CA Gov. Newsom Demands Trump Fix California Sh*t Mess


The stupid Democrats destroying California are demanding, yes, screaming loudly for Trump to save them from their own stupid, destructive, ugly policies that are systematically destroying California.  A million illegal aliens….as I typed those words,  the phone rang next to my computer and I just got a phone call from an illegal alien peddling health insurance!!!!  It just rang now!  We had a nice argument about all this as I peeled away at his pretense he was an American and he finally admitted he was an alien.  Wow.  Yes, America is being destroyed by Democrats…just…wow!

Trump tells the lunatics destroying California, refusing to work with him, trying to make things worse every day, won’t work.  He isn’t going to save them from their own insane policies.  They have to work with him including stopping the army of illegal aliens.  HAHAHA.  Fat chance.  I say, let California go bankrupt.


Little leftist Swedish globalist tool tells Congress, she is going to roast to death unless the US commits social suicide like dying Sweden.  This story of child abuse is amusing too.  It is horrible.  This silly little girl is going to probably freeze to death one day after she has been gang raped by illegal aliens.  It is still technically summer but California and Sweden are now seeing….SNOW!

Earliest snow in Sweden in 20 years

So, I look up ‘snow in Sweden in summer ‘ and get this:

HAHAHA.  Google stupidly has a ‘tallest peak is melting’ story before the real stories I was looking up.  Google is virtually useless now for finding anything at all.  It is very stupid because who wants to use a stupid web search engine that has dropped two pistons in the pan and flames are now shooting out of the exhaust pipes!  I had that happen to a truck while driving in the Mohave Desert many years ago.  Yikes.


Speaking about yikes:

If you are a crazy leftist, you can break laws.  Global warming demonstrations are protected by the police, children are herded out of schools to march around demanding they be frozen to death but if anyone protests high energy taxes, they are beaten, burned, shot at, doused with water cannons, etc.  And none of this will appear in the news.

Will he be impeached?  Will he resign in disgrace???  HAHAHA.  Nope: only Trump and his supporters are punished for touching or looking at women or going to frat parties when still very young.  They are to be severely punished.  Liberals doing worse: that is OK.  There are no rules for them.  They can do as they please.  They roll relentlessly onwards while everyone else has to watch out.  I was a very naughty teen girl, for example, so I suppose anyone could dig up dirt on me when I was young, hell…I used to publish tales about all this back then in the Undergound Press like the Berkeley Barb!

None of this will bother left wing voters seeking to suck down all the wealth and destroy Canada.  They will merrily suck at the government teats while snarling at everyone else that they are evil for doing what liberals do all the time.  This is insane, stupid, annoying and above all, evil.

It’s OK to do blackface parodies of blacks but only if you are a leftist Bilderberg gangster.

HAHAHA.  Suddenly, leftists don’t care about making fun of black people.  No, it is all about the weather being slightly warmer than during the Little Ice Age!  Canadians are terrified of warm weather!  They seriously need a very nasty winter and Mother Nature is preparing this right now.  It went down to near freezing at my home this morning, for example, and it is still summer.


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4 responses to “CA Gov. Newsom Demands Trump Fix California Sh*t Mess

  1. Zeke

    What Climate Change alarmists may or would say:
    Any anecdotal incidents of cold or snow are examples of ‘weather’.
    One has to look what the longitudinal accumulated “degree days” record says. That’s ‘climate’.

  2. They rigged the statistics to literally ‘cool down the past’ especially the 1890-1940 warm cycle that was much, much, much warmer than the present feeble warm cycle.

  3. Petruchio

    It took careful planning and dedicated execution to get people to be as stupid as the Swedish girl warning of Climate Change. It took decades of ‘dumbing down’ the Education Systems. If people are incapable of Critical Thinking skills, they can be molded into any shape or form their “designers” like. And so you have groups like ANTIFA and the SJW ‘warriors’. People who don’t realize they are being manipulated very cynically by the very same people who hate them the most. You wonder if these chumps are ever gonna figure it out and direct their rage at the people who played them like a fiddle.

  4. The climate lies are particularly annoying because it is easy to show how the data is being degraded and destroyed in order to pretend it is much hotter now than say, the Medieval, Roman or Minoan warm cycles. People ran around Northern Europe and North America during these warm cycles, naked to the waist.

    Try doing that today! It is ridiculous, this alteration of past data. Even recent past data is being eliminated or degraded deliberately! This is inexcusable, this is criminal, this is fraud.

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