Global Warmists Want To Block Stratosphere Solar Energy And Launch New Ice Age

It is already snowing in California and we brace ourselves for another brutal winter in places where mile thick glaciers sat during repeated Ice Ages, we see the liberals doubling down on screams that we will roast to death unless we destroy civilization.  I have been very bemused by the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire business when a child and only noticed as an adult that the infamous collapse of that huge empire coincided with the Dark Age Cold Cycle.  The end of the Roman Warm Cycle was violent and very destructive to civilization.


This was no mere coincidence: the collapse of the Minoan Empire and all associated empires in the Middle East and Asia during the massive cold cycle from 1400 BC to 600 BC, a 700 year cold cycle, should signal to anyone with a brain that cold cycles=civilizations collapsing.  Some civilizations survive cold cycles but never as rich and powerful as they were during warm cycles.


All cold cycles also are the cause of ‘barbarians’ suddenly storming civilizations that are weakened by crop failures to invade and successfully take over all systems. for example, ‘China’s Dark Ages of 220-581 AD coincides with the decline and fall of Rome.


The flowering of the beautiful Tang Dynasty happened when it began warming up again.  The Song Dynasty was even warmer and wealthier.  Then it began to get colder and lo and behold, China was again invaded by horsemen of the great plains in 1279, this is when the Mongol rule began and when Europe was still relatively warm but descending into the epic Little Ice Age cold cycle.


The Ming Dynasty coincided exactly with the increasing cold, they built the Forbidden City and one more surge of invaders put in another barbarian ruling elites for the poor Chinese, the Qing Dynasty.  The native Chinese were brutally abused and all the amazing inventions of the Tang/Sung Dynasties were crushed and China froze in place, socially and politically.


So, why do liberals (sic) want only cold weather?  This is so insane.  Here is today’s weather and it will go down to freezing on my mountain tonight and it is still summer:

The Union of Concerned Scientists are not scientific.  They are political/social radicals trained at our SJW schools to ignore reality and cling to ideology.  For some horrible reason, they want to have a cold planet.  Why is that?  I will explain: all cold cycles see civilizations collapse and barbarians invade, killing huge numbers of people.


All communist regimes do what?  Starve millions of people to death and launch many wars!


During the Vietnam War years, I noticed that China and Russia, both communist countries, hated each other and even went to war against each other.  Nixon’s clever trick of making friends with murderous Chairman Mao and his wife, Mad Madame Mao, was simple: Russia was supporting North Vietnam and Nixon wanted China to cause military problems on North Vietnam’s border with China!


I will note here that my feeble attempts to communicate this information back then failed because all the media systems were trumpetting that this clever business was due to China loving the USA and not cynically using Nixon.  My dad did listen to me about this and we were both astonished when the Chinese rocket scientists asked Nixon to send my dad to China so they could celebrate their rocket program with him for he helped them back in the early 1950’s.


On to the global warming scam: my father was punished for publishing a paper about the sun controlling the climate and explaining that the Ice Ages were due to the sun getting older.  Our little star is quite old, you know.  One editor said to my dad, ‘That is too scary.’  Well, these same editors are now screaming we should be scared of a warm sun, not a cold sun!  They totally ignore the role sunspot activity has on the climate!  Here is the latest example of global warming lunacy that can kill 90% of the human population if it is launched and we get a sudden Ice Age (ALL Ice Ages start suddenly):

Here is the Nature article about how to start another Ice Age by deliberately polluting the stratosphere with particulate matter, making it like whenever a volcano erupts only ten million times worse:


The idea is simple: spray a bunch of particles into the stratosphere, and they will cool the planet by reflecting some of the Sun’s rays back into space. Scientists have already witnessed the principle in action. When Mount Pinatubo erupted in the Philippines in 1991, it injected an estimated 20 million tonnes of sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere — the atmospheric layer that stretches from about 10 to 50 kilometres above Earth’s surface. The eruption created a haze of sulfate particles that cooled the planet by around 0.5 °C. For about 18 months, Earth’s average temperature returned to what it was before the arrival of the steam engine.


My dad used to fly to any erupting volcano including Mt. St. Helen’s, for example, to do studies of volcanic ash.  He started this way back in 1963 with the eruption Mt. Agung in Indonesia.  We were driving to LA from Tucson when a white wall of very fine dust in the high stratosphere suddenly surged overhead as we drove in the Mohave Desert.

