Breaking news: Saudi JEDDA Train Station Blows Up….NYT Krugman Demands Complete Access To All Diplomacy All The Time

Krugman, a huge Bilderberg agent and his NYT buddies do belong in prison for lying about Iraq after 9/11, egging on everyone into an illegal invasion of an innocent bystander country in the Middle East that the Jews wanted terminated.  Fake news is how war crimes are created.  Fake news can lead to civil war or elitist coups.  And the super rich want a coup, very badly now.


Agenda Free TV is run by one curious man who reports real news during real times and today, I went to visit his site and was stunned to see this real news about the brand new Saudi train station blowing up into a massive fire right now!!!!

Absolutely massive fire at Saudi train station, Jedda is the port hub for pilgrims going to Mecca for the holidays.  Probably many dead (often this happens in Muslim countries with huge populations).  NOTHING on the BBC and this happened about three hours ago.


ALL the Russian news carried the story immediately which gives me a clue that the dead silence from nearly all Bilderberg run media is because they are confused as to why this is happening and don’t want to report it until they can coordinate the spin on this event.


Below is a video of helicopters rescuing people running across the roof!


I see this all the time, I pick up news from odd sources and it takes HOURS for it to filter into the mainstream and by then, they have a ‘story’ to tell which is often vetted for ‘does it fit our narrative?’ first.


Here is the beginning of the fire:


Such a gigantic fire signals to me a terrorist attack because the building, from what I have seen, doesn’t have much combustible materials aside from the trains and electric systems.  This is the Mecca/Medina line and the station on fire is, I am presuming, the Mecca end of the line which leads me to think this is a terrorist attack and might lead to a much greater war between Iran and Saudi Arabia instead of a mere proxy war in Yemen.

Hours later, Russia finally reported it.

Even if Iran didn’t do this via Yemen proxies, it will still possibly fuel the fires between the rival Muslim sects.  Nothing at the NYT, too.  The BBC and NYT are the oldest Bilderberg agencies.  Good lord, this is so insane!

This proof that Obama lied to the American people, did hidden diplomacy while denying what he was doing and this video never appears on mainstream fake news because…it is real.  Hiding reality is more important than publishing lies.  The amount of news that has been hidden is immense and not new at all.


This has been ongoing all my long life.  Much of my greater amusement efforts had been to do something very big that should be in the news and then to see it never appear in the news.  Lies, on the other hand, show up immediately.


I proved this way back in 1969 when I tested to see if my phone was tapped in Berkeley so I had a friend call me and tell me Chairman Mao sent me $600 and then I deposited $600 in my bank account and lo and behold, the news reported that a Berkeley radical student (who hates Chairman Mao) got money from the Chinese communists!  I forced a retraction and apology but that wasn’t put up as a headline, nope.


I knew Krugman and he knew me yet, when the Chinese communists were crushing the students years ago, as I parked a large number of Chinese students slated to be deported at the Organization of African State’s little gated park which was on diplomatic territory and thus, the students could demonstrate while not being deported, the mainstream news totally hid this event entirely even when I organized a massive march and many speeches right in front of the UN.


They did report the march which was huge and praised the speech I wrote for a young Chinese student but the NYT knew I wrote the speech but refused to mention my name, who I was, etc.  They conspired with everyone except CNN which was a sane news operation back then, to pretend I didn’t exist.  Ted Turner, on the other hand, told me he would cover the real news so he featured me in news reports about the students next to the UN correctly and frequently and today, he lives outside the US, hiding from the Bilderberg gang.


And CNN sucks.


Comments to Krugman’s wailing about going to prison for a lifetime of nasty lies that killed at least a million people in war crimes is greeted by tweeters with laughter and scorn.  Below is an example:


Krugman will never report the real news about Obama even if we put a gun to his head.  He lives in this alternative reality where there is only his imagination.

The Bilderberg gang is pressuring everyone about this.  It is most important that they remove all ability to do any diplomacy, any negotiations by Trump because he is so successful.  All sorts of diplomatic messes have been cleared rapidly by him due to his negotiation skills.  This is undoing all the horrors set into motion by the Bilderberg gang.


For example, our massive trade deficit, for one.  Unfortunately, we are doomed to live in a world where the super rich and super anti-patriots who are elites hog much of the information systems and can do as they please which is to start various wars based on outright lies, destroy politicians at will while protecting their own allies and families, they get to control humans and abuse them like torturing puppies and kittens and pulling off the wings of insects like bored school children.


One cannot escape the tsunami of fake news, fake rage, outright lies cooked up by crooked politicians and media owners.  Wow…another breaking story in Canada where the media nearly ceased existing:

Trudeau forgot about this video he made of himself!  HAHAHA.  I bet there are many more, he had this thing about painting himself all black, very black and then running around acting ‘ape’.  He is a typical liberal.  Utterly fake, that is!  HAHAHA.


Now we need videos of the Bohemian Grove gang which is both DNC and GOP leaders and powerful men and men only, practicing BLACK MAGIC to the Owl.  They run around dressed as women and with blackface, too, at these gatherings.  It is just amazing how much goofy dangerous, horrible, ugly things they do in ‘liberal’ (sic) California, for example.


