BREAKING NEWS A FEW MINUTES AGO: Tommy Robinson Suddenly Freed!!!


YouTube continues to deteriorate.  I had to do a multi-level search for this video because when I did a simple ‘youtube Tommy Robinson release from prison’ search, nothing useful came up, only old videos.  Well, Tommy is out of prison suddenly and this is due to BORIS JOHNSON becoming Prime Minister. Johnson isn’t a Bilderberger.  Tommy was kept in prison isolated but the prison staff took good care of him this time, unlike last time he was tortured and abused and starved.

Tommy looks really good this time unlike last time when he looked like someone from a Nazi concentration camp.  He should never have been put in prison.  He was merely reporting the news, news the May government wanted to keep under wraps.


Watch the video whereby a ‘reporter’ argues with Tommy about how to report the news!  HAHAHA.  ‘They are not journalists, they are prosecutors,’ says Tommy correctly.  HAHAHA.  Comments to the video are funny:


Stan S
47 minutes ago
Tommy released on Friday 13th.
That means SEVEN years of bad luck for the British authorities.

1 hour ago
It’s so disgraceful to see people pretend contempt of court is what this was about. It was about silencing a journalist. It was about avoiding attention for what’s going on. It’s all about protecting Islam and pushing for multiculturalism with a culture that is largely incompatible, which is nothing but insane when you realize the group of guys that was charged with grouprape aren’t the only ones out there. Disgusting.


Here is the British rag, the Independent (sic) whining about him being released from prison:


During his stint at Belmarsh, he was visited by supporters such as far-right provocateur Katy Hopkins and Brexit Party founder Catherine Blaiklock, forced to resign from the party over anti-Muslim comments.


Patriots are called ‘far-right provocateurs’ by traitors.  They hate patriotism.  Note how the entire leadership of the DNC in the USA is anti-patriotism and they openly trample on the US flag, take it down at DNC-run schools and howl like banshees when asked to pledge allegiance to the flag.


While in jail the operators of his official Telegram channel “Tommy Robinson News” endorsed Boris Johnson and called for all supporters to “back Boris”.
“It is refreshing to actually see someone have a pair and stand up for British democracy,” a message read.


And lo and behold, Boris freed Tommy!  Good.  Someone has to stand up to the EU fascists who hate patriots.  Europe is sitting up and paying attention.  The Bilderberg gang over there is going nuts right now, freaking out that maybe more nations will stand up to them and be nationalists, instead of tools of global elites.


Boris Johnson, the PM of England, made a deal with the Northern Irish so they now support Brexit again.


The paper claimed the DUP, the biggest party in Northern Ireland, had also privately said it would drop its objection to regulatory checks in the Irish Sea.  A point it had previously said was unacceptable as it would separate Northern Ireland politically and economically from the mainland.


It was claimed that in return Brussels would let go of its insistence Northern Ireland stays in a customs union with the EU.


So the government isn’t falling, Brexit isn’t dying and the British Bilderberg media giants are howling like banshees right now.  All their precious schemes, thwarted!


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4 responses to “BREAKING NEWS A FEW MINUTES AGO: Tommy Robinson Suddenly Freed!!!

  1. E

    I was kind of hoping this zionist shill would stay away this time.

  2. Moe

    First thing that popped into my mind when I read this article headline was – BORIS.

  3. Tom W Harris

    You over-complicate. A “tommy robinson” Google search (with or without quote marks) brings up a Guardian story entitled “Tommy Robinson released from jail after nine weeks.” Sorry (not sorry) to burst your conspiracy bubble.

  4. That was hours later. When it was breaking news, it was nearly invisible. And Tommy filmed the reporters who came out to cover him. I saw all that before this ‘made the news.’

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