NYC Violates Constitution With New Law Forbidding Checking For Illegal Aliens Or Even Saying ‘Illegal Alien’!

NYC leftist dictators have suddenly announced that it is illegal to say ‘illegal aliens’!  I very carefully write ‘illegal aliens’ all the time because one of the biggest frauds the Democrats are pulling is to pretend there are no illegal aliens invading America while waving foreign flags and making open threats against the citizens.  This is because illegal aliens are, along with welfare families in DNC-run city slums, are the voter base in NY and California for the DNC.


My various comments about the illegal alien invasion and how this is engineered by far leftists in order to destroy our sovereignty and overturn civilization would be illegal if I still lived in NYC.  If I did live there still, I would be suing my former neighbor, Mayor di Blasio, for violating my First Amendment Rights.  As it is, the entire DNC wants to destroy the First and Second Amendments in order to impose by force, their insane schemes like destroying civilization due to their fantasy fears of it being slightly warmer than the Little Ice Age, for example.


Demanding that employers NOT investigate to see if someone is an illegal alien is treason.  I keep using this word ‘treason’ because I am 100% correct in pointing out, the goal of these moves to prevent us from protecting our borders, is so that hostile foreigners can invade and attack us here at home and thus, destroy ‘capitalism’ and ‘nationalism’.


I firmly believe the leaders in the House be arrested for treason.  Their most recent attack on Trump based on zero information, worse, he was working with Ukraine’s new President to uncover nefarious things Biden and his gang did to the Ukrainian prosecutor looking into corruption charges, the DNC wants to attack Trump, not Biden, the real criminal in this scandal.


The US media is filled with obvious traitors.  They all joined in a chorus condemning Trump for discussing with a foreign leader, how BIDEN meddled in their affairs in order to protect himself and his son as the LOOTED Ukraine, sucking out huge sums of money to line their own nests!  Instead of attacking the crook stealing money from Ukrainian people, the media giants all united in attacking Trump for wanting to do something about this criminal activity within the Obama administration.


I have sponsored a huge number of people to gain citizenship in this country.  At one point, I sponsored several hundred Chinese students who Bush Sr. was secretly planning to deport to China to be ‘re-educated’ only I thwarted him.  But I have also sponsored Russians fleeing communist prisons, for example.  Each time, I paid money to do this, I hired lawyers, I followed all the rules to do this.


This is different from the DNC openly encouraging violent criminals, radical revolutionaries who hate America, anyone to invade and destroy America.  The DNC in NYC, for example, let in a bunch of terrorists from Central America who are covered with tattoos who have murdered many people now and are totally out of control at this point, terrorizing NYC and Long Island and now all of America.

The Sikh officer died.  The killer, Solis, is Hispanic.  This isn’t pointed out in any articles, I did a search and found him:

I am pissed off.  Why can’t reporters do this? Why can’t news services do this?  HAHAHAHA….they will NOT do this!  Pointing out the obvious is racism now.  So all important information is concealed.  Now, this could just be the cop killer’s cousin, if so, it means there are more than one Solis violent criminal roaming this country.


The same clowns let in Muslim terrorists, too.  After 9/11, one would think we would tighten the rules of who to let into the country but instead, the Democrats loosened the rules to the point that they no longer have any rules.  The result: rising crime, more terrorism, wages falling and all this makes the Democratic leadership happy.


DNC run cities are now, even the rich cities, covered in human waste on the streets, citizens menaced by criminals who openly attack even in broad daylight, they are high tax/poor public services states, utterly miserable places to live.  The very rich who use no public services, can live in this mess due to having private guards, private everything, private schools, etc. so they don’t care if all systems are failing, they are thriving and have cheap labor, too.

We can’t keep up with the nonsense of the DNC coup attempts but I will pop in the videos here just for the hell of it.

HAHAHA.  Wall Street, which thrived under Trump, is getting cold feet now about the stable of unstable candidates for President, they backed Biden as one of them (globalist Bilderberg) but now know he is a dead duck.  So they are backing out on supporting the anti-sovereignty Democrats.

This is the most bizarre political adventure yet.  Impeaching a President for looking into corruption allegations of his political opponent who openly BOASTED about getting the foreign prosecutor fired via withholding US funds to Ukraine all in the name of protecting his son’s ability to collect foreign bribes…this is treason.