Then there is the one item very close to me in 1,000 ways: the Skull and Bones.  I was raped, as a child, by a man who was a Skull and Bones black magic monster.  He did this because of my family connection to the S&K and because I was hit by a lightning bolt that year and nothing happened to me except I went into the Outer Darkness and told everyone about it.


The S&K is now very notorious, the news about the Apache tribe working with friends of my family (the Udalls) and me to get the S&K to cough up Geronimo’s skull was not reported in the news.  The fact that the Bushes sent a child’s skull to the University of Arizona to be examined was not in the news.  The business of where the S&K black magic Yale students got this child’s skull which they used in magic spells, was not in the news.


Nothing about this was in the news, the police didn’t raid the Crypt at Yale even when I begged them to do this.  This, in ‘liberal’ Massachusetts!  This is ridiculous.  Liberals don’t demand answers.  They supposedly support Native Indian rights but won’t back the Apaches demanding Geronimo’s skull?


All fakes.  This is pissing me off more and more these days.  I am old. Eventually, I will go through the Gates of Death one last time.  I suppose I will get to chat with Geronimo there.  He wants to destroy the US government and he made it pretty clear that he wants the Skull and Bones lunatics and many of our Presidents and their staff are Skull and Bones people…he wants to toy with them until they destroy everything and he gets his ultimate revenge.


I told everyone this, it didn’t make the news.  The meeting of the Apaches when they did ceremonies about contacting Geronimo are not talked about, either.  Well, here we go, with liberals leading another charge off another cliff.  Good gods, but then, no one listened at the top to warnings about attacking Iraq after 9/11, either.


BREAKING NEWS: Another police officer is ambushed and murdered in NYC in the Bronx!

Di Blasio has a sterling record in endangering cops in NYC.  Meanwhile, mainstream media attacks Giuliani over and over again…in NYC where the cops are being assassinated by Obama/Hillary voters.


The assassin is dead, too.  We have no ID for the murderer who died but there is a 100% chance he is black or Hispanic because this happened at the holding pens of ‘public housing’ which I used to call ‘the alternative prison system’ years ago because these buildings shelter most of the criminal population attacking citizens nonstop.


They have ID of the cop killer but won’t publish it!  HAHAHA.  Gads.  He was a 27 year old gangster who was known to the cops.  On probation for drug dealing.  He was arrested last year and released by a liberal judge to roam NYC committing even more crimes.


He had a gun, which was illegal in a dozen ways, too.  We know nearly everything about this killer…except what ethnic/race he is!  No identifying information including the name which would be a dead (arf) giveaway.  The NY Post does have a Hispanic female who was a witness to the 13:45 am killing and her name is Sara Diaz.  I am assuming the killer was Hispanic, too because a young Hispanic female on the street in the dead of night in the Bronx wouldn’t do this around black thugs, mainly she would associate with Hispanic thugs.


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21 responses to “Breaking news: Saudi JEDDA Train Station Blows Up….NYT Krugman Demands Complete Access To All Diplomacy All The Time

  1. Tom W Harris

    ” an innocent bystander country in the Middle East that the Jews wanted terminated.”

    Fuck off and die, you lying piece of Nazi filth.


    ELAINE: Learn to read. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 and was blamed for it and this was a war crime. I don’t know why you would call me a Nazi for pointing out the obvious. And Israel DID want to terminate the government of Iraq. So did the Saudis, our other insane ally.

  2. Kerry

    ” He wants to destroy the US government and he made it pretty clear that he wants the Skull and Bones lunatics and many of our Presidents and their staff are Skull and Bones people…he wants to toy with them until they destroy everything and he gets his ultimate revenge.”

    All will happen at God’s discretion. The fact is, they have Geronimo’s consent and he will be punished with the rest of them. What if he hadn’t given his consent? Hmmm? Would they have accomplished half of what they did?

    When are people going to understand consent and how the powers in charge use it to create this world?

    The fact is, the old rituals aren’t working for them anymore. The only reason is there is a significant amount of people now who do understand consent and they are saying no.

    And the judges don’t stand at any gates. They are always with us. Always watching because they are the two halves of our own brains. It is ourselves, the greater part of our soul essence that we answer to. Everyday is Judgement day, it is always end times. The real question is, would you rather you judge yourself while you have a time to make amends? Or do you want to do it after and cry over lost opportunity?

    What people see out of body is mere astral traps that the powers have set up along with the demon things they think they control.

  3. Jim R

    The only route to redemption for the Neoliberals is for Trudeau to perform the act of seppuku, on livestream and public TV. Immediately.

    Absent that, they will all be seen as exactly the bunch of Maoists we always knew they are.

  4. When I was a child, I called these Entities ‘the Watchers’ and then my sister married a man whose underground name was ‘the Watcher’ and he was stunned to learn all about this crazy stuff.

    Trudeau won’t disappear, he will hang out with his fellow rapists and racists like the Clintons and get oodles of money from the Bilderberg gang.

