn’t about misogyny. It was about societal control of powers over peasants.

    This was a textbook film about MK ULTRA programming. Aside from one example there were no robots in this film. Listen to the dialogue, they give hints as to what is really going on.

    It’s the same in Blade Runner too, no Robots.

    Only real humans turned into slaves. Slaves who love their enslavement because their minds are turned inside out.

  4. Zeke

    IMO – the first half of this article is so wrong – I don’t know where to begin.
    IMO – Trump is destroying “the economy”. The national debt is soaring, the deficit is unsustainable. Although the number of jobs is up, the quality (re. income and benefits and stability) of those jobs is in the toilet.
    Trump mistakes stock market prices with “the economy”.
    The homeless and shelterless populations are ballooning. Bank interest on savings brings less than nothing (way less than inflation). Interest rates are rock bottom now and have been.
    Yes, “the economy” of the Wall Street parasites who want ever more ‘free money’ from the so called “FED” has them living like Pashas. But the rest of us are hurting. Buying power of wages is down. Housing costs are up. He made MidWest farmers into welfare recipients because they lost their market for their crops.
    And if you criticize or mention any of this, you are guilty of treason? wow. Maybe in Kim Jong-Un’s (of whom Trump stated his “love”) North Korea or Putin’s (of whom Trump expresses admiration) Russia – – but not here – – yet.
    Trump wants “the economy” which in his mind he equates to Wall Street stock share prices to “soar like a (North Korean?) rocket.” His ideal scenario would be for markets to crash after he leaves office – solely for the bragging rights – ‘stocks were never higher before or since i was in office’ … because he is mentally ill. He’s a thin skinned psychopathic narcissist. IMO.
    As vile and criminal as the so called “FED” is – – at least they’re looking for sustainability beyond any administration term in office.

  5. Kerry

    The end results of sexual “revolution”, we live in the pick up Disco culture 24/7 now. Thank you Baby Boomers. Because of you, we can all l ook at overweight, bare bottoms on national TV. It’s all hanging out now, So Groovy.

  6. Lou

    The banking cartel KNOWS or fears that their days are numbered.
    This sudden battle between Trump and the Fed is no accident.

    The fact that Dudley, a former Fed chair, literally called for the Fed to defy Trump and tank the economy so that he won’t get re-elected is literally Treason.
    Trump set them up and let them expose themselves for the treasonous criminals they are. It was all part of the game to show the American people what the Fed is capable of and that they DO NOT work for the American people but only for their own interests.

    These Deep State crooks are in a panic and the more they panic the more desperate their moves which exposes who they really are. It is now obvious that Trump will absolutely move to abolish the Fed and the whole world will see that Central Banks are not needed and are in fact the primary source of all the economic malaise around the globe.

  7. Petruchio

    Please take note of the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nominee Hearings. Christine Blasey-Ford (this type always seems to have a hyphenated last name) made accusations against Kavanaugh that occurred–allegedly–34 years ago. After the Drama was all over, Blasey-Ford admitted she made the story up. Did anybody in the Fake News Media check her story out? No! Doing so is Basic Journalism 101, yet not ONE member of the MSM did that. Anything that attacks White males who are not DNC useful idiots is the Objective. Note how #MeToo hasn’t chimed in about the Epstein story? You would think hatemongering groups like #MeToo would be at the forefront of ripping into Epstein, but he’s jewish so he gets a pass.

  8. timothy carroll


    The last president who stood up to the (((banking cartel))) got his head blown off in an open convertible for all the world to see. Trump will get exactly nowhere bloviating about their nefarious deeds. In short, I won’t hold my breath waiting for the “treason” charges to begin. Hell, I’m still waiting for Hitlery to be brought up on treason charges……still………waiting….along with charges for the rest of the cadre of clowns who assisted her. Ain’t gonna happen.

