Feminists Are Bankrupting All Entertainment Systems!

Many corporations are now experiencing financial difficulties due to the hiring of SJW college graduates who hate white males.  Many ‘socially awake’ actions by corporations are alienating a huge number of customers who notice these corporations are intent on destroying masculinity.  This destructive war on white males is backfiring badly.  Trump is riding to power on this insane business of white college girls indoctrinated into hating white men.


We see this most clearly in Hollywood which is run entirely by hostile people who hate white males who are not part of the Power Pyramid.  These powerful white males attacking working class/middle class white males is most interesting to watch.  They obviously think they won’t be hit by the hammer of the feminists which is delusional.


In another insane move, these same radical leftist white females are all falling for Muslim men or think Muslim men want white women to be lesbians which is very ironic.  This insane alliance of no women’s rights Muslims with no men’s rights females is devious and amazing to watch.  The low intelligence level of many women is revealed here.  Women are not famed for being cunning, after all.


Disney corporation is going bankrupt after these leftists took over and now are systematically buying up and utterly destroying all sorts of entertainment systems.  For example, they bought up the Muppets franchise and announced the other day that the Muppets are now dead in the water with few plans of doing anything with the puppets anymore.


Disney bought Star Trek and turned it into Star Dreck.  Dr. Who became Dr. Whatthehell.  The key to these transformations is feminists taking over these franchises built by very talented men.  Disney recently bought Marvel and the first Disney Marvel movie was a feminist fest that went down in flames, a first for Marvel.


Football managed to alienate white males via black players who are multimillionaires whining about being slaves.  Auto racing, for example, in Europe and the US, is now eliminating young ladies parading around the race cars, waving flags, etc.  All male entertainment systems are being invaded by these man-haters who want to drive the audiences away and men finally, this year, a tad late, are waking up to the fact, corporations run by leftists don’t want them as customers.


And are also going bankrupt.  Some of these behemoths are gigantic and full of pride and sneering hatred, thinking they can, like Gillette, take a multibillion dollar loss due to an anti-male razor blade campaign which won awards at the SJW-run awards systems.  This infiltration of man-hating females and leftist males is now at a critical stage for they are systematically bankrupting major corporations who are not showing the slightest alarm about alienating 50% of their customer base.


The new Star Wars ‘Social Media Manager’ for example, is a very hostile, hate filled white lesbian female who looks like a man but hates real men with obvious glee.  She spends her many idle hours online, attacking white males and cursing them out, parading her lesbianism and sneering that she and the Star Wars Female Force buddies intend to totally drive away all straight white males and any stray black males, too.


This is just incredible and I find very amusing in many ways.  First off, driving away your customers because you hate them as people is always funny.  The businesses doing this will whine endlessly about ‘where are our customers?’ while screeching at them if they dare show up.


The comics business is in a continuing collapse due to chasing aways the customer base, for example.  Marvel hired a man-hating lesbian to run their comics creators and for the last two years, she has pushed anti-male storylines which have now invaded the biggest money makers of the comics business.  The same has happened increasingly at DC comics, too.  Both are still huge money makers due entirely to the movies which have flourished for a while but Disney now owns both and is busy destroying both with anti-male especially white male, storylines.


All the villains are, without exception, white males if they are humans, for example.  This is 80% of the customer base of the business: white males.  The comics that used to sell by the millions now sell by the thousands or less, much less.  The rate of comic book stores closing has shot upwards in the last two years and is now on a death watch, the last ones teetering on bankruptcy, too.

This is due to men walking away from comics, and now movies and all anti-male systems.  It is astonishing, watching ho swiftly white (for the most part) females educated in our SJW schools are systematically wrecking nearly all entertainment systems.


Right now, these lunatics are attacking comedians.  Male comedians are now verboten and the list of what they can’t joke about grows longer and longer due to these many Mad Madame Mao clones working tirelessly to destroy culture.  They are so arrogant, they are now attacking black comedians, the Dave Chappelle ‘critics hate’ kerfuffle’ clearly showing that these crazed feminists are now attacking their black male allies and I predict this will get much worse in the future since these women and their allies are utterly insane just like Mad Madame Mao.

All entertainment which is SJW PC Perfect gets 100% scores at Rotten Tomatoes thanks to ‘critics’ giving bad entertainment high ratings while anything males like (black or white males!) is given extremely low scores while audience scores are very high for male entertainments.  Here is another white male in the crosshairs of the SJW gang:

PewDiePie was blacklisted by the SJW gang and then he gave in to them and gave $50,000 to the ADL thinking he would be left alone if he didn’t give money to those who are blacklisting him.  This caused his own audience to blow up and warn him, it was a trap.  Seeing the danger to giving money to people who are using it to persecute people, he withdrew the money.


