Germans Are Joining IG Metall Union To Fight YouTube Censorship of Patriotic Men

The German YouTube creators are fighting a fierce battle with the Google/Bilderberg censors in Europe.  They are demanding that YouTube issue clear rules of posting videos, etc.  The Real Rulers want to destroy all citizen to citizen communication systems so that only Bilderberg media shows up online.  I find it charming that the Germans are united with a powerful union to force Google to work with them.

YouTubers in Germany are now being unionized by IG Metall workers!


A group of YouTubers is teaming up with Europe’s largest trade union to lobby for greater transparency. Until recently, the YouTubers Union was a community group with little power of its own, but it has now teamed up with IG Metall, the German Metalworker’s union. IG Metall is one of the oldest unions in Germany and over its lifetime has expanded to cover workers in industries including electrical engineering, IT, plastics and textiles.


HAHAHA…very creative work there!  One way to get around all the creepy elimination of all participation online by the German government.


The YouTube Union was formed last year amid tensions between YouTube and the content creators who post videos to the platform, but as a community group rather than a true union it had little power to back up its position. The new joint initiative, called FairTube, aims to pressure the platform to be more transparent about its rules and decisions, especially in regard to monetization or demonetization of videos.


After several meetings by the elites running the internet in Europe and the US, they imposed all sorts of nasty rules to screw up everything and cause all the pesky internet users to be kicked out and turn the internet into cable TV again.  We have to fight this fiercely.  There is no retreating, we have to fight to the finish.

The leftists infesting the DNC support the Chinese communists.  I pointed this out many, many years ago.  These are MAOISTS who run many universities and quite a few cities filled with foreign illegals and poorly educated welfare families.  They hope to impose China-style communism which ends up causing millions to starve and freeze to death.

Joe Biden announced that illegals are the real American citizens and the real citizens are stupid and lazy and should be kicked out, basically.  The DNC has gone totally insane. They are traitors.

Former PM of Canada announced, she hopes the hurricane heading towards Florida will wipe out Trump’s home there!

These people are evil, bloodsucking monsters.  They want to kill anyone who irritates them or prevents them from ruling us with draconian powers because they really hate humanity.  Campbell should be shunned, she should be investigated for pushing for harm to come to a close ally, good lord, this is so insane.



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2 responses to “Germans Are Joining IG Metall Union To Fight YouTube Censorship of Patriotic Men

  1. Suusi M-B

    It is called killing the goose that lays the golden egg. Who is compensating google for the reduced advertising that it is losing by closing these channels?

    All Google is doing is throwing away its monopoly. In much the same way that is the Russian facebook Google is creating the opportunity for the Russian or any other country to host a youTube clone to host those sites.

  2. Yes, they are killing the Golden Goose. Corporations, by attacking or telling white males to go to hell, are slitting their own throats, too.

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