College Football Powerhouses Angry California Will Allow College Players To Make Money On Fame

Football players are nearly all recruited from poor minority youths who are ruthlessly exploited by ‘schools’ (sic) to bring in vast sums of TV and fan based money playing football basically for free.  This is a severe form of  ‘indentured servants’ who gain economic freedom only after being exploited like slaves.  In California, the laws have been changed to prevent this rank exploitation to the immense fury of the ‘schools’ (sic, again).  Also big news: Trump wins Supreme Court ruling about illegal aliens.  Hooray.


Liberals in California do a good deed for once: force schools exploiting young men seeking riches in the NFL, will now get paid since they are basically indentured servants in corrupt colleges.  The cynical abuse of ghetto kids must stop.  Boxing and football are both very damaging ‘games’ which cause significant bodily harm, especially brain damage.  Players are exploited by media giants, schools and governments to be used up and discarded once they are useless to the exploiters.


Athletes at California colleges could hire agents and sign endorsement deals under a bill the state Legislature sent to the governor Wednesday, setting up a potential confrontation with the NCAA that could jeopardize the athletic futures of powerhouse programs like USC, UCLA and Stanford.


Unfortunately, this bill only helps the tiny minority of top players.  The bulk of the players, 80% or more of whom are chucked into the gutter once the schools dump them, get nothing at all from football.  Winning the multi-million paychecks is like winning the lottery only no one beats the snot out of you while you play the lottery.


Gov. Gavin Newsom has not said whether he will sign the bill. But the NCAA Board Of Governors is already urging him not to, warning that if he does California colleges and universities would eventually be banned from NCAA competitions because of their ‘unfair recruiting advantage.’


HAHAHA.  Even this tiny goodie going to the mass of young, poor mostly minority males is too much.  The schools depend on total enslavement.


The Senate voted 39-0 Wednesday to pass the bill, which has the endorsement of NBA superstar LeBron James, who skipped college and went directly to the NBA before the league changed its rules to require players to be at least one year removed from high school before entering the draft. But the bill could impact James’ 14-year-old son, who is a closely watched basketball prospect in Los Angeles.


‘Just ONE YEAR of slavery, please!’ cried the schools which are frauds, not ‘places of learning.’


The Pac-12, which includes USC, UCLA, Stanford and Cal, issued a statement reiterating its previous stance – asking the California Legislature to delay the debate until the NCAA announces formal proposals.


HAHAHA.  Delay, delay, got to suck up the loot.  The boycott of football hurt the NFL quite a bit but most fans just ran off to schools to watch the carnage.  Now, that stream of wealth which ran to the TV bosses and university coaches all of the coaches paid more than anyone else on campuses, all that is going to dry up now.


‘The question is what’s the best way to continue to support our student-athletes. We think having more information and informed views will be helpful,’ the statement said.


Good lord, I wish these gangsters could be arrested for fraud.


J.D. Wicker, the athletic director at San Diego State, a Mountain West Conference member, agreed, saying ‘California weighing in on this complicates that.  I think the frustration for me is that they probably don’t truly understand the NCAA and how we work as a governing body,’ Wicker said. ‘Again, it’s schools across 50 states and it’s all of us working together, whereas the state of California will only harm California schools.’


Letting young players gain something from their enslavement infuriates all these fake schools.  These kids have been heavily exploited all my very long life and it should end, now.


This website talks about college age kids who are unable to gain much from going to school but who are great as exploited free labor to schools seeking vast sums from football games.


As this is going on, schools are making sure that all the kids on their target board stay interested. That means letters, and lots of them, to remind you of the school’s prestigious history and to watch the team. Coaches also encourage you to work hard in the summer.


Every day a BCS-caliber prospective student-athlete gets home, he has a mailbox full of “stuff.” Big and small envelopes. Postcards, pamphlets, literally everything you can imagine to make sure he knows that the school is thinking about him. In fact, 4-star recruit Alvin Kamara once received 105 letters from Alabama in one day.


Luring young lads into slavery requires lots of attention.  They have to trap these poor kids and then put them to work, merciless hours of ‘practice’ and many, many games with the ‘season’ getting longer and longer in both the NFL and the schools, wearing down most of the young players over time.  This is ridiculous.


Here is an example from Oregon, the ‘liberal’ state that still allows exploitation of ghetto kids’ labor for ‘schools’.


In last week’s win over Nevada, UO offensive coordinator Marcus Arroyo used 32 players on his side of the ball. Arroyo’s regular rotation in games will usually be more like 15 or 16 guys, but the 77-6 victory allowed him to rotate in several younger players who now have game film to analyze and learn from for their next opportunity, whenever it might arise.