    The whole charade with Epstein’s “suicide” is evidence that the banana republic this country has become has only increased in its lawlessness. Fifty six years ago the American public accepted the Deep State explanations about who killed Kennedy and why. Even with the internet, the public STILL has not gained one IOTA of intelligence as to who really signs the checks and governs the oval office. (hint….it ain’t Trump)

  9. timothy carroll


    Interesting take, Kerry. Viewed from that angle, I’d say you’re correct. & @#5, yes, our culture has coarsened in the past sixty years. In view of the big fat “fanny” displayed, I’d say that nothing less than a gigantic, one hundred gallon enema is what’s called for to “cleanse” this country of the filth and degradation we are wallowing in. We are in what E. Michael Jones calls “The Big, Gay Disco”. It was bizarre forty five years ago. It’s absolutely insane now!

    I also note that in the same article you attached, Obama commented on the “playlist” of what he and Mooch-ella have listened to over the summer…… if anyone cares. Now, I’d like your point of view… Moochella a tranny or not? 🙂

  10. Petruchio, I can’t find anything on Google News about Blasey-Ford admitting she made the whole thing up. Do you have a reference for that?

  11. timothy carroll


    You would think hatemongering groups like #MeToo would be at the forefront of ripping into Epstein, but he’s jewish so he gets a pass.

    You cannot expect the ones running the circus and magic show to be honest about the way they manipulate the public. As P.T. Barnum once said about suckers, “There’s one born every minute.” We have over 300 million of them in this country alone. They are, if nothing else, quite satisfied to be fed the heaping helping of sewage and garbage our (((rulers))) serve up each and every day.

    Inside of a decade, expect the United States to look and feel like Brazil. That’s exactly where we are headed. And the millennials are more than happy to put what’s left of the Constitution through the paper shredder.

  12. timothy carroll

    @Kerry, but really for everyone. As a late “boomer”, I’m really getting tired of getting the blame for all that is F*cked up about our world. Kerry, you more than anyone should understand that the boomer generation was sold a bill of goods by the Powers. Every generation that lives thinks the one preceding it were stupid and the ones after are incompetent. Our biggest problem as a society is that we have been taught to point the finger at everyone except ourselves for the predicament we are in. If we would stop being divided, we could unite and go on strike. We won’t do that because the present situation, however unseemly, is comfortable. As long as the general public gets its bread and circuses, the show goes on.

  13. timothy carroll


    Steve, your first mistake was using “Jewgle”, but here it is:

  14. Kerry


    “Kerry, you more than anyone should understand that the boomer generation was sold a bill of goods by the Powers.”

    AND YOU ACCEPTED THE BILL! ACCOUNTABILITY. The powers waved easy sex and easy divorce and easy birth control and y’all guzzled that paperbag swill like fiiiiiine wine. Now y’all are washing your hands of it. No. NO, NO, NO, NO…NO. OWN IT. That is the first step to recovery. The Boomers have to stand up and say yes, we destroyed civilization for our own selfish needs.

    My generation bears the blame for putting our heads in the sand. Gen X could have started the brakes on the loose caboose but instead we just disconnected from society. And now it is almost too late.

    There are no blameless people in this dance. Believe me. At any time any generation could have turned and told the Powers that Be, no, not happening. None of us did, and now look around. Naked dirty backsides on television, transgendered freaks everywhere, adults using alphabet groups to prey on children and women throwing screeching fits if some gentlemen decide to bat their eyelashes in flirtation at them. This crazy train has to stop.

  15. AT

    The fed is an unconstitutional delegation of the solemn Congressional responsibility to control the money supply and the purse. It was always political, merely replacing the politics of a democratically elected Congress with the politics of bankers. As such it stands as a domestic enemy of the Constitution, subject to all oath takers. Trump should disband it and throw it back to Congress and let those critters actually put their votes on the line for things like interest rates and QE.

  16. timothy carroll

    OT, but related. Worth a look…..from the beginning.

