Liberals Want To Legalize Pedophilia

I was physically raped as a child, scarred for life, had to have surgery during my first period which nearly killed me.  Legalizing pedophilia is something I have very strong feelings about.  Don’t do it.  Now, it turns out that a San Diego, California university is teaching pro-pedophilia content mainly to young, naive, stupid females.  At the same time, right now, young foolish females are screaming yet again that Justice Kavanaugh supposedly when he was barely an adult in school, nearly had a young lady touch his penis!  WTH is going on here?


Easy answer: schizophrenic politics.  The ‘it’s OK for me but not for thee’ philosophy at work here.  The leftists can do whatever they want, there are no rules, no laws, no restrictions.  Meanwhile, everyone else has to walk on eggshells lest we offend these miscreants who are running riot all the time.

Another ridiculous allegation of party sex many eons ago when Kavanaugh went to SJW-run schools that encourage the youths to do the ‘free love’ thing and run riot all the time especially the young females.  Hello!  This is insanity.  Liberals wanted wild sex, conservatives wanted marriage and fidelity!  Liberals didn’t want any sex rules!  They still don’t want any sex rules except for everyone they dislike: these people better watch out, one stray word or touch can lead to hysteria on the left, pretending they are virgins.


Online jokes about this liberal fake hysteria are funny.  Many jokes are about Kavanaugh showing his penis to his nurses in the hospital when he was born.  Others about him peeing on people when a toddler.  Where does this lunacy stop?  I remember the flash game when students would strip down and run through the campus.


Everyone thought that was funny.  Today, it is OK for leftists to do this while screaming about killing everyone else and then these same lunatics will host male crossdressing stripper parties for toddlers!  Yes, they are utterly shameless and totally degenerates who want to impose ridiculous sexual rules on adults while encouraging child rape.


Using young boys as sex toys is a leftist program.  The far left running YouTube removed a young lady who was a teenager from posting videos mocking leftist fantasies like ‘global warming’ but children who aren’t even young teens yet, performing sexual dances at pedophile events: that is OK with YouTube.


The arrogance of the Bilderberg gang which has been pushing for legalizing every form of sexual perversions, screaming about young ADULTS getting drunk and touching (not raping) each other is just nauseating.  I keep wanting to tell jokes only I get very pissed off and can’t do it anymore.  This level of disgusting double standards is beyond mockery.


It is pushed by people who love black magic and perform disgusting ceremonies all over the earth, calling upon the Dark Gods to come and destroy humanity.  This is very serious stuff here.  They openly talk about fixing the planet by eliminating most humans.

The NYT is responsible for all this.  NYC cops are killing themselves because the DNC mayor and his gang of rapists have made life impossible for cops.  Illegal aliens and welfare daddies can run up to cops now and throw water, containers and objects at them and no one is arrested nor shot dead for assaulting the police.  Instead, the police simply take it on the chin.


I left the city long ago.  The police loved me, it was real love, not fake.  When I nearly died after giving birth, they lined the staircase of my home as well as in front of the brownstone to salute me as I went to the hospital.  At a police funeral, I was a guest while they turned their backs on the mayor.  Recent funerals in NYC the police all turn their backs on my former neighbor, di Blasio.


He doesn’t care.  He as the thug/illegal alien votes and will rule brutally until overthrown.  It appears no one is taking up the cause and confronting this chaos.  It isn’t easy.  When I did it years ago, not only the violent thugs threaten my life including Al Sharpton, the top politicians openly did this, too.


This is why Special Prosecutor Giuliani and I worked together to catch these creeps!  Several went to prison and one committed suicide.  NYC is rapidly falling into the same chaos it was in when I arrived in the mid-1970’s, a total hell hole going bankrupt due to DNC politics.


Why? Well…if your voter base is mainly crazy liberals and an army of illegal aliens/welfare cheats, you can do as you please only it has a very bad ending.  Bankruptcy and the city utterly uninhabitable even for welfare cheats!  Duh!  It can’t continue forever, no one likes living like this.  The NYT editorials today:

The ‘homeless’ in California have three causes: illegal aliens invading California with no money, drug addicts who spend all their money on drugs and high cost of housing due to the state bringing in a global army of moochers seeking government programs.  NYC tried building housing for moochers who flooded into the city after 1966, demanding government housing and there never was enough ‘free’ housing for them.