The Anti-defamation League is really a SJW attack force that runs riot, going after anyone and everyone who is not in lockstep with their agenda.  What I find most alarming (I was Mrs. Levy for many years) is how Jewish power brokers are playing footsie with white females who are embracing Muslim power groups in order to destroy civilization.  The Jews within the leftist movement are slow to awaken to their own peril created…BY THEMSELVES.  Here is a movie made by a Jewish man, Mel Brooks, many years ago, a movie that cannot be made today:

YouTube is going under now.  As I looked for the Mel Brooks movie, this popped up on the screen:

WHAT THE HELL????  So, YouTube’s SJW gang is now begging to have us want to censor comments now!  This is insane, this is disgusting and this is going to be another dagger in the chest for YouTube.  Good gods, it is so easy to avoid comments one doesn’t like: don’t read them!!!


As I was leaving the site, this ad popped up.

This cop show now is an SJW female cop going after men who are Hollywood powers who want sex with these females seeking money and power via sex.  Of course, the man is to be blamed for this, not the ‘dress and act like a whore’ females infesting Hollywood.  Ever go there?  Last time I was there, hookers were all over the place.


Note the predatory hate in the face of the female hero in this show.  She hates white men with a passion.  She is aggressive and does the ‘male power stance’ really well for a physically feeble female.  I did construction work all my very long life and worked with men who were very tough customers and we got along great because I didn’t put them down or pretend I was stronger than they because…I was weaker!


Duh.  And they were happy to assist me when necessary which was not often but still happened when really hard things were going on requiring the extra strength men have!


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12 responses to “Feminists Are Bankrupting All Entertainment Systems!

  1. Lou

    SJW–Jews and dykes.

  2. Petruchio

    About the video about the “SVU” cop Mariska Hargitay. She is THE highest paid female in the Entertainment Industry. They reward their Puppets like Hargitay well. They just never stop preaching their Hate Speech. Kind of amusing when these very same people label EVERYONE they don’t like as doing “Hate Speech”. As for me, I find it amusing to watch some feeble female in a movie kicking the hell out of Male Bad Guys. Most of these Bad Guys are of course White Males but what’s funny is, “Do they really think people are going to buy this image of the Kick Ass female who can crush Men?” The Truth provides an extremely stark contrast: Women NEVER win a physical violence contest against Men! Women of course can kill men, but they need a gun or to use deception of some kind, such as poisoning the Males drink. Hollywood constantly promotes the meme that “Women are Equal to Men in every way.” I hope the people–mostly women–who bought into this Big Lie about Women are equal to men meme hold them accountable.


    Wrong. I have been in fist fights with men. Back when I was young, strong and doing construction work for a living, I did get in physical fights and even let the man, if he was not a construction worker and thus, very strong, to get the first shot a me before literally decking them. Also, for fun, I fought medieval battles for fun and was one of the few female fighters. So yes, a woman can win such fights but only if she is trained and fit and the male isn’t trained. Men trained to fight: YOU RUN. Heh. Run fast.

  3. Tom W Harris

    No, what ruined movies and tv is that’ they’re total crap – zombies, torture, and cannibalism. Most viewers are way sick to death of it.

  4. Moe

    The Mel Brooks’ Tb Be Or Not To Be video clip above was polished (and risque), but his Springtime For Hitler was funnier. The original version of SFH was also funnier than the remake, which was lame (not unusual for remakes).

    Mostel was his usual over-the-top drooling self, but I loved him in this role., perfectly cast, Wilder the perfect foil (fool).

    Of course my comment refers only to the principle theme and humor of each movie, and not overtones that accompany them (Lou, Kerry et al might have opinions here).

    OT: the funniest movie I ever watched was Brooks’ Blazing Saddles. My Dad and I watched it shortly after release, and nearly pissed ourselves laughing. Never seemed quite as funny in subsequent viewings: maybe it was the absence of the bottle of wine my Dad and I shared in the theater!