  5. More news: the stupid Daily Mail in England has zero news about the massive fire in Saudi Arabia. Their main headline remains a stupid story of a liberal TV parody making fun of Trump and screeching for him to be impeached for doing normal diplomatic deals.

  6. Jim R

    @Tom #1,
    Didn’t you get the memo? Israel totally loves Nazis now. They’ve put all that WWII unpleasantness behind them.

    Check out Kolomoisky, the Ukraine oligarch — he likes to be photographed in a skull cap, very important guy in Israel as well, you’ll see him shaking hands with Bibi.

    He also bankrolls these gangs of Nazi thugs. They like to have “torchlight parades” in the Ukraine, stomping down the street waving wolfsangel flags. very very Nazi. You can find pictures without looking too hard.

    There isn’t really any difference now, btw Nazis and Israelis.

  7. Everyone radicalized either want to be Nazis, Mad Madame Mao or both at once. And I had to change my story today here several times as incoming information about the huge train fire in Saudi Arabia comes in very slowly.

  8. nclaughlin

    Stefan Molyneux has a theory about Trudeau and blackface. His mother abandoned him when he was young, and she consorted with black men.

  9. Shawntoh


    The is reporting that 5 people were injured…

    The Agence France Presse is also reporting the same number of injured.


  10. AT

    No explosion. Fire looks staged too. Looks like more bunker fuel lit on the roof.

  11. Kerry

    The ones in charge are an occultist sect of Satanic former Jews. Although commentator Miles Mathis claims that they were a secretive group connected to the Phoenicians who were always into Mafia strong arming.

    Whatever case, THEY created the Nazis. Hitler was a Jewish art student actor who fronted for them. He has relatives in the British aristocracy, the Stanleys, I believe. He spent a year vacation in Liverpool to attend an aristocratic family wedding. While there, he went to art school. Now you know why they had the Beatles located in the same city and going to art school. They needed to run interference for the other famous inhabitant. He is not the only one who has ties to this “Jewish” elite, so do Goebbels. Hess and all the others at the top Nazi brass.

    Here is other interesting info. The commandant of Dora-Mittelbau at the end of the war was one Richard Bauer. There he was an associate of Werner Von Braun (Braun is interesting, a probable relative of Eva somewhere in the line). But get this, he was also commandant of Auschwitz! There he was an associate of Josef Mengele. What are the odds? We know that Braun was a recipient of Project Paperclip. And so was Mengele (abet covertly still). So I wonder why Bauer didn’t get a golden ticket? Another thing to think about…the original name of Rothschild is BAUER.

    Did they kill fellow Jews? OF COURSE THEY DID. THAT was their goal. This is a fight for the bloodline. This is a supernatural fight for creative power of the world! You don’t have to believe it. But know this, THEY DO. THAT is what we are up against.

    NOTE: I highly doubt the pictures they claim are Hitlers are real. All a part of the gag. I’m sure there are accomplished works that are really his (or whatever his real name is…Hiller?) that sell decent and the powers get a real laugh over it.

  12. AT

    Yale is in Connecticut, not MA. Same difference, I suppose. Or, did I miss something?

    ELAINE: you are correct. I was tired and didn’t do diligent care. Thanks for pointing this out.

  13. AT

    Totally staged, just like the supposed drone attack to coverup ghawar running dry.

    Guess is Saudis are probably anticipating more unrest and leaning foreward by clamping down on transportation, while blaming it on terrorism, instead of state action.

    Maybe even planning on curtailing Hajj 2020.

  14. My point is…THIS WASN’T IN THE NEWS! I had to dig it out, I got it entirely from citizen-run news sources! I am still amazed at how this was kept secret by the Bilderberg news creeps.

  15. Petruchio

    “Krugman will never report the real news about Obama even if we put a gun to his head. He lives in this alternative reality where there is only his imagination”. Does anybody take Krugman seriously? He’s obviously just a puppet for the entities that own him. Krugman is strictly a Media Wh#re; he’ll say and do whatever his owners tell him to say.

  16. Yup, that is all over the place. Today, it is nakedly so. Before Trump, much of this was concealed from the populace. Now, it is naked, open, in your face sneering and attacking and threatening us all.

  17. Mewswithaview

    Three Saudi Brigades Reportedly Annihilated In Devastating Houthi Offensive In Saudi Arabia

    The Saudi army are primarily bodyguards for the princes against insurgency by their own population. Its commanders are chosen by family loyalty not competence.

  18. Yup, there is an open revolt there now. No mention in mainstream news, of course. Mainstream news ceased reporting real news altogether now, all the time instead of half of the time.

  19. Petruchio

    @#17 Mews: The Houthis are on the right path to destroying the Saudi “Royals”. Killing their bodyguards strikes a serious blow against the Princes. The Houthis are making being a Saudi Royal bodyguard VERY dangerous! What happens when your bodyguards won’t protect you anymore? It isn’t good news for Saudi Royals, for sure.

  20. Zeke

    Killing of Saudi royal bodyguard was due to a “personal” dispute between killer and bodyguard. Sure it was.
    If royal family loses control of “The Kingdom”, who replaces them?

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