Iran Drone Attack On Saudi Oil Fields: Petro Futures Shoot Upwards

Iran and Saudi Arabia are now definitely at war with each other.  Four oil facilities were attacked by drones. Everyone is in a panic now.  The fact that multiple facilities are burning means this was a coordinated attack.  World oil prices will now rise.

Iran and Saudi Arabia are facing each other down.  Trivial differences in religion always triggers massive wars, note how the Christians waged global wars over resources and trivial differences in religion!  Meanwhile, Iran continues to be nasty:

And Trump announces bin Laden’s lad has been knocked off:

Chaos continues with it often focused on religion and oil.


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16 responses to “Iran Drone Attack On Saudi Oil Fields: Petro Futures Shoot Upwards

  1. Jim R

    Prices will rise — good news for frackers and tar sand operations.

    Normally the Saudis would be happy with high prices, but if they can’t sell any oil, too bad for them.

  2. AT

    This exactly the type of event that would be staged or allowed to occur in order to cover up Ghawar finally starting to run dry.

    Keeping prices artificially low risks shortages as supplies fall after peak oil.

    Once those shortages finally appear, the impetus will be to lie about the causes and blame them on something else, like terrorism or war, at least for as long as that holds water.

  3. Mewswithaview

    The Saudiis have lost their war in Yemen on which they have inflicted much death and destruction on the civilian population of that country. If they don’t come to their senses quickly and withdraw the Saudis own population will rise up against them when faced with the hardships cause by not being able to sell oil. Looks like lots of fireworks internationally in store for 2020.

  4. snoosebomb

    i wonder what sort of drone was used , hobby or military ?

  5. AT

    Hundreds of miles from Yemen?

  6. The Yemen Saudi war has been a religious war, the Sunnis vs Shiites.

  7. AT

    Usually drones don’t make noises like gunfire.

    ELAINE: military drones can be quite big, even very big and can carry bombs.

  8. AT

    My assessment is Ghawar is running dry.

    This way, the House of Saud can try to stay in power by blaming “terrorist” attacks on oil infrastructure for its people’s ensuing financial hardship, rather than having squandered their birth-rite.

  9. Shawntoh


    Once again, you are correct. Here’s the proof…

    From… 15-Sept-2019… HEADLINE…

    “Oil Jumps the Most Ever After Attack Cuts Saudi Supplies”

  10. AT

    The Saudis attacked their own facilities, (or else got Israelis to do it). All the hits were from due west, and the tanks were empty as all are still standing.

  11. The attacks are real, the fires are real and reality is real. Some people think they are smarter than anyone else by denying real things happen. This happens all the time so people can feel superior to everyone else. Meanwhile, we DO have fake news and fake facts this is called ‘propaganda’ and powerful people do lots of propaganda. So people are confused and think that all things are propaganda when that isn’t true.

  12. AT

    Yes the fires were real, but the smoke was not from the tanks. The tanks show no blackening. You can see the blackened ground from the fires surrounding a nearby pipeworks. That the empty tanks did not blow from fumes, shows they were even scrubbed beforehand.

    All the hits were with precision and from due west.

    None of the Patriot Batterries got any shots off for some reason.

    No more than one alleged wreckage of a weapon was found despite a hundred claimed.

    And no one has presented any radar imagery showing origin or even flight paths.

    Rather there has been a slurry of crap slung against the wall to see what sticks: Iran, Yemen, Iraq. . . drones, cruise missiles, planes. lol.

    Bush fired Bolton right around when he would have been first briefed about the false flag and ghawar coverup scheme.

    It doesn’t take a genius to see this was staged.

  13. AT

    The good news is that it appears (to me anyway) that Trump made this decision when he fired Bolton so there will be no war with Iran.

  14. All news is not fake. And the bombs did attack oil facilities and did set them on fire.

  15. AT

    No one is claiming there was no fire or no bombs.

    The House of Saud staged the attack on their own facilities to coverup the world’s largest oil field (6%) running dry. Now they can blame the ensuing financial hardship on a false flag attack by Iran, rather than risk becoming dog-meat if their people figure out that they squandered their birth-rite for pennies on the dollar in a quisling kleptocracy, and it’s all gone now.

  16. When you think everything is fake, nothing then is real. This is dangerous. Saudi Arabia does NOT want their oil output to collapse. That would destroy THEM not Iran or anyone else. THEM. Got that?

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