All Bilderberg Entities Go Utterly Insane This Weekend, Trump Eggs Them On

All the Democrats from top to bottom are screaming right now, in between demanding Trump leave DC forever, is that we are all roasting to death and must stop using airplanes, jets, yachts, living in huge palaces because this is destroying all life on earth…only like with taxes, they intend to destroy the lives of the middle class, not the elites.  Now for today’s global warming hot weather news:

This is no ‘freak storm’ this is the ‘new normal’ as we slide into yet another cold cycle.


Back to the previous murder of cops in the Bronx that is happening this week over and over again, here is an example of the insanity gripping the Democrat liberals in NYC, they are utterly insane.  For example: A NYC ‘liberal’ news site, the Gothamist, has a screed this month sneering at cops who were very upset that Hispanic males attacked them with huge buckets of water when they tried arresting criminals in the Bronx:



Lynch and the PBA aren’t alone. The city’s other large police union, the Sergeants Benevolent Association (SBA), has been similarly outraged, recently tweeting about a “PANTALEO AFFECT” (sic), tying the water bucket events to what they see as the unfair persecution of their fellow cop. The SBA is the union that represents 7,000 NYPD Sergeants (the people who are responsible for supervising patrol cops) and recently told its members to “stand shoulder to shoulder” with ICE agents.


I correctly predicted that when the Hispanic gangs saw that they could openly physically attack cops and prevent arrests, they would double down and resume killing cops, too.  I was, as nearly always, 100% correct in my predictions.


If a “PANTALEO AFFECT” sounds familiar that’s because it seems to be a play off of the debunked “Ferguson Effect,” which argued that Black Lives Matter protests were hurting police morale and deterring them from policing—threatening public safety. The “effect” was a theory manufactured by conservatives angry about protests that said cops shouldn’t kill Black people.


The police do ‘stand down’ in ALL DNC-run cities which is why these stupid cities end up lawless, evil hell holes! Duh!  Even rich DNC-run cities like San Francisco descend into crime, chaos and self-destruction.  SF is now infamous as the ‘poop’ city.


And while the police unions’ antics are predictable at this point, their characterization of de Blasio and company as “anti-cop” should be recognized for what it is: a rhetorical ploy aimed to move the political goalposts to the right by placing the label on a mayor who’s been anything but.


Except di Blasio’s family and himself are very much ‘anti-cop’.  He is a thug and his son is a thug and thugs want to have bodyguards like they already have, courtesy of taxpayers, while they destroy the police from within.  They did this insidiously from 1968-1980 but we stopped them.  Giuliani arresting not only politicians but also political police staff put in power by the DNC, that was the first step towards stopping the utter chaos in NYC back then.

Funny news from Scotland: students at Edinburgh University are holding a meeting called ‘Resisting Whiteness’ and they are forbidding anyone who is Scottish ‘white/red hair’ to talk or ask questions, only People of Color (NOT RED) can talk.  This is utter blatant racism by recent invaders of Scotland.

I hope the people of Scotland wake up finally and figure out what an invasion looks like.  Heck, my family was very big on invading places, we did this all the time, all over the place.  It is sad, watching people succumb to brazen invaders pushing them around and forcing them into slavery but then, this is what my family did all the time, eh?  Battle of Hastings and all that fun stuff.


One would think the Scots would want to be free or do they want King Edward I to invade all over again and take back the Stone of Scone and put it under Elizabeth’s ass again?  Well?  How about it?  Everything is about sex and race now except when liberals do blackface or are racist or sexist or rape someone or murder a young lady, or whatever depraved things they do.  Then it is OK.  I am just amazed at how blatant this all is.


Ex-Ukrainian Prime Minister: Joe Biden’s Son Hunter Should Be Investigated

And…the former Prime Minister agrees with the new leader of Ukraine that Biden and his disgusting son should be investigated, them both being criminals and all that!  I cannot fathom how the DNC gang in DC can avoid all this.  The more they scream about Trump being a Ukrainian buddy, the more the Ukrainians yell that Biden was their buddy.


Finally, the last very stupid far leftist thing done today, the prize for most stupid is the Anti-defamation League.  ‘Anti-Antifa Images are ‘hate symbols’.  Yes, you read this right.  They are not saying ‘ANTIFA is hate’ they are saying ‘if you point out that ANTIFA is a hate group, you are to be censored!  And if you have a bowl haircut, too, you should go to prison especially if you make the OK sign like Obama likes to do.  Got it, citizen?  Oh…citizens are evil, got it, illegal aliens?  Oh, saying that is also illegal!


Well, arrest everyone for being naughty!  Yes, that is the ticket for the left.  Arrest everyone!  Long live Mad Madame Mao and her gang!

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  1. AT

    Can you speak at the meeting if you’re “black irish” and covered in freckles?

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