Biden Endorses Zero Prison Time For Economic/Social/Political Crimes!

Joe Biden says, don’t put thieves, moral degenerates, fraudsters, tax cheats in prison because these are ‘mere’ crimes, not violent crimes.  This odd proposal from one of the top DNC candidates is utterly insane.  Already in most DNC run cities, criminal actions are not investigated by police nor arrests made if the theft takes less than $1000.  So of course, petty crime explodes.  All DNC cities have very high crime rates which drives out voters making these cities even more DNC valuable as election real estate.


Biden joined nine other Democratic presidential candidates at the third debate of the primary in Houston on Thursday. While talking on criminal justice reform, Biden said that the aim of criminal justice reform should be taking nonviolent criminals out of jail and sending them directly to rehabilitation.


You ‘rehabilitate’ them while they are in jail.  Cutting them all lose simply means they are not punished and therefore, will continue to steal stuff and wreck social chaos.


“We are in a situation now where there are so many people who are in jail and shouldn’t be in jail,” Biden said. “The whole means by which this should change is the whole model has to change. We should be talking about rehabilitation. Nobody should be in jail for a nonviolent crime.”


Stealing cars is ‘nonviolent’ to the DNC gang.  Stealing public funds which gets many a DNC politician in serious trouble, is ‘nonviolent’….I see!  The gang wants to basically legalize their ‘nonviolent’ crimes so they can loot taxpayers with impunity!  HAHAHA.  Some comments to this news:


Replying to


And Assange!

Replying to

Thank god Joe is standing up for American Patriot, Gen. Michael Flynn!


All the comments mentioned various DNC criminals who would now be free to run riot if Biden gets his way.  This pandering to criminals is a major part of the DNC platform.  Illegal aliens, for example, are all, by definition: criminals.  It is illegal to enter the country illegally.  The DNC deals with this in conjunction with Bilderberg media giants to conspire to eliminate the words ‘illegal aliens.’


Riots against police officers in NYC continue to proliferate as gangsters and criminals fight cops who are under orders to not hurt DNC voters:


Reports said the brawlers refused to comply with police commands to disperse and began attacking the officers themselves. However, the officers suffered only minor injuries, according to the Daily Mail.


The mainstream media continues to downplay this outrageous rioting that is getting worse every week.  The police are slowly moving into the same stance they took back in 1977 that is, to ‘stand down’ all the time while NYC goes up in flames.  Getting the cops to go after criminals again was hard work.  This is exactly why I did ‘citizen’s arrests’ since the cops ceased doing this back then.


An NYPD spokesman said four of the teenagers were taken into custody but were not charged. The teenager who reportedly ran into traffic was taken to Mount Sinai West hospital with non-life threatening injuries and is in stable condition.


And there it is, this was a violent action with rioters physically harming the police, rioting and…zero charges.  When ANTIFA riots, they are also allowed to run wild with little to no punishment, too.  This social chaos has only one end: the cities doing this burn just like NYC did back in 1977.


Badal Roy, a cab driver who was not involved in the initial incident, said several brawlers jumped onto the hood of his yellow cab and left it severely damaged.


This damage goes down as ‘nonviolent’ even though it was extremely violent.  This is how the DNC operates: whatever they and their voter base does, is OK because of skin color or political point of view.  Anything anyone else does like using words the SJWs forbid: these lose their jobs, go to prison, are harassed mercilessly.

These vile people are traitors.  I keep pointing this out.  The DNC leadership are all traitors, they want ‘open borders’ to any and all INVADERS and want to legalize crimes so their voter base doesn’t go to prison and wants to let out of prison the very violent criminals, too.  All, while severely punishing citizens for using the wrong words, telling the wrong jokes or just looking mutely while a fake Indian beats a drum in their face.


All that is evil!  And should be made even nastier with severe punishments for violating the tender feelings of far leftist radicals screaming for Maoism.


And fun news: more and more SJW/Bilderberg media is going broke.  A number of TV outfits are going bankrupt.  Disney is now teetering on the cliff edge of being so woke, they will be so very broke.  Meanwhile, these same clowns continue screaming that we are going to roast to death:

There is more ice in Svalbard, Sweden where this charming little girl hails from, a century ago.  When the sudden Little Ice Age began, men and women were burned at the stake in huge numbers after being accused of creating the colder climate.  The sophistication level of today’s global warming…um…climate change fanatics is identical to the witch hunts back in 1600.


Also, I want everyone to know that for the very first time in three years, the lead stories are not about how terrible Trump is and how he has to be eliminated and our nation handed over to insane leftists who want open borders and taxes on energy so we can all freeze to death during ‘climate change’ chaos.  Wow.  The editorials are ‘Trump has tamed the GOP’ and ‘So far, Trump is winning the Democratic debates’.  HAHAHA.  Indeed, he has.



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7 responses to “Biden Endorses Zero Prison Time For Economic/Social/Political Crimes!

  1. Ken

    Looking at the big picture, the whole premise behind the criminal justice system is that personal vengeance for wrongs is to be discouraged. Instead, institutionalized “justice” is imposed. As long as everyone accepts this approach, a civil society can be maintained.

    If Biden’s approach were actually adopted, people would have no recourse for wrongs committed against them except to “take the law into their own hands.” Vigilante gangs would be common. So would feuds such as those between the Hatfields and McCoys. America’s “wild west” (which at least had some semblance of law and order), would seem tame by comparison.

  2. Zeke

    That’s music to the ears of the Banksters and the Fraudsters and the Scamsters, etc.

    So ….. Felicity Hoffman; Bernie Madoff, etc. should be sprung?

    Wall Street parasites and drug peddling Sacklers, etc. rejoice; Joe’s got yur’ back.

    More crazy talk (exonerates mostly white guys and people of privilege.)

  3. Kerry

    It doesn’t matter how “broke” the monopoly companies are, they will be propped up with our money via a taxation scam. These companies are hooked into the mind control industry. The wackos have no ALTERNATE methods of control. They are stuck with Disney, McDonalds, Coca Cola etc. So they will carry these companies on their backs in order to keep them in place.


    A harbinger of how they will deal with dissenters who are not on social media. Miles Mathis has been blacklisted from internet service. He now posts via friend’s computers.

    Click to access holmes.pdf

    Internet commentary at the end of the linked essay.

  4. AT

    Biden’s club is worried about RICO and how easy it might be to flip any member.

  5. AT

    Biden’s club is also worried about being characterized as “domestic enemies of the Constitution” by oath takers in the military, police, and intelligence agencies given the club’s support of blatantly unconstitutional legislation without proffering appropriate constitutiinal amendments.

  6. AT

    Biden’s club is not worried about being called “traitors” since in America, such an accusation carries no legal significance in the absence of a violent act of insurrection, or actually aiding a declared enemy in a “war”, like AQ or ISIS.

    “Traitor” is actually a good distraction from RICO and “domestic enemy of the constitution.”

  7. Tom W Harris

    I predict that someone at the next debate will get fed up and yell: “Off the stage, ya senile old bozo!”

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