Rent Control Destroys Civilization So Democrats Love Rent Control

I have direct exposure to rent controls for I bought a dying building that was totally run down thanks to rent control.  I paid the last tenant to leave.  The brownstone had to be totally rebuilt and I sold it eventually for a huge profit.  Rent control destroys cities and NYC saw over a million housing units utterly and totally destroyed by 1978 thanks to insane rent control laws.


We created a landlord political organization to fight rent control.  I gave speeches about this all over NYC.  Rent control utterly destroyed the Bronx, for example.  Even as it was obvious to everyone that rent control was making it impossible to heat buildings, pay taxes, make repairs, etc. rent control rolled relentlessly onwards because it was all about the DNC political base: free goodies to voters who don’t care if this ends badly.


This is a typical story: easy solutions to problems can create fatal problems.  Doing things the hard way usually creates systems and societies that are really easy to live in, all socialist solutions leads to economic collapse.

The DNC is running very far to the left now and is pushing for fatal solutions.  When people own homes, they usually take care of them because they gain value when selling their properties.  When they don’t gain anything, they are careless or even encouraged to destroy homes because they move up in the ranks of ‘free housing’ if their homes burn.


This is why NYC was literally being burned to the ground all over the place by 1977 when we had massive riots and massive fires.  Below is a news report by Bilderberg media about how the Bronx was systematically destroyed by the inhabitants:

EVERY penny spent by the DNC on the Bronx was utterly wasted for years and years and years and fixed nothing, indeed it utterly destroyed the Bronx, making it look like WWII Berlin than a thriving city.  The DNC ran the Bronx for years and years and destroyed it.  Then, they said they would fix it!


The news story above brings back feelings of fury in me for I wasn’t in the news show, I was giving speeches all over the place back then.  The news media knew who I was and that I would love to talk about how to fix cities.


Rent control destroyed working class neighborhoods.  Welfare destroyed families.  To this day, the DNC officially hates renovators who fix cities on their own dime and wants taxpayers to pay for everything.  When the government pays for something, no one is responsible for it which is why government buildings are money pits needing constant repairs while the people live out of control lives, countries with mostly government housing (Europe!) see no pride in caring for the homes.

The Bronx was destroyed by rent control and welfare produced the army of criminals who attacked the Bronx nearly nonstop.  This is why I focused on stopping rent control and stopping crime as the two actions that would save NYC from bankruptcy.  What funds the city?


TAXES.  And in particular, taxes on properties which pays for school as well as government taxes.  Right now, I own property and my taxes on my homestead in NY which is over $6,000 a year.  The connection between taxes and rent control was obvious to anyone and nearly no one did a blasted thing about either until forced.


This ‘force’ happened in the summer of 1977 when the lights went out and the welfare/rent control population poured into the streets to attack everyone else, looting and burning huge hunks of the city.  The above video is from 1973, two years before I entered NYC and 5 years before I began organizing to stop both.  Giving speeches about this meant people made death threats against me including Al Sharpton who wanted to keep the city on the path of utter destruction.


NYC is being systematically destroyed again.  All the many gains pushed by Giuliani are being terminated and this summer, gangs in the Bronx openly attacked the police repeatedly and very openly while the mayor stood aside, idle or just not even in the city anymore.  Crime is shooting upwards and all DNC-run cities deal with this via changing the laws so crimes are then decriminalized.


For example, you can’t report a crime if the theft, for example, is less than a thousand dollars.  This is disgusting.  Stealing five pennies from a child is just as illegal as stealing $1,000 from an adult.  Stopping the little crimes stops the big crimes.


I used to say that in every speech years ago: stop the small crimes, the big crimes stop, too!  We proved this via stopping even itty bitty crimes in my neighborhood.  It worked perfectly!  Why this isn’t continued to this day baffles me.  The DNC candidates for President all have vowed to destroy law and order, allow aliens to invade our borders with impunity, they vowed that they will make all cities in America as filthy, disgusting and violent as DNC-run cities.


This would be the end of civilization, without a doubt.



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11 responses to “Rent Control Destroys Civilization So Democrats Love Rent Control

  1. Petruchio

    “Rent control destroys cities and NYC saw over a million housing units utterly and totally destroyed by 1978 thanks to insane rent control laws.” Destroying working Class neighborhoods is EXACTLY the reason for Rent Control. All under the guise of being on the side of the Little Guy. I suppose the Democrats HAD to do this job for the Elites; it would be out of character for the Republicans to do it. Even IF Rent Control were designed for the Regular Folks, the Working Class folks, it became quite obvious that Rent Control has had the opposite effect. Why is this allowed to continue? Because getting rid of people the Elites don’t want around them or living near them has been the motivation for rent control all along. This video helps “explain” it:

  2. Kerry

    Yes, rent control was used to destroy, an ethnic cleansing, of white neighborhoods. E.Michael Jones wrote about it in his book “The Slaughter of Cities”.