  17. Tom W Harris

    If Dudley does manage to throw the election to Biden, everything’s gonna be OK: From The Week:

    Joe Biden: ‘I want to be clear, I’m not going nuts’

    …”I want to be clear, I’m not going nuts,” Biden said during a campaign rally in New Hampshire …

    …Biden made the declaration while speaking to supporters at New Hampshire’s Loon Lake, defending his inability to remember just where he’d spoken at Dartmouth College a few hours earlier. “I’m not sure whether it was the medical school or where the hell I spoke. But it was on the campus,” he said…

    …he man who performed surgery on Biden three decades ago following two brain aneurysms agrees with the 76-year-old’s weekend comment, saying that he’s clearly “as sharp as he was 31 years ago.”

    In a better world, Jagoff Joe would settle in Loon Lake for a nice long dirt nap.

  18. timothy carroll

    To Mel, err, Kerry…..

  19. Pete


    Bernie…boxing…what could go wrong?

  20. Zeke

    That’s it? That’s your proof? That biased screed has the legitimacy of a used kleenex.

    Collective guilt blaming of entire generations along phoney lines like Millennials or Baby Boomers or Gen Xers or Greatest Generation is just too ridiculous to squabble about.

    Follow the money – see who profited. Dudley was never a so called “Fed” chair. Elaine got it right – he was head of NY so called “Fed”. That is the real power in that the other eleven regional “Feds” are trailing dummy entities to make it appear to be federal and in touch with common peeps and have some legitimacy.

    Steve Bannon does have tremendous insight. He predicted the Clintons going down – in the wake of the “Occupy” movement and bailouts of oligarchs on Wall Street.

  21. Kerry


    Collective ADMITTANCE OF FAULT is absolutely needed.

    You and many people here STILL DON”T UNDERSTAND HOW REALITY IS CREATED. The powers, who are black wizards, do and they use that knowledge to create temptations to lure us into the reality they want to create.

    They used ILLUSION via TV and Film to sell the sexual revolution. The Baby Boomers or whatever you want to call the group born in the years after the war, DID NOT HAVE TO FOLLOW THAT TEMPTATION. The mass media culture cues were the HOOK. Well, that group fell for that hook, line and sinker. All they needed to do was say NO. All they needed to do was display a little self control. All they needed to do was recognize that TV and Film are not reality, they don’t reflect reality and never did. The powers make it quite clear that what they show us is FANTASY. It is up to us to either ignore it or turn it into reality. You can’t blame the powers for what the boomers did because no one was holding a gun to anyone’s head to make them sleep around, do drugs, engage in financial piracy etc.

    Most boomers were over coddled by parents who experienced the Depression and the War. So they wanted to give their children everything wonderful which is only natural. What they created were a generation of entitled, spoiled brats who were collectively told the world was their oyster, they fart fairy dust and CHANGED THE WORLD!

    Yeah, look at the world now. LOOK. Was it for the better? *Eyeroll* I for one am overjoyed with the world because you know? All those baby boomers let it all hang out and got cheap sex at Studio 54. That makes it all worth it. They made fat, dirty, naked bottoms of TV and children in drag possible. Where would we be without them? *Snark*

  22. The real world is very real and the point of the spear is CRIME. I was a leftist until lieftists murdered a young cop on my doorstep. They then said they would kill ME. One sees reality quickly under such circumstances.

    Since then, I campaigned for Law and Order, big time. And a detective from Queens working for the DNC threatened my life on my doorstep leading to me meeting with Giuliani and he tapping my phone as politicians attacked me at home, via threatening phone calls.

    See? Reality literally bites. People who are adults grow up out of childish fantasies but some adults never grow up and we see that in the DNC leadership who will not take any responsibility for the crime-raddled messes they have created in NY and California and all DNC-run cities and states.

  23. Lou

    Elaine, this may be old news to you,

  24. Petruchio

    @#23 Lou: Of course the obvious solution is to strip the Central Bankers of their Money printing powers. Time and again, the central Banksters destroy Economies and yet, they retain their control of the Money creation. The Central Bankers are Financial Pirates; looting national treasuries.

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