NY Times Reporters Fear Criminal Charges For Lying About Supreme Court Justice Kavanuge

The two very young ‘reporters’ (sic) responsible for the fake news of new ‘rape’ allegations (sic) against Kavanaugh claim they are innocent of producing deliberate haoxes against a Supreme Court Justice. Frankly, what they just did is immensely illegal and they should be arrested for besmirching an innocent man.  These two infantile ‘reporters’ who went to top DNC/SJW schools thought they could weasel out of their legal predicament via openly lying about the obvious: they didn’t do it, the NYT editors put in the fake information!  HAHAHA.  All should hang for this, all should be sued for this defamation of character.


At the very bottom of the front page, ten stories down, in a tiny corner with no pictures, nothing, is ‘The Time’s deputy editorial page editor answered questions about an ESSAY on Brett Kavanaugh’ story. HAHAHA.  At Fox News, on the other hand, it is front page top story with pictures and thousands of comments from readers!

The London Daily Mail has this story as a top headline story:

Irresponsible ‘journalism’ is illegal. One cannot publish outright lies, total smears with impunity.  These lies by these two little witches were cooked up for a ‘book’ (sic) they wrote that is also grounds for libel.  Note the picture below of the dead eye sneering of the typical young leftist SJW females.  Ugly is the word for these creatures of the black lagoon.

 Pogrebin and Kelly said in an interview that information was included in their original draft of the piece.


They now claim, they had the name of the supposed ‘victim’ (sic) who was exposed to looking at someone’s dick at a party of kids under the age of 21.  The name was a woman who said she had no memory of the event, the only person who remembered anything was an outsider who yapped about it, the ‘victim’ denied anything happened.


So why push that story?  The two bridezillas who wrote (sic) this newspaper story about their wretched book carefully hid the name of the supposed victim because they knew it would immediately be noticed by smart people who know all the details of the entire DNC smear campaign of Kavanaugh.


“In your draft of the article, did it include those words that have since been added to the article?” MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell asked.  “It did,” both Pogrebin and Kelly responded.


HAHAHA.  So, it was there so it could be flagged by smart outsiders who are much smarter than the NYT editorial staff (mostly white females).


“So somewhere in the editing process, those words were trimmed,” O’Donnell said in clarification.


HAHAHA.  I will die laughing.  These leeches eat up most of the NYT profits doing very poor jobs of editing anything these days.  They are stupid, lazy and criminally lying about nearly everything from war issues, the economy, politics and private citizens like school boys under the age of 18 smiling while adults yell obscene insults at them while the boys are standing at a DC memorial building waiting for a bus.


Pogrebin then explained that The Times doesn’t usually include names of victims and that she believed that when the editors removed the name, the crucial information that she didn’t remember was also removed.


I am seriously going to die laughing.  When the NYT reported the murder of a police officer years ago in Brooklyn, they did append the news at the bottom of the story that I was the woman involved in the chase after the assassin.  But they didn’t include my name despite the police and I demanding they include it.  They told me to go to hell, they were ‘protecting’ me by concealing my name.


I told them, every criminal in Brooklyn knew who the Housewife from Hell was.  The Daily News broadcast that information so why couldn’t the NYT?  That paper is beyond stupid.  Logic doesn’t matter to them at all.


“So I think it was just sort of an editing, you know, done in the haste in the editing process,” Pogrebin added.


All the staff who were involved in this should then be fired.  They were ‘hasty’ (I keep putting quotes around words because the NYT has rendered words useless as tools) and thus, left out key information while they all snarked when this FALSE INFORMATION roiled the crazy lunatics in the DNC into screaming they were going to impeach Trump based on this exact story by the NYT SJW gang.


“Were you involved in the decision to amend this and do the correction- the addition online to the piece?” O’Donnell followed.


This is the key question the two criminal reporters had to tell the truth because the man questioning them knows this can put them all in prison.


“We discussed it,” Pogrebin said. “We felt like there was so much heat, there’s so much- everyone has been has been seizing on various aspects of this that we certainly didn’t want it to be an issue anymore and we certainly never intended to mislead in any way. We wanted to give as full of a story as possible.”


GUILTY!  These lunatic female fake reporters lied again.  They wanted it to be a major issue, they openly gloated that this would cause Trump to be either impeached or lose the election.  They definitely tried to mislead everyone by concealing the name because everyone who has tracked this case knows the female involved is someone the Democrats decided to not bring up in the Kavanaugh hearings because it had zero, utterly zero proof of any sort, large or small.


All the allegations against the judge were supported by zero evidence of any sort.  The Democrats are trying to fix this in NY by allowing ‘sex victims’ to report previous sex encounters from half a century ago or longer, to haul people into court.  But no evidence is still no evidence.  I bet many DNC NY politicians will find themselves in prison soon due to their own stupid sex lives showing up in court.

A lot of NY people are very angry with the NYT now.  I think that stupid paper which I have hated for a very long time, will finally die in a dumpster fire they set upon themselves.  I hope Trump and the Supreme Court judges can fine that disgusting rag for multi-millions of dollars.  It is already on the edge of bankruptcy.  This paper finally is reaching the bottom of the birdcage of all newspapers.  End it now.


I almost forgot the evil Washington Post: their front page had fake headline about Kavanaugh, ‘sex misconduct allegations reignites political rancor’ leaves out the fact that these allegations are utterly fake and from the NYT.  Only the old news that it is ‘happening’.

The fake editorial board of the Amazon.com Washington Post is this: The FBI investigation of Kavanaugh turns out to be more of a sham’. HAHAHA. Right, it was a ‘sham’ because there was nothing there to investigate. The WP leaves out this vital little detail, of course.

