Chinese Military Invades Hong Kong,

China is finally moving full military forces into Hong Kong.  News from Hong Kong will now probably shut down and anyone posting anything about this will probably get a visit from the communist Chinese police.  The mainstream news is light on reporting this news.  China is in intense negotiations with Trump over the very unbalanced trade issues which the mainstream news sides with China on this vital issue so…none are reporting the troops pouring into Hong Kong this morning.  Inforwars, on the hand, is reporting it!


Infowars can be completely crazy about many things but are also totally sane about many things that mainstream media wishes to lie about openly.  It is shocking to see how all the mainstream Bilderberg news is about Hong Kong arresting 3 activists while not showing how the Chinese military just invaded in great numbers.  This is a ridiculous inability to report obvious news.


The Washington Post editorial today isn’t about China and Hong Kong news, it is the daily demented attacks on Trump and on America: ‘Trump has not trouble GUTTING THE LAW to build his wall.’


This editorial is proof that the WP is a treasonous organization set up to destroy our nation.  Many people are upset today that Comey, the DNC enabler who ran the FBI off the cliff, isn’t going to be put in prison.  Leaking stuff only puts people who don’t belong to the Bilderberg gang into prison.  All other people better watch out.  They are still trying to put the elderly Roger Stone into prison just like Tommy Robinson in England, for reporting information the State wants hidden:

We don’t see Stone in the news these days due to the gag order by a DNC judge.  But he does have a webpage:  The Stone Zone.


He was front page Bilderberg news during the dawn raid on his home but the exoneration of his reputation in courts is non-news.  Wiping out real news is very important for the Bilderberg gang, they did this to me when I was very active in politics.  Back to how the media here is reporting on China news: the NY Times front page isn’t an attack on Trump!  And is about a tiny bit of information about China.

The Washington Post is hilarious.  Their featured story is about how some of the DNC candidates are all ‘healthy’.  Insane, yes, but physically fit!  Except Bernie Sanders and senile Joe Biden.  Both Biden and Bernie want to stop the immigration authorities and yesterday, Biden doubled down on courting the illegal alien votes in California and NY by yelling, Biden was asked by a Clinton College student what he would do to improve and help migrants in the facilities reunite with their families.


“Close them down!” Biden declared, to loud applause.


“No, no, no, no, no, no,” he continued. “We don’t need them. We [meaning President Barack Obama and himself] found that, when we were in office, in fact … [when] we finally got things under control, you have to report back for a hearing on such-and-such a date, people show up!”


He is lying, virtually no one shows up for the hearings.  What is worse is, he and Obama both enforced the laws and expanded facilities and had children sleeping on floors with nary a peep from either man.  What is worse is, these traitors are being supported by California and NY political bosses all of whom are letting crime run wild and encouraging drug addicts to invade and get free needles and no arrests for severe, dangerous addictive, illegal drugs.

Uncle of Italian Girl Murdered by Migrants Threatens to Show Photos of Her Dismembered Body if Immigration Laws Loosened


This is their power base.  Chase out citizens due to bad schools run by crazy liberals who can’t control the welfare children who run riot, chase out citizens due to drug crimes and street crimes, drive out citizens due to high taxes and poor services.  Detroit, a near-dead city that once was rich and powerful, votes 100% DNC every election!


Meanwhile, our NATO ally in Europe, Germany, continues to see military rot away to nothing:


When asked how many servicemen have the complete set, a ministry spokeswoman told Tagesspiegel that “only a few” are currently in possession of all three pairs. She has not provided the exact number, however.


All military equipment and systems are rotting away under the former East German boss, Merkel.  She also led the attack on Europe by demanding all illegal aliens be brought in and scattered about so that all of Europe now enjoys a much higher crime rate.


The intent of the project, championed by German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen, was to replace the so-called “all-season shoe” with “heavy” and “light” boots, but something apparently went awry in the process.


Amazing how East German systems rot away West German systems.


In January, military Inspector General Eberhard Zorn said that the Germany Army would most likely lack necessary equipment and arms until at least 2031.


So, it will take ten years to fix.  HAHAHA.




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3 responses to “Chinese Military Invades Hong Kong,

  1. Kerry

    “China is finally moving full military forces into Hong Kong. News from Hong Kong will now probably shut down and anyone posting anything about this will probably get a visit from the communist Chinese police.”

    This was inevitable. I saw it coming the day of the handover way back when. China would not allow a small territory to undermine its communist leaders. I’m just surprised it took this long.

    Still not our problem though. However many of the elite in HK have dual citizenship. Many of them are US citizens as well. My friend was one of those lucky individuals. If China prevents this crowd from leaving or interferes with them…well…then we have a major problem.

    And that isn’t even counting the anchor babies.

  2. snoosebomb

    check your date !! its not even HK

  3. Seraphim

    The Chinese ‘military’ does not need to ‘invade’ HK. The PLA has a permanent garrison (of cca 6,000 to 7,000 combat-ready force) in HK since day one of the Chinese rule (1997!), stationed in the former British barracks and with the Headquarters in the Central District of HK (the former ‘Prince of Wales’ Building – former head office of the British Army) next to the phallus-like IFC II Tower). What is called the ‘invasion’ is the 22nd routine rotation of troops since the handover.

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