NY Times Features Story Biden Loves DNC Women And They Think He Never Molests Girls


No. NYT, it is not an ‘act of defiance’ it is a crime.  These people are protecting a child molestor.  These very same females howl about adult men making passes at adult women but are perfectly fine with adult men molesting little girls or adult women dressing young boys as cheap female strippers and parading them at gay clubs.  The NYT is OK with all this sexualization of children by leftists.  Then turns on the Victorian smelling salts fainting routine when it comes to normal sex with normal heterosexual adults!


This nauseating double standard world goes utterly unexamined by the SJW loving staff working at the NYT.  The editors hate Trump so much, they are utterly unable to see the raging double standard of their Manhattan morals tacked onto Victorian morals which they thoroughly hate in reality.  All the hyperventilation about Trump’s personal sex life comes from hedonists who hate white males and want to destroy them via screaming about normal sex.


This paper that pushes every perversion hates normal adult sex between consenting adults when they are normal men and women and not various sexual deviants from the natural norm.


A hug can be an act of affection. Of encouragement. Of comfort. When it comes to hugging Joe Biden, it can also be an act of defiance.


HAHAHA.  Adult women can hug him, they can kiss him, they can even pull down his pants and do a blow on him.  The issue here is, he cannot do this to little girls all the time.  The NYT won’t even mention the issue of Biden smooching and sexually caressing little girls.  It is a verboten topic in this paper that pushes deviant sex all the time and even is now suggesting that normal sex is somehow perverted.


This is the same stupid paper that hired a rank anti-white racist female from England to join the editorial board.  The NYT has devolved over the years into one of the worst papers on the planet earth.  They have fallen further than Pravda at this point.  Pravda didn’t push for amoral lunacy!  What is so annoying is how these female hysterics are so utterly without any morals and shouldn’t be allowed around small children.

MSNBC, in competition for readers who are vicious feminists who hate men, had to apologize to Trump after his lawyers sent letters announcing they are taking these creeps to court for publishing utter lies cooked up by a crooked DNC operative.

There is no ‘rigorous verification process’ at any Bilderberg run media system.  They vomit out whatever they wish and then move onwards to the next fake news story they cook up at crooked Bilderberg secret meetings.  It is endless.


Yesterday, a deranged young man born in Ethiopia who dropped out of school in the US when he became ill with schizophrenia, killed an innocent white lady walking her dog in Northwest DC, the young lady was an intern to a DNC legislator.


Eliyas Aregahegne: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Eliyas Aregahegne, the suspect accused in the random stabbing of a Washington D.C. dog walker who was interning in the city, described himself as a once promising college student and scholarship winner.


That all changed, police say, on August 27, 2019; they accuse him of repeatedly stabbing a stranger to death on the street in a vicious random attack. The victim was named as Margery Magill, 27, of Northwest, D.C. Police wrote that, on August 28, 2109, Eliyas Aregahegne, 24, of Northwest, D.C., was “arrested and charged with first degree murder while armed.”


None of the mainstream news sheds even the littlest light on who did this murder.  This is typical now: vital information about very dangerous criminals is carefully concealed even when the criminal is still running loose and a clear description of what they look like is vital.  This is increasingly true in Europe, too.


Today, we all know if no picture or biological information of a violent criminal is not included in the story, that person is very, very likely to be black and or also immigrant.  Meanwhile, in all DNC-run cities without exception now, are flooded with illegal aliens, drug addicts and criminals camping out in the streets and parks and everywhere:

DNC run cities are all doing the same thing: refusing to arrest people for ‘petty crimes’ like smashing cars or stealing in stores and they legalize or enable via needle programs, drug addicts who need money from theft to fuel their addictions.  This lunacy is supposedly ‘humane’ but is really disgusting and turning all DNC cities into homeless camps filled with drug addicts.


Supposedly, women are running away from Trump according to Bilderberg news media ‘polls’ which have been uniformly incorrect over the years when it comes to Trump.  These females all want to run cities and states like they run California: a hot mess with utter chaos that ends up destroying the homes and lives of women!  But then, they also hate marriage between men and women at this point in time so I see no end to this lunacy except…social collapse.


You can’t run a city, a state nor a nation based on drug addicted, sexually wild lunatics who hate working.  It just doesn’t work.  Never has, never will.  If women insist on voting for more of this, I foresee Islam taking over since they at least want intact families, supposedly.  Except when they, too, do all this.  What a mess. Ilhan Omar is furious her latest sexcapade with her aid goes public!




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5 responses to “NY Times Features Story Biden Loves DNC Women And They Think He Never Molests Girls

  1. Kerry

    No, no one will be converting to Islam, not unless by force and that will be due to the powers allowing them to inundate all sectors of government.

    It looks like the first step of that play is failing, BIG TIME.


    If we are going to look to the worst possible scenario, I would say we would more likely be overrun by Mexican death cults such as Santa Muerte than Islam.

    Santa Muerte is really just another variation on the religion of the Powers. The goddess cult of Ishtar, Astarte, Venus, Diana, Cybele, Ceres and whatever other name they decide to give her. They do like equating her with the Virgin Mary, especially when they call her Stella Maris. They dress up Muerte as Mary all the time.

  2. Petruchio

    I believe the root cause of all this is the influence of people who have been promoting “Diversity” and “Multi Culturalism”. The amazing thing is that these folks have never been asked to PROVE that importing millions of non English speaking peoples into a Country improves that Country. And that’s a huge break for these “Diversity is a strength” proponents, because there is NO proof Diversity and/or Multi Culturalism improves anything. In reality you get California style slum cities. And the Leftists who ignore Biden’s pedophilia show us that they are merely using sexual harassment/assault claims as a WEAPON.

  3. Pete


    Tim Pool under threat right now!

  4. Yes, Tim is in danger from his own leftist buddies. Just two weeks ago, he announced he didn’t like the conservatives who are his audience and every day since, he proclaims himself as a radical leftist to my great amusement. He just doesn’t want to grow up!

    Well, now they are hunting him just like me when I was barely 20 years old, I figured this all out back at that young age. He is ten years older than that and still clueless.

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