Rep. Nadler said ‘fake Biden Ukraine corruption’ . the President was ‘speaking in code’ and was really saying naughty things without saying any naughty things.  They all used the ‘Mafia talk’ trope down pad across all systems as they continue to attack.  All the DNC has left is accusations that the obvious Biden scandal is ‘fake’.  Everything is fake now.


And due to all this ‘fake’ stuff, liberal media is going bankrupt, one by one.

Another funny comment: ‘You can make good money shorting the stock of woke companies.’


And here is today’s main reasons for strong borders and fewer invaders:


Within hours of the transfer, cartel gunmen arrived and entered the installation to free the four prisoners. Investigators are trying to determine if members of the Guadalupe y Calvo municipal police or other agencies assisted in the escape. Police launched a major operation led by ministerial agents of the state prosecutor’s office and army personnel.


This jail break is common in Mexico and Central America.  And they try doing this here in the US.


Breitbart Texas recently reported on the kidnapping and murder of four municipal police officers in the area. The bodies were abandoned in Valle de Zaragoza, located in the southern section of the state near the city of Parral. Local law enforcement sources reported the presence of large convoys of heavily armed cartel operatives roaming the region.


ANTIFA marches around DNC-run cities yelling ‘kill cops’ all the time.  And many police are killed.  One was shot yesterday while handing out a traffic ticket, for example.  Di Blasio openly sides with cop killers in NYC.  He is the exact opposite of Giuliani who the mass media is attacking now nonstop because Giuliani is protecting Trump so of course, this makes him evil in the eyes of the criminals who took over the DNC.


As I periodically point out, Giuliani and I put five NYC major politicians in prison and one other committed suicide after these same clowns tried to muscle me by sending a detective from Queens to my brownstone in Brooklyn to threaten my life if I continued giving speeches in public.  Boom!  We nailed them.  Now, the new gang is at it again, attacking good citizens while protecting traitors.


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4 responses to “NYC Violates Constitution With New Law Forbidding Checking For Illegal Aliens Or Even Saying ‘Illegal Alien’!

  1. Petruchio

    I have a practical question. If the DNC wants to coddle all these freeloaders–both citizens and ILLEGAL ALIENS ( I put the words in caps. Take THAT, NYC!!)–where are they gonna get the money to support their new base of voters?? Are the anarchists gonna just let everywhere they go to go bankrupt? Then what? Des the DNC start to show its true, Fascist colors??

  2. Lou

    the Deep State can be conveniently anything one wants it to be.

    One of the key things I would be looking for in terms of hopeful signs is when that ‘Deep State’ comes to terms with black dysfunction & begins insisting on its accurate ‘full spectrum’ reporting.

    For example, in a revealing release, the 2018 survey of criminal victimization put out by the Bureau of Justice Statistics states that there were 593,598 interracial violent victimizations (excluding homicide)
    between blacks & whites in that year.

    Ninety percent of these were black-on-white violence, but less than 10 percent were white-on-black violence.

    ”That ratio is becoming more skewed, despite the Democratic claim of Trump-inspired white violence. In 2012–13, blacks committed 85 percent of all interracial victimizations between blacks and whites; whites committed 15 percent. From 2015 to 2018, the total number of white victims and the incidence of white victimization have grown as well.”

    But why would this ratio be increasing? Maybe because white people are becoming older. Maybe because there is more incitement to violence by Black Lives Matter & their allies, George Soros funding, etc. A variety of factors.

    Meanwhile, the lynching of Emmett Till[son of executed killer rapist]
    is in the news again. Yep.

  3. Lou

    over there,

    The French civic-nationalist and anti-Zionist intellectual Alain Soral was sentenced to two years prison last week for sharing a rap video entitled “Gilets-Jaunes.”

    The music clip (watch it while you still can) is typical of the Yellow Vests in denouncing French media, political, and financial elites, and making a plea for direct democracy, notably the famous proposed Citizen’s Initiative Referendum (Référendum d’Initiative Populaire or RIC

  4. Macron and the Bilderberg gang can crush people in Europe with impunity while bringing in armies of armed illegal aliens who hate Europeans.

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