Star Wars Mark Hamill Attacks Trump’s GRANDCHILD Who Loves Star Wars…Google Doubles Down On Double Standard Rules

Mark Hamill, the actor who played ‘Luke Skywalker’ has Trump Derangement Syndrome and the Disney Star Wars movies are tanking due to SJW attacks on fans, so the star of Star Wars decided to attack a LITTLE BOY who loves his movies and called the kid names on twitter because the little boy who dressed as a Star Wars character has Trump for his grandfather!  These stupid California bitter losers are mean as rattlers on a hot afternoon.


I was going to write a story about Google but then Mark Hamill decided to double down on the evil and channeled Darth Vader who he really is now.  It is no surprise to me to see how low ‘liberals’ will stoop if they can kick a little toddler in the teeth for loving them…these sick creeps should be shunned, avoided.  Star Wars was dying due to the leftist ideology imposed on a silly space story.


Now, it is utterly dead.  This news is spreading only in the last few hours but by the end of the week, any conservatives who still loved Mark Hamill will turn on him and reject him which he deserves.  Kicking at children!  How low can one go?  Kicking a child who loves you…the ultimate evil!


YouTube will remove content from politicians using its platform if their content violates the company’s guidelines, but some exceptions can be made if the videos have enough educational, news, scientific or artistic value.


HAHAHA.  This last month I have been hammering away at the notion that laws and rules are only for people the Bilderberg gang hates and wants to stop.  So anything, big or little, Trump does requires severe punishment while these same actions or worse, are forgiven when Democrats do this!


Politico first reported that CEO Susan Wojcicki told an audience gathered at The Atlantic Festival that YouTube wouldn’t ban politicians’ content. A YouTube representative told The Verge that Wojcicki’s comments were misinterpreted. The company will remove content that violates guidelines regardless of who said it.


The left loves censorship.  The minute they have power, they censor everyone and everything.  Europe is run by ‘liberals’ who hate citizenship and hate white people who are not elites and they want all of us to have no access to the internet or to discuss anything they want hidden from view which is pretty much everything.


This includes politicians. But exceptions will be made if it has intrinsic educational, news, scientific, or artistic value. Or if there’s enough context about the situation, including commentary on speeches or debates, or analyses of current events, the rep added.


So, everyone will be censored but not stuff that the elites think is ‘learning’ or ‘artistic’….my GOD.  Look at what these fiends consider to be ‘art’!  Toilets!  Trash!  Ugly splashes of paint!  Anything trashy.


When you have a political officer that is making information this is really important for their constituents to see, or for other global leaders to see, that is content that we would leave up because we think it’s important for other people to see,” Wojcicki said.


And here is an example of  a ‘current event’: big movie star maliciously attacks a five year old fan of his movies just because this famous man hates the little tot’s grandfather!

Note the insanity here!  So, ‘or for other GLOBAL LEADERS to see’ is the news we get to ‘see’.  Pure Pravda depravity!  ‘We think it’s important for OTHER PEOPLE to see,’ yup!  THEY get to ‘think what is important’!  Not us peons.

Soros paid for this trip to see if they can dig up dirt on Trump:

Schiff, himself, is connected to Ukraine arms dealers.  These criminals play footsies with foreign governments, they also conspire to prevent elections, they play games with entire countries and destroy them like Iraq or Syria or Libya, for example.  Murderous monsters, these clowns squeal like stuck pigs when Trump tries to cooperate with the new President of Ukraine to discover what FRAUDS and CHEATS the Democrats pulled in Ukraine over the previous 8 years.

Then there is the little royal monsters in Britain.  My family tried to get rid of them, twice.  They still roam the planet, lecturing us while living high off the hog and behaving badly, themselves.  Here is today’s wretched example:

Here is the real story that was front page news:

I clicked on it, then minutes later, went back to the front page and it was gone!  Utterly removed!  It also had thousands of comments demanding the Royal Family resign from ruling the Brits because they are rampant hypocrites who want to starve/freeze all Brits to death while they gad about the planet earth, devouring everything all the time, themselves.


It is amazing to see censorship up close.  What is pathetic is, half a million Brits got to read the story about spoiled royal brats yapping about how dare we use energy systems…and there were several thousand comments, 99% of which savaged the silly prince and his hausfrau and boom: it was deleted and replaced with him telling his subjects, he is NOT A HIPPY.


The chorus of rage was immense.  The new, replacement story was attacked immediately by a thousand very angry Brits!  HAHAHA.  The attacks on sane people continues as the disturbed lunatic left screams that we are roasting to death…while blizzards rage at the end of summer!!!


This is utterly insane.




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7 responses to “Star Wars Mark Hamill Attacks Trump’s GRANDCHILD Who Loves Star Wars…Google Doubles Down On Double Standard Rules

  1. Timothy Carroll

    Has the American public already forgotten about the caustic remark made by another washed up Hollywood celebrity who opined that Trump’s young, preteen son, Baron, should be locked up in a cage with rapists? Is our collective memory THAT shot???

    These people are stark, raving, INSANE! I see it at work. During the month of August, multiple charts were put up around the office where people were supposed to write things that made them happy in life. I wrote, “I’m happy Trump is my president!”

    Well, it didn’t take long for my remark to be torn down and taken to the boss’ office. Seems the snowflakes I work with had their widdle feelings hurt. At this point, I want Trump to win if only to see the massive, childish tantrums they displayed in ’16 replayed. I fully expect to see a massive meltdown among the SJWs among us. Perhaps we’ll get lucky and they’ll do a Jim Jones mass suicide. Or better yet, come after some of us armed, 2nd amendment folks to try and take our guns. Either way – problem solved!

  2. Pete

    CIA “whistleblower” hypocracy!

  3. Pete


    EU has bought off UK officials

  4. Pete

    Fourth Reich about to take over UK military

    Simon Bean MBE

  5. I saw part of that march yesterday at Tommy Robinson’s website.

  6. AT

    Hamil hasn’t aged well.

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