Also, to get into government housing, these moochers systematically destroyed private housing, destroying hundreds of thousands of rental units in the process.  They were rewarded for wrecking homes.  On top of all this, these moochers won’t get married but have all their kids out of wedlock so they can mooch, too.  We call these groups ‘multi-generational welfare families’ and these raise criminals and mentally ill children who are abused in many different ways.


The liberals do not care.  They actually love this chaos and think that tricking black families into disintegrating themselves so that virtually all black children are born with no fathers at home…this destroys everyone in astonishing ways and the liberals are totally disinterested in learning how destructive this is and how to stop it from continuing.


Nope, they want to teach pedophilia is good and conservatives are evil for wanting intact families!  Just astonishing, this is beyond amazing, it is suicidal.


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14 responses to “Liberals Want To Legalize Pedophilia

  1. Ken

    The New York Times reportedly ran a followup story today, in which they had to acknowledge that the “victim” who supposedly was traumatized by touching Kavanaugh’s penis does not remember any such incident. And the times knew this when they ran the original story, but failed to mention it.

  2. HAHAHA….I know, isn’t that rich? Nothing happened! All these drunk young females running riot can’t remember anything. They also learned nothing in school, too.

  3. Kerry

    Of course, they want to legalize pedophilia. Their religious tenets state they will bring on the apocalypse which will call the messiah if they wallow in sin. That is how insane these people are with their beliefs. We have been living in a religious fundamentalist world but unlike the fake story they push, it wasn’t Christian, it is Luciferian.

    Kavanaugh has to be the most mild, mannered man with the sweetest face I’ve ever seen. They try to take pictures of him looking mean but it always comes across as confusion. And he is right to be confused. He has done nothing wrong. He has been a true conservative for his whole life. Now they bring out a bevy of drunken, used up females who claim he exposed himself to them as a twenty something. What they really want to do is hurt his children by bringing up endless, disgusting fake stories about him publicly.

  4. Petruchio

    “On top of all this, these moochers won’t get married but have all their kids out of wedlock so they can mooch, too.” The solution here is simple, but no one wants to do it. Cut off their MONEY supply! Then let these (former) moochers run wild. They can have as many kids as they want. Except now, these folks have to pay for their lifestyle. So go ahead. Have 6 kids from 4 different men, none of whom you have been married to. You can live in whatever kind of housing you like. Why not? Under the New Rules, you have to pay for your housing 100% yourself. So go ahead. Tear down your Housing. Burn it to the ground. Because now, it is YOUR problem to find a new place to live. This stuff is gonna die off quick if you just leave these “moochers” to their own fates.

  5. The NYT slowly figures out they were snookered by fake sex charges. Also, he was a teenager, not over 20 years old when this goofy ‘story’ supposedly happened.

  6. Petruchio

    @#5 Elaine: Yes, but the Dems are STILL keeping the “Impeach Kavanaugh” ploy alive. The headline I read–on MSN I believe–said, “Dems send mixed signals on Impeachment”. It’s hard for a relatively ‘normal’ person to comprehend the depth of Hatred that motivates these Dems in the DNC.

  7. AT

    To what age do they plan to lower the age of consent to make this not statutory rape?

  8. AT, exactly: they want to lower the age of consent to around seven years old now. It is disgusting. Also the impeach Kavanaugh business is blowing up in their faces now that we know exactly all the details of yet another fake sex charge by a far leftist female claiming she witnessed something no one else ever saw at a party that had many witnesses.

    This is insane. And it is right now blowing up in the faces of the DNC gang.

  9. Petruchio

    You know. If you looked at the ‘Impeach Kavanaugh’ meme strictly as a Political Maneuver/ploy and not as the despicable smear campaign it is, it STILL doesn’t make ANY sense for the Dems/DNC to keep pushing it!! It should be obvious that trying to smear Brett Kavanaugh just is NOT working. But then, what do you do next if you are the DNC? Target someone else? Then it looks too obvious that all you have to offer the taxpayer/Voter are character assassinations. Only the deadbeat freeloaders mooching off the taxpayer will vote for you than–and ALOT of them can’t legally vote.

  10. They can vote in NY and California.

  11. Tom W Harris

    Maybe some Colliefornya wackos want to legalize this stuff, but in the real world, right wingers practice it. It’s more a crime of authority than sex. All the ministers and priests that practice this stuff are legendary

  12. Petruchio

    @#10 Elaine: yeah I know that the illegals can and will vote.

  13. What is hilarious is, most illegals hate gays and other liberal buddies. They cynically use them while pushing for power. The Catholic/Muslim populations are very anti-gay/Trans, etc.

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