A gruelling schedule and lots of meetings to hone the skills of the slaves.  ‘Some day, if you are not crippled for life or die driving fast, you might make lots and lots of money which you will probably lose by the time you are 40 years old and living in the gutters again.’  If only they told these poor kids the truth!


Arroyo’s counterpart on defense, Andy Avalos, also had more evaluations than usual to do when he reviewed the postgame film. The Ducks used 38 players on defense last week, and 29 of them made the final stat sheet. For Avalos, though, employing so many players will be the norm most weeks this season.


Right off the bat, a number of players are dumped the first week.  This happens at all these fake schools.  There is zero interest in helping boys who ruined their health and endangered their brains for years before trying out at these ‘schools’.


“In all our packages, we have at least a two-deep, and we want to feel comfortable rolling with them all, sending an all new group in,” Avalos said. “And we have three, four different packages. So we’re talking about a lot of bodies.”


HAHAHA…’bodies.’  Indeed, these are walking corpses to these awful coaches.


Avalos’ freshmen aren’t just playing, they’re producing. Funa is the only true freshman in the country to already have recorded multiple sacks this season. Ware-Hudson had three tackles in his debut against Nevada, and Williams and Dorlus recorded their first career tackles as well.


Already, these still quite young men who are mainly teenagers, are ‘multiple sacks’ and sacks are where many of the body damaging messes occur.


The previously extremely liberal 9th Circuit  Court of Appeals ruled that Trump can limit illegal aliens from invading America!


The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals – long a liberal bastion that has been aggressively reshaped into a more moderate court by the Trump administration – handed the White House a partial victory in the case on Monday by ending the nationwide injunction against the asylum policy. However, the 9th Circuit kept the injunction alive within the territorial boundaries of the circuit, which encompasses California, Arizona, Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, Nevada, Idaho, Guam, Oregon and Washington.


Illegal aliens can still invade California and Arizona but not New Mexico or Texas.  This is a baby step forwards for the rest of the nation.  Hopefully, when this mess lands at the Supreme Court, the nonsense of letting anyone invade our nation will stop.


The Supreme Court’s order was not a final ruling on the policy’s merits but does allow the policy to take effect nationwide, including in the 9th Circuit, while the case makes its way through the lower courts.


The new rules (which are actually the old rules before Obama) will even take effect in the 9th Circuit Court states but the ruling elites who are all Democrats there, will do all they can to keep the borders open and invaders entering with impunity.


And last of all today: the super rich Koch family globalists side with Google and Facebook, demanding these entities be allowed to be run just like they are running today.



Americans for Prosperity, the conservative group backed by the Republican billionaire family, will release ads over the next two weeks calling on people to urge their state attorneys generals not to go after the large tech companies.


HAHAHA.  Yes, the super rich want monopolies.  Duh.


One ad states: ‘Tell Your AG: Don’t Let Government Abuse Antitrust Authority’ . The group asks that the attorneys general not turn their investigation into a ‘political spectacle’.


The Koch brothers want no Antitrust Authorities to exist.  These dangerous men want to control the political debate and dictate to us, how we live.  Too late to save Google and Facebook!  Both are increasingly unpopular and both are heavily abusing customers now and it is quite noticeable to users, who is spying on them and harassing them with a billion ads and abusive online junk.


Google searches, for example, are now nearly useless in many ways.  I greatly dislike Google, indeed, it has morphed into open hatred now.



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5 responses to “College Football Powerhouses Angry California Will Allow College Players To Make Money On Fame

  1. Tim

    The abuses in “college” sports goes beyond the enslavement of the athletes. You can’t forget about the pedophilia that went on at Penn State with the football program, and at Michigan State with Larry Nasser.

    My own belief in that pedophilia goes on at all of the major college sports programs, but they are so idolized that every one turns the other way. That is the reason it can happen for so long and not be stopped.

  2. Petruchio

    A long time ago, James Michener wrote a book called, “Sports in America”. A good read, but what Michener concludes is that everything in College Sports should be out in the open. This involved just outright PAYING College athletes an actual paycheck and doing away with the phony “Student-Athlete” image. Nobody has listened of course because the Colleges like things just the way they are. It’s kind of amazing that this kind of exploitation has gone on as long as it has.

  3. Her family like mine, lived on the frontier. I know mine married into the Tribes during all this but also were part of the British and then US military, my great granddad a cavalry officer in the Arizona territory before the Civil War, for example. No one in my family sought scholarships as ‘Native Americans’ though one of my sisters played ‘Indians’ in the movies, for example.

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