  5. Petruchio

    “Wrong. I have been in fist fights with men. Back when I was young, strong and doing construction work for a living, I did get in physical fights and even let the man,” Don’t bet on it, Elaine. The odds aint in your favor. I don’t know what kind of “fights” you’ve gotten in to or not but most men have a reluctance to physically fight a female. It’s hard wired into the Male brain. Your background is FAR from typical. If the Taboo of Men don’t physically attack women goes out the window, we’re gonna get LOTS of examples of what happens when Males and Females square off in physical combat. Take domestic violence for example, an area where Males DO attack Women–physically. Nope. If the Day ever comes where Women and Men square off in a physical war Females are gonna lose that kind of war 999 times out of 1000.

  6. Well hate to pop your bubble, you obviously never worked at construction sites. Yes, the men do fight and yes, I also fought and yes, I AM TRAINED to fight. No kidding. All forms of combat, actually.

  7. Kerry

    “The low intelligence level of many women is revealed here.”

    None of what you see is real. It is all manufactured. This is how they stage manage reality due to them owning all media. If I owned all media outlets and pushed the stories of everyone believing in fairies 24/7, guess what? Y’all are going to think that Fairies are a thing, a huge social movement.

    Feminism is a fairy myth. Most women ended up in jobs because the powers made sure that the financial scripts were steadily losing value. It wasn’t woman power, it was more “I need to feed my family” desperation.

    And women can be quite cunning, when they are after a man they want. Most often those women are crazy sociopaths and that is the kind of woman the fake media celebrates as A List women. But I don’t feel sorry for men who end up with these harpies. They, on some psychological level, WANTED to be hooked up with an abusive female. So they got it. It seems this is a need by males collectively. The powers can not use anything that isn’t already in existence.

    “Auto racing, for example, in Europe and the US, is now eliminating young ladies parading around the race cars, waving flags, etc.”

    Don’t worry Elaine, everyone is not in any kind of danger of losing their visual access to lady boys. The sacred prostitute Kadesh of Isis are ALL OVER the news, media and royalty. THESE woMEN are the feminists you rail about all the time.

    Dave Chapell, PewDieDie, Mel Brooks are all other comedians/faces are OWNED by the POWERS. All of them push the MK ULTRA narrative of the month/year. If Pewdiedie was really bothering the powers, his internet access would be denied. Just like Miles Mathis. But the fact that he still has a platform is a red flag. Mel Brooks was able to make fun of Hitler because he knew Hitler was a Jewish man fronting a stage play, and the Sabbatean/Frankists get a laugh about that all the time. And what about “Blazing Saddles”? Yes, it was funny at times. But it pushed the narrative that a black man was smarter than everyone around him and he had to save the town. All we need to know is NYC, Baltimore, Detroit, St. Louis or Philadelphia that this narrative is fake.

  8. LOU

    Black women have more T [estosterone] on average, than females from other races.
    They are dangerous and will attack, when in groups.
    I –3 days ago, saw an insane black, fat female grab the sunglasses off a large White male, slam them, scream, etc…he did not punch her.


  9. Kerry

    Somehow they managed to dig up another accuser against Kavanaugh.


    One Ms. Deborah Ramirez who grew up in Shelton Connecticut. A part of CT that is 95% white population.

    They claim she was from a working class Puerto Rican family (where have we heard that one?). Lets make one thing clear. If you live almost anywhere in CT, you are not working class or poor. Yeah the inner cities can be bad, but the surrounding suburbs hold the richest people in the country. The same goes for the surrounding suburbs of NYC in Long Island and Westchester. I mean they really think most everybody in the country are that stupid to believe this poor little girl from Shelton has to watch a boy wave his penis at her in Yale.

    I have no doubt that this whiter than white woman (who looks Jewish) attended Yale as a minority. No doubt at all.

    They scrubbed all of Ms. Ramirez’ family info. Because they don’t want us digging into family history and discovering how much she isn’t what they claim. Oh and she studied Psychology and Sociology at Yale. You know what that means SPOOK CITY MK ULTRA! Someone in the psych industry, just like little Miss Blasey Ford.

    Who backs her up? One Max Stier. Who is CEO of Partnership of Public Service which leaches off such government programs as Dept of Housing and Urban Development. The pickings are good at HUD. He married one Florence Yu Pan in 2004 who is now an ASSISTANT JUDGE OF THE SUPERIOR COURT OF DC! She is an OBAMA appointment.

    These people are so ridiculous, the lies just drip off them.

  10. She went to a Bilderberg school. So did Kavanaugh. The ladder to riches! And now they are cannibalizing each other.

  11. Moe

    The Democrats are desperate. Must be an important Supreme Court case coming up on abortion, LGBT rights or pedophilia and they want Kavanaugh onside. (sarc)

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