    At the turn of the 20th century, the Italian, Irish, and German populations were so large that they were tipping power balances for the WASPS. It was then the WASPS (really Crypto-jews) made alliances with Jews (Phoenician-Babylon Sabbatean-Frankists) to socially engineer the inner cities.

    They lured up black populations from the south with promises of money and housing. They settled these populations in the working class/growing middle class enclaves of Irish, Italian and Germans (note heavily ROMAN CATHOLIC). The Bronx was once originally Irish and Italian. This broke the power base and scattered the inhabitants through suburbia which, due to its set up, did not encourage strong neighborhood ties.

    Now, they will do the same to suburbia by giving assisted housing to “minorities” sprinkled around middle class White/Asian suburban neighborhoods. Thereby spreading the destruction.

  3. LOU

    2–Listen carefully to ‘The Royal Scam’ by Steely Dan…..they left their island homes, etc.
    John Lindsay ruined NYC.


  4. Ken

    If we’re going to discuss liberal policies that destroy cities, we shouldn’t forget about school bussing. It destroyed Detroit. There was no rent control in Detroit, but bussing was enough on its own to do the trick.

  5. Petruchio

    I was watching a Docu-Movie about Suge Knight, the Black dude that started Death Row records. Knight was in the car when Tupac Shakur was blasted to Rappers heaven in a Drive by shooting. Anyways, I was surprised to find out that the city of Compton was originally almost ALL white! As soon as the Black folks started moving in the neighborhood declined to the point that Compton CA is synonymous with Black Crime. As a side note it’s worth noting just HOW Compton went from Low Crime, mostly White to Ultra Crime infested Black neighbor hood. The White folks in Compton–originally–resisted selling their homes to Black folks. So activists–mostly JEWISH–would masquerade as the Home buyer. Then as soon as the ink dried on the house sale papers, the new BLACK owners of the home would show their faces. And as far as the phony home buyers being Jewish are concerned, that is a factual statement.

  6. Kerry


    Tupac didn’t die. It was all staged. The powers (of which Tupac was related) were making money off the black community and their misery.

    Click to access 2pac.pdf

  7. Zeke

    The unrealistic expectation of rent control schemes is that the landlord’s cost are consistently increasing mostly because of the so called ‘Federal Reserve’ lessening the purchasing power of the ‘dollar’ yet the landlord is not allowed to pass those increased costs along to tenants.

  8. Lou

    off topic..White Fragility,

    Robin DiAngelo, for example. A leading “scholar” of whiteness studies, DiAngelo may be the biggest fraud in all of academia. In February, in an interview with The Guardian, DiAngelo declared: “The problem with white people…is that they just don’t listen. In my experience, day in and day out, most white people are absolutely not receptive to finding out their impact on other people. There is a refusal to know or see, or to listen or hear, or to validate.”

    Going along with this refusal by whites to “listen,” according to DiAngelo, is what she calls “white fragility.” In this condition, “even a minimum amount of racial stress becomes intolerable, triggering a range of defensive moves.” DiAngelo herself appears keen to avoid that most unprogressive fate. Thus, in her summer 2019 interview with Teaching Tolerance, she said:

    I don’t call myself a white ally. I’m involved in anti-racist work, but I don’t call myself an anti-racist white. And that’s because that is for people of color to decide, whether in any given moment I’m behaving in anti-racist ways. And notice that that keeps me accountable. It’s for them to determine if in any given moment—it’s not a fixed location—I haven’t made it or arrived.

    What’s astonishing here is DiAngelo’s utter shamelessness. Does she really expect people to believe she is sincere? Does she never wince at the sheer bad taste of her acting job? Or does it happen to people like DiAngelo, long surrounded by other pretenders in academia, that they lose the ability to distinguish the lie they live from reality itself?

    DiAngelo, a white woman, is not only willing to allow only people of color to determine whether she is sufficiently woke; she is prepared to get rid of due process altogether. “It’s nice to know you had good intentions,” she says,

    /taki mag

  9. LOU

    6–Hasbro [no longer owned by original family?] buys Death row records for 4 BILLION.

  10. Tom W Harris

    Rather than obsessing over blacks, joos, Anglos, libs, and wokesters, we could scale immigration way back and thus provide more jobs to those who need them. But neither the left nor the right wants to fix a damn thing.

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