My father stopped the car, took out some of his equipment which he kept in our car all the time in the trunk, and began observations.  He was very excited, ‘Finally, we have a major eruption and I can do my study about volcanic dust and how it makes the earth colder!’


Researchers have largely restricted their work on such tactics to computer models. Among the concerns is that dimming the Sun could backfire, or at least strongly disadvantage some areas of the world by, for example, robbing crops of sunlight and shifting rain patterns.


Launching another 100,000 year long Ice Age isn’t a minor problem.  It is suicidal.


But as emissions continue to rise and climate projections remain dire, conversations about geoengineering research are starting to gain more traction among scientists, policymakers and some environmentalists. That’s because many researchers have come to the alarming conclusion that the only way to prevent the severe impacts of global warming will be either to suck massive amounts of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere or to cool the planet artificially. Or, perhaps more likely, both.


Or both!  These lunatics are beyond stupid, they are malicious.  For one of the big forces behind funding and pushing this lunacy is the ‘zero population growth’ people who openly say there are too many humans.  The British royals believe this, for example.  The Bilderberg gang’s ultimate goal is to eliminate or enslave most humans.  None of them will commit suicide or stop having children to ‘save the planet’.  Nope, they want to kill the rest of us.


The test itself is extremely modest. Dai, whose doctoral work over the past four years has involved building a tabletop device to simulate and measure chemical reactions in the stratosphere in advance of the experiment, does not stress about concerns over such research. “I’m studying a chemical substance,” she says. “It’s not like it’s a nuclear bomb.”


We already know what will happen because every major volcanic eruption in history has done this: a massive cloud of dust will cut down solar penetration causing crop failures, much colder winters and a host of problems leading to population collapses.  The worst one for humans, for example, created Homo Sapiens who were the only survivor of a major Indonesian volcanic eruption of Mt. Toba 70,000 years ago nearly wiped us out entirely.


That eruption dropped roughly six centimeters of ash — the layer can still be seen on land — over all of South Asia, the Indian Ocean, the Arabian and South China Sea. According to the Volcanic Explosivity Index, the Toba eruption scored an “8”, which translates to “mega-colossal” — that’s two orders of magnitude greater than the largest volcanic eruption in historic times at Mount Tambora in Indonesia, which caused the 1816 “Year Without a Summer” in the northern hemisphere.


With so much ash, dust and vapor in the air, Sam Kean says it’s a safe guess that Toba “dimmed the sun for six years, disrupted seasonal rains, choked off streams and scattered whole cubic miles of hot ash (imagine wading through a giant ashtray) across acres and acres of plants.” Berries, fruits, trees, African game became scarce; early humans, living in East Africa just across the Indian Ocean from Mount Toba, probably starved, or at least, he says, “It’s not hard to imagine the population plummeting.”


Why are ‘atmospheric scientists’ demanding a repeat of the Toba eruption?  This is pure lunacy.  The outcome is utterly and painfully obvious.  Worse, the junk they want to chuck into the stratosphere won’t fall out after a few Ice Age years, it will be impossible to reverse!  This insanity is beyond scary.


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7 responses to “Global Warmists Want To Block Stratosphere Solar Energy And Launch New Ice Age

  1. AT

    The global warming hoax is more about controlling demand after peak oil. And, peak oil is now that Ghawar has run dry.

  2. T Erickson

    They really don’t like dissent.

    The craziness is really high in Australia they have given up cheap power for “renewables” that don’t work all of the time, not fun when the heat is high.

  3. JimmyJ

    A recent study of asteroid dust 466 million years ago affecting climate. And a warning, like Elaine’s, not to geo-engineer.

  4. Kerry

    They know it is going to cause a major ice age. They want it to happen. They encoded it into a film called Snowpiercer.

  5. LOU

    off topic..I cant resist posting, since Elaine knew ole ElRon,

  6. Yes, birds of a feather gather together. And don’t forget the CIA connection of all these clowns.

  7. Ed Marquis

    Can you say Grand Solar Minimum? Sure, I knew you could. These morons will find out how stupid they are. Coming soon to an EARTH near you.

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