The minions working for media systems online are at it again, attacking world leaders, cutting them off of the internet right when an election is happening.  They do this all the time now, not just to our politicians but across the entire planet earth.  This is very disgusting and each time it happens, since these operations are in the USA, the government should haul these clowns into court and punish them.

This  banning of a world leader didn’t last long, Facebook put it back up again.  But the employees of that organization all live in leftist la-la land and will do this again and again to anyone and everyone because they are cheaters, meddlers and fascists who hate people having other opinions or desires.  The above cartoon is perfect: Facebook is Fakebook.


Twitter does this, too.   Here is today’s example of the SJW gang working for Twitter doing the exact same things:

This is an attack on Trump via one of his big supporters.  Twitter will be sued.  It appears that Twitter, hearing from lawyers, backed down again.  But we know they will pull the plug during a key period during the election, again.  They can’t help it, they hire the worst people on earth to work there and these lunatics are all communists who want no free press.


India and Pakistan want WWIII because they hate each other due to religious lunatic reasons.

And Germany lets a Muslim who stabbed a police officer to walk free…sounds like NYC! Will the Germans finally wake up?  We shall see, Sweden is now suddenly deporting violent Muslim criminals!  Will wonders never cease?

New Montreal City Pool to Have Just One “Gender Neutral” Changing Room

Nope.  Canada continues to self-destruct.  Many Canadians still think they will roast to death, too.  As it gets colder and colder, they will learn harsh real life lessons but before they freeze up, they will all be raped, first.


The Rosemont Aquatic Complex, which is set to open next year, announced the new policy on its website.


According to Nathalie Goulet, head of social inclusion for the executive committee of the City of Montreal, making boys, girls, men, women, transgender and “non-binary” people all change in the same room is a benchmark of “social innovation.”


I am a very old hippie chick.  I didn’t mind us all swimming naked and running riot naked.  We were hippies!  But most people aren’t hippies.  And a lot of hippie chicks were raped which is why…the insane ‘women’s movement’ is now all about not having sex or even children with anyone but instead, having bitter, angry feelings that are never fixed but harped on endlessly by screaming lunatic females who are very frustrated and don’t understand, it is due to them being taught that they are tougher and stronger than mere males.


There, I tied in everything here!  Except for WWIII:

And for something amusing about all this: The Democrats are now the party of pedophilia and cannibalism.  Seriously, they are supporting both now.

And rich people must live next door to poor people.  Wait, this describes New York City already!  And in England: Parliament is now dead and gone for the nonce:


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14 responses to “NY Times Reporters Fear Criminal Charges For Lying About Supreme Court Justice Kavanuge

  1. Moe

    Thanks for providing the Starkey video. Rational voices may not prevail, but they are heard.

    As Starkey exposes these internationalists, they are readily identified by their ‘inferiors’ i.e, peasants, as the traitors they are.

    PS: I cringe at the Brits’ accents. And my mother was English!

    PPS: Say what you want about the Brits, they’re head and shoulders more intelligible than Americans.

  2. Kerry

    “Say what you want about the Brits, they’re head and shoulders more intelligible than Americans.”

    What Brits would those be? I never met them. My experience is that they start out speaking quickly, progressively slow down and then mumble off. I just end up nodding at them.

  3. Moe

    @3 Kerry

    I mispoke. Meant articulate, not intelligible.

  4. Petruchio

    What’s gonna happen to the NYT editors who allowed this smear piece on Kavanaugh to be printed? Well sh#t rolls down hill so NOTHING is gonna happen to the Top people. The Law of Survival prevails which means these two “reporters” might be fired. Don’t worry though; these two useful idiots will get jobs from their Masters after a short wait. Potential useful idiots should take note of this; they will throw you under the bus at the drop of a hat if that’s what your Masters need in order to survive. No loyalty whatsoever.

  5. Zeke

    As usuall, it’s not so much the act but rather the cover up and then lying under oath.
    Kavanaugh boosters are so stupid they don’t understand the issues and have no idea what useful idiots they are.

  6. The two female fiends are YALE elites. Throw their worthless asses to the wolves.

  7. Kerry


    Another woke company lining up for bankruptcy.

    Ben & Jerry’s say we need to give Illegal Aliens dignity while they work under the table.


  8. Jim R

    They shouldn’t FEAR criminal charges, they should COUNT ON them.

    But we don’t seem to be in Kansas any more. .

  9. KHS71

    “The two female fiends are YALE elites” Wow, degrees from Yale. That and a dime will get you a cup of coffee. The question I have, are these women lesbians? Wouldn’t be surprised. If so, they will never get disciplined.

  10. Floridasandy

    The Brits are so smart and that’s why Brexit is such a success🙄

  11. Zeke

    Yale and Harvard and the other Ivys are CLUBS as much as institutes of higher learning.

    As Rick Singer of the celebrity admissions scandals noted in his pitch to celebs.:
    There are 3 entrances to these schools:
    1 – The Front Door; “The Suckers Entrance” where applicants bring their resumes and GPAs and SATs, and class rank, etc.;
    2 – The Back Door; where the Club members (Legacy, nepotism admissions such as W (W’s dad and granddad) and Kav., (Kav’s granddad went to Yale) and Mega donors gain entry, such as Jared Kushner, etc. whose dad donated $2.5M [guess it would be too bold to actually staple the check to Jared’s admission application]);
    3 – The Side Door where Singer would bribe the water polo coach or photo-shop heads of applicants onto athletes to get offspring admitted.

    As the prescient George Carlin said in “The American Dream” – “It’s a big Club – and you ain’t in it.”

  12. Lou

    8 –Ben n Jerry is owned by Unilever. No longer a small company.


  13. Your link to the article about Netanyahu’s Facebook page doesn’t work anymore. It’s now being reported that a chatbot was sending out that message, and only the bot was ever turned off by Facebook. All the articles I can find about it now give this version.

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